Scripture reference: Luke 13:6-9 (KJ21), Psalm 27:13 (AMPC),  2 Corinthians 10:5 (AMPC)


Okay you may be seated. Thank you everybody. So, now I’m just going to go. Oh, I have to do the offering. Let’s take up the offering, this was on Pastor John’s heart that we start to give you an opportunity just for a touch thing for your faith, you know. Hallelujah. Every Sunday you can think about it during the week you know and you can put something aside. Right? Put something aside. Yes, thank you, Cobus. There we go and our giving is attached to our expectation of abundance because He’s an abundant God.


Now do the offering. Okay? Greetings from Pastor John. He sends his greetings he will be back tomorrow. He is on assignment with all of his things that he has to do, and he does send his love and he is in high spirits.


So, I’m here to tell you today, I’ve already prayed but I’m here to say to you today if you’re visiting here for the first time you’re probably not going to really understand everything. Unless you’re planted in a church that is journeying with God you know and I would encourage you to ask the Lord to plant you in a place that He wants you because that is God’s plan for you.


But it’s housekeeping today, it’s housekeeping. We are a local church, I’m reminding us all. We are a local church and people belong here and we have all been on a journey with the Lord and those of you that have come in just even recently you will understand that we are definitely on a journey with the Lord. And you can slip in and fit in at any stage of our journey with your whole heart, you can, you can. You mustn’t sit and feel I haven’t been with Pastor John that long I haven’t been with them, Pastor John and Sharon that long. If the Lord has called you here then you fit in immediately, right? 


So, I want to remind you now about 2020 The New Open Door, The New Era. So, we’ve had 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, four years we’ve had. Four years we’ve had since God announced New Open Door to our church. Right. New Era 2021. And then on the 30th of September, the Lord began crossing over with us. He began crossing over with us. So, what the Lord wants me to do with you this morning is bring you right up to date. So, we have made the choice to cross over number one. We’ve made the choice to cross over. Number two, these are the points from Pastor John, we’re busy with old things dying in us that we’re leaving behind us. Number three in the process of our choosing and our busy with the Lord with old things dying in us, we’re experiencing miracles happening in us. 


We are experiencing the miracle-working power of the Holy Spirit within us helping us to crossover. And where we recognize that because we are in it with Him crossing over, we pick up a stone. Not an actual physical stone but it’s, we make a – we remember it’s a stone to remember what He has done in me. And then when He does another miracle in you and He helps you to cross over and that thing is now dead, and that, you’ve left that thing behind, it’s another stone, it’s another stone. So, we are building a memorial in our hearts, we have a Holy Weave as an example and the messages in our hearts, that He keeps speaking to us and we have a song. And then we’re circumcising our hearts as the Lord deals with us. 


The Lord is on His time, I am reading it because I didn’t want to get sidetracked. There is a specific way God is going to flow this morning, and I would – okay, He is going to flow this morning. So, the Lord is on His time with us. We as an Ecclesia and as a Church are on His time for us. So it’s been four years since He announced the New Open Door, it’s been four years, and a New Era for us. He just does work with time and timelines. Even though He is a God outside of time. He just does work with us in time and on timelines. And this was a very interesting thing He said to me this weekend, He said, “I never forget a seed sown. I never forget a seed that I’ve sown into this Church. I never forget what I’ve said to this Church, I never forget a seed that I’ve sown. That’s why I have you record it so that you can remember”. Because I have come. Since 2020 it was a whole new shift for our Church. He said, “I have come to sow seed, it was a new seed, a New Open Door, New Era”. And He’s still sowing that seed. 


So, He wanted me to say this, that He never forgets a seed sown, that is why He reminds us. He has sown seed into the congregation, that’s Word, His Word seed into this Church and now He begins to look for fruit. Now He begins to look for fruit. What is the fruit of the seed sown? It’s those that have taken the seed that has been sown and it’s been grown in them. That’s the fruit that He is now looking for and this is the only Scripture I want to bring to you today. Luke 13 from the King James, verses 6 to 9. Can we put that up? He wanted to give me that as an example that He is looking for fruit here. He is looking for fruit here. He’s looking to see, He’s looking at people personally. He’s looking at every one of you that are planted here. He’s looking at you personally to see what fruit is coming of you and from your life, from what He is sowing here. What He’s saying is what he’s sowing. The seed of God’s Word. 


This is Jesus speaking, 6 He spoke also this parable, this is Jesus saying: “A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard, the vineyard is the Church. I’m just letting you know, from all my studies, you can trust me on these Bible commentaries. A certain man Jesus had a church planted. 6a fig tree planted in his vineyard; and he came and sought fruit thereon, and found none. So, I’m not looking for your fruit. Jesus is looking for the fruit of what He’s sown here among us. I’m not looking for it. We’re not looking at each other for it. Although the Bible does say, “You will know them by their fruit.” A fruitful one will know another fruitful one. But let’s look at that again 6he came and sought fruit thereon, and found none. 7 Then said he unto the keeper of his vineyard, The keeper of the vineyard is the pastor or the spiritual leader of the church. ‘Behold, these three years I have come seeking fruit. Look at that Pastor Christi. What does Jesus say, “These three years I’ve come looking for fruit. These three years I’ve come looking for fruit of what I’ve sown to My Ecclesia, My Church that I’m building, because I build with what I sow, and what I say, and I build in people’s hearts. I don’t build buildings.” Right? Glory. So, He said, 7‘Behold, these three years I have come seeking fruit on this fig tree and find none. Cut it down. Why cumbereth it the ground?’ (Luke 13:6-7 KJ21) 


Why cumbereth it the ground? Why would you be here and bear no fruit? Why would you be here and just sit and not ever listen to the Word and do the Word? You’re taking up space. You’re taking up room. You’re taking up space that could be somebody else’s place. Right? That’s why I said to Pastor Christi recently, one of my expectations this year is that the people that don’t want to be here that they will go. The people that don’t want to be here that they will leave. That they won’t just sit and take up space. Especially after three years. Isn’t it interesting that Jesus puts a three-year thing on it? It’s the first time I ever saw this. The first time I ever saw this, that Jesus is saying, “Fruit. Fruit. I’ve been sowing seed. Sowing seed.” Even a baby Christian can take the seed that comes off this pulpit and sow it, believe it, receive it, and grow it. Right. Glory to God.


So, 8 And he answering said unto him, and Pastor John said to the Lord, ‘Lord, let it alone this year also, because he’s so kind, Pastor John, right? Just let it alone one more year, Lord. Just let it alone until I shall dig about it and dung it. (Luke 13:8 KJ21) Put some compost in. Just let me just dig around a bit in it and let me dung it. Just give me time to speak the same messages over and over again. Let me bring all the messages that I’ve brought, let me bring it again. Because that’s exactly what’s happening right now.


In my soul, I was shocked to find a message that I thought was Kingdom and Ecclesia economy and it came from 2021. Exactly the same message he brought, messages that he brought, that the Lord brought, What’s Your More For, and money messages. I felt ashamed until the Lord helped me Pastor Christi and He said to me, “No, I’m also bringing the messages for the newbies because the MiXchangers are going to get it. The iXchangers are going to get it and there are going to be some other people, because the other people got it then in 2021. You have to understand. He preached exactly the same messages in 2021. They got it. There were some who actually got it, they’ve been living it, there is fruit off it already. 


So, and then He also said to me, “Don’t be too hard on them Sharon, I also come to remind my people, I’m a reminder.” So He comforted me like that because I said, I wept on the phone with Pastor John, I said, “I found exactly the same message, Lord, ah Pastor John – that you preached in 2021, that you preaching now again.” And there was part of me that felt ashamed. “You got to do it again, Lord?” “Didn’t they get it then?” And then the Lord comforted me like that. Now I’m coming to remind them but He is also coming to look for fruit. Right.


So, the Lord doesn’t want any of us, He wanted me to say this to you, that’s why I wrote it down. The Lord doesn’t want any of us, not one of you, the Lord doesn’t want any of us in the dark about anything that He is doing here. He wants all of us in the Light of what He is saying and doing here. He is an all-inclusive God always. God is not trying to exclude you with a message like I’m coming to look for fruit. He has every right to my life, He’s my Lord. He has every right to my life to come and look for fruit that He’s sowing. He’s not trying to exclude me because there’s no fruit. He wants to endeavour to say, “You have done nothing about the seed that I’ve sown, get with it Sharon, get with it, get with it. Why’s there no fruit in your life? 


So, He is an all-inclusive God always. Right now though, He wants you to know, because this is house-keeping this morning, He wants you to know that there is a tremendous press. You need to understand that there are some people in this church that are pressing into God tremendously. That’s what He said to me. “There is a tremendous press in this cross-over with me, Sharon. They pressing, they are, some of my people here in this congregation, they pressing Sharon and I’m coming at them and I’m coming to them. I’m meeting them where they are at, my Holy Spirit is showing them things. They bearing fruit, they are coming, they are crossing over and I’m not stopping,” the Lord said to me. “I’m not stopping now. I’m not stopping for people that have been here for years and still no fruit.” Can they ever change and bear fruit? Of course, it’s always our choice, it’s always our choice. But He’s moving quite fast now. 


Right now, tremendous press is being made by His sons. People in this church right now are choosing their level of crossing and there are many that have been like me, “Lord I’m not telling you what I think my level can be.” I’m saying, “What level do you know I can go to? Take me there, take me there, there’s not a bridge too far for me to go, I’m radical and I’m extreme and I want it all and I’m pressing all the time.” How many like me, some like me? Pastor John and I are going there, there are people in this church. He wants all of Heritage of Faith to know this morning that people have been choosing their levels. They’re in the process right now of choosing their levels of crossing over. Pastor John and I are going there, and so are others. He asked us and told us to press, He did. 


He wants me to remind you of recent developments and to bring you up to date right now. Okay, this is where I’m not going to be much longer because this is where He wanted me to go this morning. Tuesday the 5th of December at Prayer I did share. On reflection, this was just me coming to share my crossover with you. It was definitely not me coming to tell you what to do. This is how the Lord gave it to me to say it. On reflection that Tuesday night at Prayer meeting, when I brought that whole Psalm, whatever you want to call it, that I got from God. I was coming to share it with my family. It was definitely not me coming to tell you what to do. I was just beside myself with my personal encounter. I had to tell someone, it was so brand-new. I came to my family that Tuesday night. I was not to know that it would cause such a stir, that others too would cross over with me. And so, I’ve been privileged that people have come to tell me their encounters with God from that Tuesday night. 


Then I read this Psalm given to me on Sunday the 10th of December to the congregation. Let me read it again to you. Again I come to read it to you to share with you part of my crossover, not to tell you what to do. This is how He gave it to me in my crossover, and I was just sharing it with my family. It’s called This Time of Year


This month of December going into January is sacred to me 

I’m going to be so awake there’s so much at stake 

I’m at my post, I’m in Your army. 

You’ve not given me leave because You’ve got some things up Your sleeve 

For me to see, for You to show 

I’m at attention

I’m not slack

I’m not gonna lose my footing now and go back 

I’m showing up in the spirit, I’m in position

I’m not going AWOL and not giving my body to other things

I’m progressing and advancing in this way into 2024 

I give myself Holy to You

You’ll not find me asleep at this critical time 

I’m Yours and You are mine


Now you must understand this was me having this experience on Monday the 4th of December. I’m in my time of intimacy of crossing over with the Lord. And so, He starts on this with me. 


You’ll not find me asleep at this critical time.

I’m Yours and You are mine. 

You’ll find my mind stayed on You. 

You’ll find me faithful. You’ll find me true. 

I’m not going to do like the darkness of this world. Their fun is not my fun.


Continued to 79, here – I’m not going to read all of it to you because it was very long. I was like, it’s still flowing Lord, it’s still flowing. Wow, okay. 


Not going my own way, this is my Sabbath day, and not travelling unduly

This is my opportunity for a crossover

Across over from the old to the new

The old, old, old thinking about this time of year

Dead, dead, dead in me – I’m so clear 

You’ll find me so changed about December going into January

In future this time is Yours forever to do what You will

Sacred to You these months will be

I’m in Your army

Oh, I see I see this opportunity for this to die   


Now I’m having this real experience with God. You must understand.


Oh, I see I see this opportunity for this to die in me

You first to this extent in this big

May all the pleasures and activities of this world be like gravel in my mouth and set my teeth on edge

I’m climbing up this mountain

I’m not falling from this ledge

I’m making progress in my climb

Not stopping now

My eyes set on You

Not doing Christmas like the world when there’s a current war raging

I’m not a partying Christian anymore

My face is set like flint

There’s a resolve in me that’s not been there before

You can count on me at this time to be at my post watching and praying

Not partying and playing

Not being at ease

Oh yes, rest and refreshing will be my portion while at my post

But partying and playing and being at ease for me how I’ve been at this time of year now it does cease


It’s happening in me. It’s my crossover that I’m saying, “What things have to die in me? What things do I have to leave behind?” And He’s showing me. He’s cut, cut, cutting it off me and I’m experiencing free, free, free. I saw how it came from my mom and my dad and from my grandparents and all of this – December. Right, okay. From the world system.


So here I am. Where am I? I’m going to go and then it’s this.


In this holiday time of year it’s so sacred and holy to Me that I can’t see?

Has it blinded Me to you so long?

Oh I see now, I see

I’ll not go dark in this light

I’ll cross over from the dark into this light through the veil of your blood, Jesus

I come, I’m yours

I am giving my all to your call


And actually, it goes on and on


I stand up

I stand tall brave and strong

I’m a soldier of the cross

I give my all to Him

I belong, I live for the cause of Christ

The cross before me, the world behind me

No turning back, no turning back

Not choosing a life of ease

I endure your hardship as a good soldier of Christ

It’s not myself I please 


I mean and I came on the Tuesday night to share that with all of you, well, those that were at prayer and then the Lord had me share it on the next Sunday for those of you that were here. That’s interesting. Right. So, I’m bringing you up to date now. I read the Psalm and then Pastor John went on to say the following. Okay, Pastor John then went on to say the following, “Don’t kid yourself that you can just live a normal life and say it doesn’t matter.” Let me tell you what was such a big deal about December and December’s crossover.


Well February, on the 4th of February he said this, “Because if you think and anybody says this is the time of year that I deserve to go to the beach and lie on the beach and read a novel and eat my ice cream and drink my drink and I do that because I earned it and I deserved it for the whole year.” Okay, so he said that and then what else did he say? Okay, so there we go. That’s what I wanted to read. Pastor John made the announcement and that wasn’t because of what I said. Let me assure you that Pastor John, Pastor John always listens to me with his spirit. He doesn’t listen to me as his wife. He listens to me with his spirit.


So, some things happened. I didn’t know it would cause such a stir and some things happened and so the Lord said to me that today, I had the sense for today these words. That’s what the Lord said to me, kept saying to me because I said to the Lord, “I can go in ten different directions with teachings today because I’m so full of the revelation knowledge of Kingdom Ecclesia and Kingdom Economics and Ecclesia Economics.” I’m full. I’ve got so much but I had the sense that the Lord said, “Let the Church speak.”


So, today the Church is going to speak. The Church is going to speak to the Church and in the presence of God. The church is going to speak in the presence of God, today. And I wrote this down from my heart, we will fear and reverence the Lord now, in the light of the heart adjustments many of us have already made with the Lord, regarding His word to us, last week. That love letter; Come to Me, know Me, seek Me. Come bring your time, come find out about Me. Come, come, come, come.


So, I got all of this stuff. I get this stuff because I come, I come to God. I’m just a believer, born-again believer, coming to God. That’s what He’s been saying to you. All your born-again life is to come to get to know Him. Right? In order to get to know Him, you have to come to Him. You actually have to take your body and come to Him and talk to Him and read His word. And read and say to Him, “I’m connecting with You now Holy Spirit. Thank You for speaking to me.” It’s practical but it’s got to be done. I can’t come for you, I can’t know God for you and if you’re not knowing God for you then you’re only going to know about God. You’re only going to know about Him through me and that’s what God was pleading with us about last Sunday.


Where am I now? Okay. The presence of the Lord, the Glory of God. When we begin to reverence God more. So now we’re going to reverence God. We’re going to reverence God now, without music. We’re going to reverence God now. Because the Lord says, “When we begin to reverence God more, His presence will manifest more.” Reverence His spirit among us especially because of that Prophetic Word that came through Hannah last Sunday. It came straight from God about familiarity and how familiarity is going to stop the flow of the Holy Spirit in your life. But if those of you will sit here now and reverence Him. What does that mean? You just say in your heart now, “I’ll reverence You, Lord. I’m not going to sit here with blase thoughts. I’m not going to listen to people here, now, today, with something that I’m going to think about or have an opinion about. I am reverencing You this morning, through them.”


If we’ll have that more, God’s presence will manifest more because we’re not waiting for Him to manifest Himself, people. He’s waiting for us. He’s waiting for our more, our reverence. Right? He’s responding to us. Watch, watch, watch. One of my spiritual fathers said, “Watch, watch, watch. When people in a meeting begin to show greater respect and greater reverence, we will begin to experience His presence stronger and stronger.” And so this morning the Church will speak on two things. They will speak on December, Decembers, because the Lord said to me, “I’m not done with a December yet…” and I won’t get into that, but He said He’s not done with that yet, that’s why He wants to settle some things here this morning. But the church will speak, because He showed me that many people have said, “At least that December’s over and I got away with what I got away with.”


But the Lord showed me this, Pastor John, on the 9th of April 2017, said this, “The eternal move of the Holy Spirit – What price are you prepared to pay? The eternal move of the Holy Spirit, what price are you prepared to pay?  It was what Brother Jerry… Jesus had Brother Jerry come here to speak those things to us. God’s looking for the fruit of those messages and He said, “What price are you prepared to pay?” We qualified, but now we go into training for the big one. But if we take our foot off the pedal in December, we could blow it on the day we must be ready.


Well, when I found this by coincidence, it hit me like somebody punched me in my spirit. Pastor John said this in 2017 already. If we take our spiritual foot off the spiritual pedal we could blow it as a people, and I realised that God, in His mercy, was not actually showing me if we had blown it. I got the heart of God, because He afterwards, He said that to me like this, He said to me, “Sharon, I sow, and I sow, and I come, and I sow My seeds and My messages, and My messages, and I work, and I work in My vineyard, and I work in My vineyard, and I work in My vineyard and then they vacate for six weeks. They’re vacant.”


I think I must go to the rest of it now, Pastor Christi. It wasn’t in my notes, but that’s what He said. That’s what He said. He wants His more, because He wants more for us. Do I have no more for Him? But I want Him to do more for me? I advance, and then I go back. I progress, and then I regress? “To have a people ready for the Lord”, Brother Jerry said, “There need be certain elements in place”. I’m still not telling you what to do. I will never tell you what to do. You will always choose for yourself, from what’s brought from this pulpit. To have a people ready for the Lord. Imagine you are waiting for Me? I’m ready. I’m waiting for a people obedient, willing, persuadable and yielded, and faithful to Me.


Too much, too much, too much, and then I was in a very intense place with God. When He was speaking this to me, now. You have to understand this: When God speaks to me like this, it’s intense for me, because my whole soul comes in it too, and I’m going, “Oh God, everything that You would experience, I experience in my soul.” I’m like, “Sjho God, you’re not…” Okay and I said to Him, I left my prayer room and I said, “I’m going to make myself a cup of tea.” I just wanted the intensity maybe just to come a little bit off me and I was standing in my kitchen when He said to me, “They…” He’s talking about His people now, “They call holy their holidays…”  and I was in my kitchen like this, I said, “Oh Jesus.” The weightiness of it, because when He speaks to me, He lets me feel what He feels. You have to understand that it’s not a feelingless conversation. It’s full of emotion coming from my spirit to my soul.


So, I didn’t have my cup of tea I just went back to my prayer room to write this down lest I should forget it. They call holy their holidays. Isaiah 8, 12, He gave me immediately because He knows the scriptures that I know. Do not call holy what other people call holy. Call the Lord holy, regard Him as holy. Isaiah 58, 13 Amplified. Don’t turn away your foot from traveling on the Sabbath, from doing your own pleasure on My holy day. I went and had a look at the holy day, where the original word comes from. In the 12th century, it means Heilige dag, holy day, consecrated day, Sabbath, godly sacred and directed from God. Then in the 19th century, it became summer vacation. Vacation: Is to be freed from obligations, to want leisure, to be released from some activities. “I don’t want to go to church over December and January. Release me from the crossing over right now”. That’s what  vacation means. Free me from obligation, release me from this activity. Vacation comes from vacancy, vacant position, to be empty, to be at leisure, to abandon, to give out and be unoccupied.


I’m occupied with other things so, I just wrote a long thing to the Lord about me. I responded to Him. This was my response. Your response which you will choose, you will choose your response but I chose my response to that intensity with a long thing that I read to Him. I read to Him. No pleasures can I find in this world like those in your house where I drink of the streams of your pleasures. I was just quoting scripture to Him. No rest can I find like I do in you. Matthew 11:29 Jesus says “Come to me you’ll find rest, you’ll find relief, you’ll find ease, you’ll find refreshment, and recreation and blessed quiet. That’s all my holiday. I said to Him, “You are my holiday. You are my holy day. You are my holiday from this time forth. I leave this behind.” And I’m sharing it with you as a sister in Christ, my experience. 


So, now we’re going to go to some other people’s experiences. The Church will speak this morning. There are some other people that had experiences and we’re going to have an honesty here. God wants the Church to speak to the Church and the Church to speak for Him. Those that did encounter God. Actually, I’m going to start now with you Stefnie because that’s the first thing that… I only found out about it recently. Stefnie, that Tuesday night encountered God. She had an encounter with God. Stefnie come. The Church speaks now Father. The Church speaks. 


Stefnie: Thank you Lord. So, Pastor Sharon as you say we’re just being honest here today.


Pastor Sharon: Yes we are.


Stefnie: So on the 5th of December that evening of the 5th of December I was sitting here in front and Pastor Sharon bringing this. And I was sitting here and on the inside of me I experienced something that I was thinking, “What are you doing? Why are you responding like that?” Because she was speaking about December. And I thought, “I’m not even going away this December.” We would go here a day and go there but we didn’t have plans. So, I couldn’t understand why this. You said it perfectly Pastor Sharon and you always said when Garth was when you were disciplining him, “He will stand up on the inside.” And that’s what I actually experienced. I stood up on the inside of me and I said, “Lord, I recognize something’s happening here with me and I don’t like what I’m experiencing.” I can’t say I took offense, offenses, maybe it is, I don’t know, but I stood up on the inside and I said, “Lord help me, help me, I don’t want this. I recognize something is happening with me now and I can’t do this in this crossover. 


So, the whole time I was sitting here I can’t remember if I even listened to the prayer meeting after that. So, when I got into the car I said, “Lord I need your help, I can’t do this on my own but definitely in me something is wrong and I want to cross over in this. And the Lord specifically said to me these words, He said, So, must Pastor Sharon now”, exactly these words, “So, must Pastor Sharon now keep quiet because you have December? I used her as a vessel to bring it to you. It’s December, so is your December so holy for you?” I was driving back home, Bertus wasn’t with me that evening and I was driving out here on my way and I said, “Lord forgive me, forgive me, forgive me.” I was just praying in the Spirit back home and yeah, so I just had that encounter.Then the next day. I want to share this scripture. It’s the Psalm 27.


Pastor Sharon: This is housekeeping. This is house cleaning.


Stefnie: What I’m saying today, yeah, me and Mia had this yesterday, that the Lord has given me a tongue of a disciple. I’m not here to condemn anyone or bring judgment to anyone. I’m just sharing what the Lord did in me in that moment. The Lord is so amazing after that I was so free, I was so free. I mean no one could tell me anything, just don’t, don’t come to me don’t argue with me because I had that experience.


Pastor Sharon: Don’t get me off my encounter I had with God, because you heard it from me then you cut me off and then you went to God with it. That’s what Pastor John said, “It’s what you have to do with these messages.”


Stefnie: Yes.


Pastor Sharon: You take them from God from the messenger and then you cut him the messenger off and you go to God. Which is what you’re supposed to do, you went to God. You’re crossing over.


Stefnie: I did and then the next morning the Lord said Psalm 27, 13 13 [What, what would have become of me] had I not believed (Psalm 27:13 AMPC) If I had not believed that Word and I said, “Lord”, and then the Lord did the next thing with me. Eish, that was very intense. I remember I put my fingers in my ears. He opened up my ears to hear it. It sounds like if I can say like bees, (Zeeee, Stefnie making bees sounds) I heard in the spirit the conversations among the people. I just said, “Lord forgive us as a people.” And the repentance before the Lord for me was also very real, repenting on behalf of the people. I mean I wasn’t in that conversations, but in the spirit I heard a lot of conversations. A lot of conversation and I just said, “Lord”. Even when Hannah brought the familiarity last week, the Lord reminded me about that sound that I heard in the Spirit about people talking and talking and talking and have things to say and things to say. 


You know the one Thessalonians verse, but we will not receive the Word from a mere man. So, for me Pastor Sharon I’m grateful to the Lord and as you said you just brought it as a sister in Christ but it changed my life. Because I took the Word and I believed the Word and so, for me, that was just so real, that I could receive the Word and change.


Pastor Sharon: So, what I was doing there I was speaking and teaching in a Psalm, that’s that scripture, that’s what I was doing I see that now. Teaching one another, admonishing one another in psalms and hymns, that’s what I brought. Anyway, I interrupted you.


Stefnie: So, then I mean I was so settled on this. So, in the weeks to come, when people would come to me with the reasonings I would just say, “Don’t reason with me. I’m not, I’m not in agreement with you, don’t reason with me.” 


Pastor Sharon: I’ve made my choice.


Stefnie: I already made my choice.


Pastor Sharon: In my encounter with God.


Stefnie: For sure, for sure. And that was my memorial, one of the memorials stones, because I really did have that encounter, that in that moment when you were speaking, I stood up on the inside and I had to recognize what was happening to me and I had to repent from that. For us as a people really I’m trusting the Lord that that everyone will experience that repentance in his own heart. 


Pastor Sharon: Well we’ve prayed for the people of this congregation. We heard this in the spirit, pop pop pop pop pop that your ears would pop open. That your spiritual ears would pop open and your spiritual eyes would pop open. 


So, Stefnie I’m going to flow in sequence here now because I’ve already checked with you if that’s okay we’re having an honesty here now. That night Mia came to you, was it the Tuesday night or was it the Wednesday? 


Stefnie: The Wednesday.  


Pastor Sharon: The Wednesday night, right, so? 


Stefnie: So, Mia came to me and I remember sitting in front of my computer, but she can tell the story I’m just going to start. I just want to say what I experienced in that moment. So, I had that that Tuesday evening and I was sorted and settled and Mia came in and she said, “Tannie Stefnie I want to ask you a question.” And I remember I did this [Stefnie makes as if she is closing her ears]. I said, “Mia don’t ask me, if you don’t want to hear the truth please don’t ask me.” And she said, “No but that’s why I’m coming because I know you will speak the truth to me.” 


Pastor Sharon: Empie can we get this down? Can we just get this down so… because I think Mia’s got something, you brought something there Mia? Okay come. Thank you very much Grobbies, thank you Empie, just let’s put it here. Right, can you see this is housekeeping and housecleaning? Can you see God’s Word, the narrow road is getting very narrow but it leads to life, for this church, it’s for this church. 


Stefnie: I just want to say, then Mia and I had a conversation, and then Herma phoned me and she said, “What did you do my child she’s crying.” And I thought Lord she’s never been crying for three years in your house, what is happening? 


Pastor Sharon: Yeah, they’re are going to tell their stories as well, praise the Lord. Come Mia, thank you Stefnie. Thank you the Church speaks. The Church speaks. Right the Church has spoken. 


Mia: Well I mean Pastor Sharon,  just to share from the Tuesday night what happened in me is when you started to bring that Psalm,  I immediately and in my spirit man I knew that I was justifying myself but my soul was so just saying, you know, let me justify myself right now. And just you know and get it over and done with. So, on the way home after Tuesday night and you were sharing it about December, there were very big things happening in my family at that time. It was tradition in December to go down to Gordon’s Bay every year and that’s what our flow was. There were also things in terms of, I mean it was, my grandfather was busy dying. So, it was at a time where things that were happening in our family, it was a real confrontation. So, that’s why I immediately started to justify my things because I said, “No because what about the family and what about where we are, you know, together and my grandfather and all of those things…


Pastor Sharon: And how can I stay when he is dying?


Mia: And how can I stay when he’s dying? And that’s what the family is doing and, you know, so what will that do to my…


Pastor Sharon: I mean that’s extreme. 


Mia: It was real in me Pastor Sharon. 


Pastor Sharon: That’s a legitimate justification. My grandfather’s dying, of course, this that God’s doing in this crossover doesn’t apply to me.


Mia: So, I was justifying and then I said well…


Pastor Sharon: Pastor John will understand and everybody will understand because my grandfather’s dying.


Mia: Yes and I’ll speak to Pastor Christi and I will be spiritual when I am in December at the coast. So, that’s how I justified it but then Wednesday afternoon, it was the Holy Spirit Who came and He convicted me, Pastor Sharon.


Pastor Sharon: You see the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit came.


Mia: Yes and I’m so grateful that it was the Holy Spirit Who came to convict me Pastor Sharon because I knew it was coming from my spirit man the Holy Spirit saying, “What are you doing?” You know and that’s why I went to Tannie Stef because I know that she’s a disciple and I know that she would speak the Word of God to me and that she wouldn’t soul me. Because at that time my biggest confrontation was in my soul and I knew that Tannie Stef, she would come with her spirit life to me you know and so..


Pastor Sharon: And you wanted it.


Mia: That’s what I wanted Pastor Sharon and so, I was in tears, sobbing after I spoke to Tannie Stef I was back in my room and I was sobbing and then I went back to her and I was sobbing again. You know and it was just it was in that moment that I was sitting on my floor and I said to the Lord, “I’m giving You my December and I’m going all in with You.” And I’m so and I was so aware that it was a cut and something that encouraged me in that time as well there was a psalm from a lady in the church in I will take the Children and I just heard words of that psalm it was.


For defining moments have already begun

and for all of Babylon in me to fall 

and circumcision of the heart 

I choose Jesus 

that’s my part 

from the start. 


And it was then in that moment that I just said, “Lord, I need Your, I need You to comfort me now Holy Spirit because You are My Comforter and so I’ve made this choice now to stay in December. And I, I haven’t yet told my mom because at that stage I did not know what their decision would have been. So I had to make that decision that if all of my family goes to December that I’m then here in Witbank with God and Tannie Stef you know the Kruger family. But that was my choice and so, if I may these are just the words that the Lord gave me to comfort me. Because I needed comfort in that cut because it was circumcision and it was cut and it was bleeding and it was like it was a bloody mess. 


Pastor Sharon: It was a bloody mess. Yeah and now you need comfort to take you to the marvelous. 


Mia: Yes. These are what just the words that the Holy Spirit gave to me and it was:

I give my all to the call 

for this I do not hesitate 

I know at this time

what’s at stake

cut cut cut in my heart 

circumcision, bloody and sore

but beautifully marking me 

as giving God my all 

I have holy recognition of the time we’re in 

not going to let it slipping

all out for God 

radical full tilt 

I say yes yes yes

to this press

I won’t miss a beat with God 

He now occupies my whole heart 

comfort me He will 

heal my heart He will 

this is now His time

now and forever 

I’m marked a son of God a disciple 

going for gold 

none of the old 

crossing over and taking full hold 

I’m choosing Jesus that’s my stand

so radically do I pursue His plan 

it is the time of God 

I recognize and obey 

going into the promised land

crossing over day by day

always changing drawing closer to Him

circumcising my heart 

this battle I win

I won’t let reason, reality and relevance dominate me 

I choose to live in revelation and redemption for revolution

my faith set as flint 

it’s a time of war 

into God do I now entrust myself.


And Pastor Sharon that was one of the things that Tannie Stef, she mentioned it now, but also what she said to me, “You can’t reason this out.” And immediately as she said that, that was one of the things that immediately created the shift in me. When she said, “You can’t reason that out.” Because I was reasoning it out and I was thinking of all of the implications of what my decision would make, would have in my family and as soon as she said that that was when the Holy Spirit used that point to completely set me free and to say, “I’m not going to reason this out and I’m going to trust myself to God.” Because the weight in that moment that God put that decision in me is that it was a defining moment and it was a choosing moment and there was too much at stake for me Pastor Sharon to not go all in and to not make that decision and so, yeah that was the journey that I had at that moment. 


Then after that, it was amazing to me, Pastor Sharon, because in every Sunday service and in PCG I could just, I was so there with you, and with the Holy Spirit. And because I had made that decision the way that I received the messages was so different, it was, “Yes, Lord, and yes, Lord” and “I hear You.” And I immediately began to see and hear everywhere where God was actually speaking about December without saying the word, December. You know, but it was, seek and, press in and, pursue and, press, you know. Immediately when I made that decision I could hear what the Holy Spirit was saying, so clearly. So, yes.


Pastor Sharon: And you were completely free.


Mia: Yes, Pastor Sharon.


Pastor Sharon: And you missed out on nothing, but you gained.


Mia: Yes, Pastor Sharon.


Pastor Sharon: And so, before I come to the response of Herma and Hanna, I’m going to ask Ester. Are you okay with this, that you share your experience? Because it was separate from your mom. It was with the Holy Spirit, and it was separate from Mia. You weren’t talking, were you? I don’t know, I haven’t checked this, no? Come. Come, Ester. Thank you, Mia. And then I’m going to come to, because these are times of honesty now, Ester. Because it happened to you.


Ester: Thank You, Holy Spirit. I trust Him to give me the words here, Pastor Sharon because I’m going to have to be honest.


Pastor Sharon: Because you had a Psalm too?


Ester: Yes, Pastor Sharon.


Pastor Sharon: Isn’t that interesting? People had Psalms. Psalms in their crossover and their cutting with God cutting December off, off of them. Cutting holiday, vacation off of them. Nobody is telling you what to do. Right. Peace. Peace, peace [Pastor Sharon indicating a peace sign with her hand]. We’re just sharing with family what happened to us. Peace.


Ester: Pastor Sharon, please tell me where I can go, and if I’m going somewhere I shouldn’t. You just tell me.


Pastor Sharon: No, you should go everywhere where your heart should go. Because today the Church is speaking. You are the Church, your mom is the Church. Mia is the Church, we are the Church, and the Lord said, “The Church will speak today.”


Ester: So, Pastor Sharon, that evening sitting in Prayer I heard, you were reading your Psalm, and immediately, immediately, immediately, I knew that I had to stay. So, just to give some background, of course, in my journey with Cavey we were talking about plans for December.


Pastor Sharon: You had already made them? Already paid for.


Ester: Yes, already made the plans, already paid for. Had lots of expectations and desires in my heart, because I have to meet his family, and I want to meet his family, and you know,  and I want good relationships with him. And so, my soul, there were lots of things happening. [Ester cries]


Pastor Sharon: See this is the Holy Spirit. This is the Church speaking. The reverence.


Ester: But I knew that this was coming from God. Pastor Sharon when you were sharing your Psalm I knew that it was coming from God. The confrontation that was happening was happening in my soul because of the plans that I made and because I didn’t want to ruin relationships. I didn’t want to hurt relationships but in my heart, I knew that this was God and that I had to stay, that I couldn’t go. The big thing I was thinking about it now, and I was sitting there I remember in that evening um, I didn’t speak to my mom or anyone. I was dealing with it on the inside of me and with the Lord. I got into the car and I said, “Lord I’m willing, I’m willing but I’m asking You to help. I am willing to stay, because I hear You but I am asking You for wisdom because I don’t know how I am going to do this or how it is going to happen.” That evening as well, remember I was just being with the Lord and I was actually showering but I was thinking about all of this that was happening.


Pastor Sharon: Ja. The circumcision is real. 


Ester: The big thing that was for me was like, I know this is God so if I don’t choose… I was at a point Pastor Sharon where I was saying like, “If I know this is God and I now deliberately now not choose Him, why am I even here?” Like I knew it would alter my integrity with my walk with God if I can say it in words like that. Like, how would I be able to go forward with Him if I know this is Him. I know this is Him, but I have this choice and if I choose that, I know, the pressure would be much less. It would be, it won’t hurt any relationships. I can choose that, but I know this is Him and why am I even at iXchange then? That was my thing.  I was like Lord, if I don’t choose You here, I don’t have to go forward with You because I would know going forward that I didn’t choose You. I knew …. like what you said, that was a big thing in your Psalm of I won’t go dark in this light. So, He did bring light to me. So, I had a choice to either go with the light or go dark.


Pastor Sharon: Or go dark in the light.


Ester: Or go dark in the light. Then I would know it was my choice to go dark in the light because He brought light. So, I knew it was happening because in the beginning as well, my mind also wanted to justify it, of maybe, maybe its…  also, they would understand. This is the time we are in. I mean God is doing … I mean, I am engaged. The Lord initiated this whole journey you know, it is God, you know. And people will understand. Pastor John will maybe understand you know, this is a time that we’re in you know. Also then justification also wanted to come to me and I heard, because like my mom said, “They didn’t plan to go away for December but they did have like a day here or a day there”, and so I heard my mom say, “They’re not going to do that anymore.”


So, I knew, if they’re not, I thought I knew this is real like they’re making the choice. This was God, this thing that was happening in me is God and I have to go with it. And of course, for the first time with me and KV that was big confrontation for us together, because now I…. and that was a whole different learning experience with us because now I said to him, “I have to stay. I have to stay.” And he had his own journey with the Lord of how because at first it was, “Okay, then you have to stay.” But then the Lord spoke to him and said he has to stay as well. So, even in that Pastor Sharon, that was a lot of confrontation and pressure that the Lord helped me through. Praise the Lord. I am just trying to get to my Psalm. Thank You Holy Spirit. Oh, and that is when I did go to Pastor John, Pastor Sharon because I said to him, “In my heart, I know I have to stay, but I don’t know how and wisdom and for help.” 


Pastor Sharon: So, he helped you. He said this, “I am not going to tell you what to do.” He said this, “I wish I could tell you it is ok for you to go.” Didn’t he say that? “I wish I could tell you that it is ok for you, but I’m not telling you what to do.”


Ester: I wish, but he didn’t tell me what to do. Praise the Lord. I said to Ps John, “This Psalm, the Lord encouraged me with the night before I went to Pastor John.” I am so grateful because in my heart, I made… before I went to Pastor John, I made the choice that I will stay. Because I knew I wanted to give my all. Yoh, and for the first time, I also … ok, not for the first time, but in a deeper way I experienced the power of your words. Because I knew that like I’ve said, it would alter my integrity with God, because I have been speaking to God that I am going all in, my words have created in my heart that I am going all in with God. I knew if I don’t do this I’m not going all in with God. So, it immediately confronted the words that I was speaking over my life, and so I had to go with, I had to act on the words that I’ve been speaking.


Pastor Sharon: And what you’re creating, been creating, with your words.


Ester: Yes, Pastor Sharon. So, I’m so grateful that I wrote this down the night before because when I went to Pastor John, I really wanted him to tell me what to do. I really wanted him to tell me, because then it’s easy because then “Pastor John said”, but he didn’t. He didn’t tell me what to do. He said to me that, “If I had a word from the Lord for you”, that he would then tell me to stay, but he said “I don’t. I don’t have a word from the Lord for you.” So, he said, “It’s your choice.”


So, he didn’t at all tell me, “You have to go, or it’s wrong for you to go, or you have to stay.” He said, “It’s your choice.” and I was like, “Ah, again.” I was like, my mind wanted to almost justify, “Okay, maybe, maybe it’s okay if I go.” You know? But I knew I already wrote this and I already gave my commitment to God the night before and I said to Pastor John, “I know what I have to do.” And so can I read this Pastor Sharon?


Pastor Sharon: Please. Please.


Ester: Okay. 

This crossover moment

Oh, this cuts so deep

Yes, Lord, I take the leap

With You I go all in, no turning back, 

No halfway, this way, or that way

With You in every moment I now stay

Right here, right now, I make this choice

I’m choosing my level


That was also a big thing Pastor Sharon, that grabbed my heart that you said, “You choose how far you want to go.”  So, it’s not that it would be a sin for me to go on December, for example.


Pastor Sharon: No, you choosing your level.


Ester: It’s just how much do I want of God. How all in am I for Him. Then it’s my… The ball is in my court. It’s my choice how much I want.


Pastor Sharon: And it wouldn’t have been a sin. Did you hear that? It wouldn’t have been a sin if she’d gone, but it’s her level and her choice that she’s choosing with God.



I’m choosing my level, not allowing the devil

A choice to go all in

I choose life that my descendants and I might live and be blessed

I give my all to the call

Radical I am

Standing tall I can

Your spirit is giving me wings to fly

I now soar to the highest high

You are right here with me in my moment of choice

I say, “Yes, Lord”

I do it with a big smile, because at that moment I cried a lot

I do it with a big smile and I choose to rejoice

No matter the pressure

No matter the persecution

You remain my first choice

Oh, I cut out all the noise

I lift my voice

To You, God, will I sing and shout

We’re going all in. I’m completely sold out

There is no stopping to what you have planned

In Your will I choose to stand

You are at my right hand taking me over

A moment to remember and to speak of to my children

I make my stand

with You, I’m going into the promised land


Praise the Lord. Hallelujah.


Pastor Sharon: Glory to God. Glory to God. I will take the children. Hallelujah Thank you. Thank you, Ester. Yeah, the Church is speaking. The Church is speaking. The Church speaks. So, is there something that you do want to say at this point, Herma? Two points. Come, come Herma. The church speaks. This, God’s legislative assembly is convened here. Right.


Herma: So, Mia has referred to the whole process of making this choice and the pressure. And it wasn’t because of the holiday, it was because of the family relations that we value so much, and that was really the pressure for us. But once we did make that decision, Pastor Sharon, the two things that the Lord just brought to me was; the circumcision of the heart. When Abraham had to offer Isaac that was a very real price. And you know, it’s one thing to give money, and it can cost you but it’s detached from you. But when it is relationships that you’ve worked very hard at restoring, and then you have to lay that down, it really, really costs you. And we had to be prepared to lay down potentially that relationship, not knowing what the outcome would be. But that is what the Lord required from Isaac. It was an absolute cut and it really cost him very deeply. And so if the Lord is asking that, it was just, how can we not, how can we not give that? And then the other thing is, you know the Lord speaks to me more, I’m always more on the warfare side of things. I’m not really the cryer and so, it doesn’t take a lot of discernment to understand that we really are in a war right now. And what came to me strongly was, years ago I read that book from Rees Howells on how God used him in intercession to direct the Second World War. And literally, battle after battle they would have to pray through. And it was just, if this is a time of war, and I really believe it is, spiritually.


Pastor Sharon: Yeah, it is.


Herma: That when those battles came up, they could not say to the Lord, “Lord, I am so tired tonight, I just want to go rest a little bit.” But the Lord is busy directing those battles, and the very next morning their prayers could literally turn the battle this way or that way, and impact the world. Now, I don’t know to what extent God is using this but in this time of war, right now, you know you can’t go home. You might be tired but if you’re in that war you have to fight that war until it’s over. And so if I’m in a time of war, well it’s just not a time where I can say, “Lord, this is my time.” I have to fight. This is what the Lord says, and so that’s that obedience. And those were the two things that really helped me through and still are. I’m in that time. 


Pastor Sharon. Yes. Yes. Thank you, Herma. Hanna [Pastor Sharon calls up Hanna]. 


Hanna: So, I mean you know for us it was very confrontational because as everyone said already we’ve made our plans. We actually made our plans, August/September already. We paid our tickets, everything was… My dad was passing away and he passed away early in December. And so, you know, there so much going on and it was just kind of, okay, here’s a time where we can just be as a family together. Kind of regroup. Get together again. Rest and all of those kinds of things. And then this Word came, and it’s so funny Pastor Sharon because all the prophetic insight you know. Just before you brought that I was still telling Herma, “I’m so glad this year we’re not hearing about December and we can actually go on holiday.” And you know, and there was no pressure about it but then that Word did come. And the way I understood that Word was really, what the Lord showed me afterwards, actually let me say this first. So we were reasoning in our minds and there were all of these things and everyone really…


Pastor Sharon: Because it came first from Mia.


Hanna: Yeah. Well, Mia asked Herma. 


Pastor Sharon: Mia was in tears. So all that happened with Stefnie. Because up until then, up until Mia you were going.


Hanna: Yeah. Yeah. I mean obviously when that Word came the confrontation started in our hearts because you hear the Word, and so you can’t deny that you’ve heard it.


Pastor Sharon: So, she just sped it on.


Hanna: Yeah. But now you’re fussing in your mind. Yeah. Yeah. And actually the scripture where that fussing in your mind, if you look at 2 Corinthians 10 here in the Amplified. 5 [Inasmuch as we] refute arguments and theories and reasonings and every proud and lofty thing that sets itself up against the [true] knowledge of God; and we lead every thought and purpose away captive into the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5 AMPC) So, that is where that battle is because in your heart, you know you’ve heard from the Lord, like Ester said, but you’re still fussing in your mind with it because you don’t really want to give the obedience. I mean, we even say things to one another, like, “We don’t want to go and ask Pastor Christi about it because we know what she’s going to say to us.” We really do love you, (Ps Christi) and thank you for it but it is tough. We understand it’s grace, but it’s really.


But then what Herma did, she called Stefnie and she said, “Stefnie, what do I do?” So the lesson from that for us also, there’s many things that we are, you know, what happened is once we made the decision, the flood of revelation, I cannot explain it to you. So beforehand it’s almost like a little bit more logic, it’s a little bit more in your mind and, okay, I’m going to now do this. Once you give God your, “Yes”, the flood of revelation, I mean, if we look at it back now we think, “How could we ever have thought the way that we did.” But it’s these reasonings and things going on but the minute you give God your, “Yes.” It is a fuss in your mind, it is a fuss in your soul. You know then that revelation comes, it’s just, it’s extraordinary. And she phoned Stef and she said, “Stef, what do I do?” Stef just spoke the truth to her and said, “You must go.” So that brought peace, we made our decision and we decided to stay. And as I said, “Then the flood of revelation did come.” So you know, there’s so many things since then. You know, Pastor Sharon, even when you said, “If the Holy Spirit leads that way, if we will be willing to speak.” I mean, obviously, fussing with that this whole weekend, “What do I say? What don’t I say.” I’m preparing by the Spirit for it because, at the same time, you don’t want to offend anyone. 


Pastor Sharon: No, no, no, no, no, this is housekeeping and actually, it’s an opportunity for you all, to hear. This we’re doing with joy. The Church is speaking with joy. Hallelujah. The Church is speaking with joy. And so if you’re having a confrontation in your heart then you know you are without excuse and that’s where God wants you. He’s got you right where He wants you. He’s got you right where He wants you and God must get what He wants from a people. 


Hanna: Pastor Sharon, that’s exactly the point because as I was working with the Lord through this, this weekend, one of the things that He said, “You know, what now, can He not speak to His people the way that He wants to speak to His people?” 


Pastor Sharon: Can He not speak about our Decembers? 


Hanna: He is God. We come to serve Him but He is not allowed to speak the way that He wants to because we are too polite and too careful for one another and He can’t speak through whichever vessel He chooses to speak through in the way that they speak.


Pastor Sharon: So, we are in this Crossover together and this is a moment of honesty where those who are going to choose a level you have to just excuse us if we don’t ask you, “How was your holiday?” Because we really, not interested. But we do love you and we don’t judge you. Do you see how that can work? We really do love you and we don’t judge you but we’re not interested in what you did. Because I’m having holy conversations with people that are going all in and I’m loving everybody else with a big heart of love and no judgment. So, if you’re feeling judged and condemned, that’s on you. That’s on you. It’s not coming off us that are busy choosing our level and that’s it. This is, this is how it works in a family. This is how it works in a marriage. This is how it works in a family. 


I mean one of the words that will always stick with me as Essie said to me, “I gave my all to God before I met Cavey. I went all in for God before him.” I thought, “Sho, wow.” That’s a fact that’s a spiritual fact. Now I’m not going all in because of a relationship. That’s exactly how Pastor Christi has conducted her marriage. That is why God was able to pull Grobbies through because she didn’t go with everything. Now she can because Grobs has repented. Now she can, but up until then she chose Jesus first, not her husband. She chose Jesus first. She had no marriage problems. She had not one marriage problem. She was loving him every day. She is just not going his way. Now if the fight is coming from the other person to you, that is on them, can you see that? It’s just like that. So, your repentance, it was your circumcision that you were having Hannah. 


Hanna: Yes, and it was tough, and you know Pastor Sharon, I know… 


Pastor Sharon: But you came through.


Hanna: We came through absolutely.


Pastor Sharon: And you had such freedom.


Hanna: Yes, yes, yes, and the truth is that for most people, I think the majority, the December thing is oftentimes, it’s the family thing, it’s grandparents and it’s kids.


Pastor Sharon: Yeah, and don’t read that scripture to me that Jesus said I have to leave my family in December, and my mothers and my brothers and my wives and my aunties and my uncles in December. No, some other time, but not over December, December going into January. You know when the Lord showed me how hard He works all year spiritually in us, digging, compost, dunging us, digging. And then He said, “And then all restraint is thrown off over the whole of December going into January, and I’ve got to start all over again.”


I saw what kind of a people He is looking for in the future and there will be enough of us.  But we must be honest with everybody else and say, I’m not so interested in your holidays anymore, really not. I’m very interested in your Crossing Over. I want to hear all about it. But I’m not going to be asking you, “So, how was your holiday?” When I’m not interested. What am I? I’m being two-faced to you.


So, I did have some people come to me and say to me, “I don’t know how to behave towards other people that didn’t even give it a second thought what God was saying, and they are coming back with all their holiday things. I don’t know how to behave, and I try and put a smile on my face you know as if I’m really interested, but I’m not really.”  Well, we’ve had a circumcision, we’ve had a cut, it is real in us. So, now what have you and I got to say when you want to tell me about your whole December? I crossed over, what did you do Matthew? You know? “Well pastor Sharon, now you know I deserved this you know.” I mean it’s like, “Okay, love you, bye, love you, bye.”


Hanna: So, you know, I mean when Israel was called to come across with Moses, when Joshua called them to go across, the Lord didn’t really ask any, “Okay is this convenient for you? What’s going on in your family? Is your granddad dying? Do you need to just stay behind in Egypt a little bit longer before you can go across, because I understand your situation is unique?” And everyone has got a unique situation.


You know what hit me what you spoke about in message moments two weeks ago as well, is how we infect the body with the choices that we make. So, I make a choice against the Word, that God – not a vessel – the vessels are the mouthpiece for God, but it’s God who says, “I want this people now”. And you make a choice to not do that. What you are actually saying to a people is, “Look, I got away with it. I went away, I had a reason.”


Pastor Sharon: You know how awkward you make us feel when you want to push your holiday on us? You impact us. You impact me when you want to come to me with that. You must rather keep quiet. Rather zip your lip about your holidays in this congregation, than try and touch a little one who is going all the way in. That was a big deal to me. I saw, the Lord showed me there were people coming back from holiday and giving their justifications to other people in this church, giving them, and stumbling them. Making them second guess themselves that you are so right. God is not going to have this anymore now in this congregation. This is the moment of honesty here now. 


And Hanna I am sorry I am going to have to cut you short because I have to call, I have to call, who do I have to call? Who do I have to call? Is there something on you Jeanine? Come. Sorry, because we are already at 11:32 but I knew we were going to go long this morning. So, I also knew that I would say to you, “If you need to leave, please leave quietly.” But this is family business.


Jeanine: I’ll try and be quick Pastor Sharon. Just to confirm what you’ve said about December’s. It is really a serious thing before God, and I mean, I’ve been in this church for 22 years and I had a business that I was running in Johannesburg, and we were very busy, and I worked very hard. 


Pastor Sharon: Yes you did.


Jeanine: Just because of the nature of the industry that I worked in, the only time I could take holidays was in December. So I justified it.


Pastor Sharon: You really deserved it.


Jeanine: I deserved it. 


Pastor Sharon: You deserved it, you worked hard.


Jeanine: There were in the early years; No one, Pastor John never said anything about going away on holiday. He only started in 2017. So, year after year, I just made my own, well Hein and I in agreement, just made our own decisions, and we went and it is not to say that we were in sin. What I can honestly say is, when you say, you take your foot off the Spiritual pedal, that’s what happened year after year after year. I will take my foot off the Spiritual pedal. I would start January and I feel like I missed it, I blew it. I never, it was as if the previous year the prophetic word had no working out in my life, and I was just not growing at the pace that I knew God wanted me to. I was frustrated and disappointed and I knew it was all me, but I didn’t really understand why but I didn’t know it was December.


Pastor Sharon: You didn’t know that you were making progress and then regressed.


Jeanine: Yeah and I didn’t understand the reason. So, when Pastor John did start speaking about it openly from the pulpit and saying, and year after year it got more serious.


Pastor Sharon: Yeah until where we are now.


Jeanine: So, when I first started hearing it, I mean, I did say to you before that everything you’ve ever, you and Pastor John have said from the pulpit, I’ve never found any reason to find offence with. Whenever I have hear hard things that the Lord has brought, I recognise it, it’s been God speaking. It is the Holy Spirit speaking. I embraced it, it was hard, I let it cut me. It hurt. But when I heard the December thing like others have shared, something rised up in me because I am like, I deserve this, I need a break, I am so tired, I just need a getaway.


Pastor Sharon: I need a break, I am tired. Yes. Did you ever have a break?


Jeanine: I didn’t come back refreshed. I came back frustrated, and tired because I wasn’t resting in Him. I was resting on the beach. Clutching out in my brain, you know. I definitely took my foot off the spiritual pedal and yeah, I mean I say it with shame and repentance because really it…


Pastor Sharon: And this December was very different.


Jeanine: It was Pastor Sharon, well I mean … 


Pastor Sharon: You had a rest and you’re so strong now, spiritually. You feel, you’re experiencing the difference in you. 


Jeanine: Well, I noticed you know when the New Open Door word came that was such a transition period for Hein and I because that was, I almost, I mean it was a rescue mission. The Lord pulled us out of our circumstances and a whole series of circumstances unfolded which brought us here to make a decision to give Him our all. Because there was such a recognition that if I didn’t give Him everything, I’m going to die – spiritually – and I’m never going to grow. We had to give Him our all. So, actually, when you shared that word at prayer it was already settled when you said, “You’re not going away in December.” It was sure, cool, we’re here, no problem. He’s brought us to a place where obeying was easy and I can say this is the first December that I’ve pushed through. It wasn’t even hard, it was just a joy. I was at home and it was a blessing and I’m growing and I’m coming into everything He has for me, Pastor Sharon.


Pastor Sharon: Yes, you are, Jeanine. 


Jeanine: And I’ve started the year strong for the first time, after 22 years of being in this church. You know what I mean. 


Pastor Sharon: Yes, Jeanine. Hallelujah, hallelujah. Glory to God. Thank you, my darling. Last one, Tarryn you want to say something? You want to say something? Two or three minutes and then the Church has spoken for today and these things, okay. Oh, all right. Come, come, come Tarryn. 


Tarryn: Thank You for Your words. Thank You for Your words, Holy Spirit. Thank you, Pastor Sharon. I think the Holy Spirit just helped me with some points here but really where it started in my heart, Pastor Sharon, was I don’t know if it was the same PCG, I’ve been meaning to go back to it or even the one before. But we were in such a holy time with the Father in the Crossover. And He had holy vigils with us and you said that you and Pastor John because Pastor John was also preaching at that time about the plans that we make; how we plan and we plan and we plan and don’t allow His plan to prevail in our lives. And you had said something so precious that I’ve held onto and I just took by faith in that PCG, you said, Pastor Sharon, that you and Pastor John are making plans how you’re going to have holy vigils in the evenings. I just said, “Sho, Lord, I’ve planned to go on holiday with my family. I don’t know how this is going to look because the environment doesn’t lend itself to that, but I purpose in my heart I’m going to have holy vigils with You.” 


But we had made our plans with family and the same thing what we’ve heard from everybody; justification, justification. My sister’s also having a baby. She’s due, I’ve been standing on the word for major, major work of restoration in families that God’s going to do, breakthrough and miracles. So, you think this is the time that you’re going to let your light shine and it’s going to be a wonderful time of restoration with family. But when that word then came the following Tuesday night of December, my heart just said, “Lord, December is Yours.” So, I just carried it in my heart with the Holy Spirit because I knew I’d even have confrontation with my husband because of family matters. I mean the other thing that we had also just made a commitment to was my mom and my dad’s 60th on the Saturday that Pastor John was bringing a message and I said, “I don’t want to go. I want to be here, to not miss God.” We had to have hard discussions and I just said, ”Holy Spirit, You’re really going to have to do a work in my heart and my family’s because I trust You.”


I had a holy conversation with someone because shouldn’t we be talking about this in the holidays. And it was with Angie and we just had a conversation to say we have to trust the Word of God to work, to change hearts. That’s such a confidence that we can have because the Word of God always prevails and it always works. So, just there was that and I knew in my heart I said, “Lord, I’m giving You my December.” And I knew it wasn’t just this December, Pastor Sharon, but there’ve been so many. 


Pastor Sharon: You knew it. You see, she knew it already. I didn’t have to come and even bring this message this morning. She already gave all her December’s and January’s to God. 


Tarryn: And I make that declaration. I gave all of my December’s to Jesus. I gave all of my months from January to December to Him because He wants, He’s given us everything and if we truly want more, He’s given it, it’s up to us. As someone said, “The ball is completely in our court.” 


And it’s really this December, He really just showed me also, I mean completely the war story. We are in the middle of a raging war and if we realised our responsibility as soldiers to take our place, it would be, I mean God is just bidding us. He’s leading the command of this charge and all we have to do is come with Him. And so the one day it was also, He just really in a time of shouting because He said we have that,  we can take it. And it was after a roar in the Spirit and He just showed me again; I hear a sound. And if we hear the words of that song that the Lord brought us, bidding us as soldiers, you know, it was just beautiful. So, I have some of them but what I also want to just share is that also I’m so grateful for a conversation we had, Brynn. And again, shouldn’t we be talking about this? Because before we left and I had justifications in my heart just like everyone to say, “But we do need a break, we need a rest.” You know. And these young ones, also the iXchangers, after a full year, it’s a wonderful time for them to have an opportunity to rest. I remember you were persistent in it, Brynn, to say, “No, how dangerous it is.” 


I mean, we’ve had very severe things happen in our family over December, where even we yielded to going to that 60th and there was conversations that took place there that I truly believe should ought not have take place because there was demands made by family that caused somebody to go off track that had a word from the Lord, very personally for him to spend December with Jesus. He had a dream and he encountered God and just because of human conversations and traditions of man things went awry. And I’m not saying that that was the reason or wasn’t. I don’t know that in my heart and I know God’s going to restore but it just shows how severe God is being with us at this time. It’s not time to take place in civilian life affairs. God’s calling us to be soldiers, to be soldiers in this army. And so we can respond, and He’s asking for our response now. How long does God need to respond? How long do we want to take? That was a message on the 31st of May, 2021 – also in the wilderness, the people in the wilderness become a now-generation people. How long do we want to take to get what God’s got for us? No, we don’t want to take long, Father. A 11-day journey doesn’t need to be 40 years. 


So, this was just on my heart, it was also from Pastor John recently. This was just really powerful but Pastor John was speaking about how he had an opportunity when he was a young man to go to Durban and pursue something where he would have a wonderful opportunity to make a huge amount of money. He said this; … because if you’ve given up your divine alignment and your divine assignment to follow opportunity, then you’re always going to justify your choices and that will become the most important argument of your life. What are the most important arguments of our life? Our holidays? This is a serious time for God. This is war and our whole life depends on it. Our entire life depends on this moment and our choosing to cross over and all He’s doing He’s asking us to come to Him. Just a small small choice of heart comes to Him, seek Him. He makes obedience easy. He makes obedience so easy and there’s such rest there’s such restoration, there’s such recreation in the new creation really. And so that’s in my heart there’s a lot more but that’s really Pastor Sharon. Hallelujah, thank You Jesus, thank You Jesus, thank You Jesus. [Tarryn cries]


Pastor Sharon: These are the tears of Jesus for His church. I’m telling you they’re the tears of Jesus for His church because He’s not taking away a December and a January. He’s giving something that we will only know what He’s giving us on the other side of obedience. 


Tarryn: And His tears are for you. 


Pastor Sharon: Yes. 


Tarryn: He so wants everybody to cross over together. He wants that  and He just put a prayer in my heart from Philippians 3 because that’s Pastor John’s been bringing that scripture about how we are to strive for all that lies ahead. And it says, “If anyone is not yet gripped, in the TPT, by the same passion our God will reveal it to them.” Father, thank you for popping our eyes open to the things that You truly want to reveal to us as a people Father. Thank You Father, thank You Father, thank You Father, thank You Father.


Pastor John has the same spirit. He had the spirit of intercession come on him for those that had not crossed over. God’s grace is so big but He really wants to draw a line in the sand now and true repentance as we heard from Pastor Sharon this morning, true repentance will yield fruit. Teach us Your heart on repentance Father. 


Pastor Sharon: Pastor Christi, do you think we’re done? God willing, oh, God willing, that we can continue with this. Because this kind of corporate environment does make repentance possible. But as these precious ones, as the Church has spoken here, they were having their repentance on their own with the Lord. They had their cut and their circumcision on their own. 


I didn’t get to the other part and that’s obviously to be continued. This is to be continued. The Lord said, “The Church will speak about the Decembers and the Church will speak about money.” What is your more for? He will speak. And He requires the Church to answer. There will be those that will answer by the Spirit of God. And that’s just… He just wants to hear it, you know. He just wants to hear the Church speak. Hey, Tarryn? Thank you, my darling. Thank you. 


Sho, well. Glory to God. Glory to God. I believe even as the Church has been speaking, there’s already been repentance happening. Realisations, shocks of realisations. I believe God has begun a work here in many people’s hearts because we are Ecclesia. And God is looking for a people that will go all in. 


Well, I pray for you now as Pastor John would pray for you that the Word and the blood of Jesus surrounds you and protects you – protects your mind. I have somewhat of a loving advice to give you; to be very careful what you speak about now when you go home in your cars and with one another because what you speak against, you can’t have. You can’t have what you speak against. So, be careful now to not come with your justifications and reasonings after this morning. Give the Holy Spirit an opportunity in your heart. Because you can fix this for yourself forever by just having a conversation with other people and just go, “It’s not for me. This is not for me.” But now, the Holy Spirit is giving us opportunity.


So, the Word and the blood of Jesus surrounds you and protects your mind and your hearts, in Christ Jesus. Hallelujah. You are blessed going out, you were blessed coming in and you are blessed going out. And you’ve been so wonderful, sitting here and taking in God. You’ve just been absorbing God. Hallelujah. You’ve just been absorbing God and there will be more of this because the Lord says the Church must speak.


Wasn’t this precious? The Church spoke. Can you see how He worked last weekend? The Father spoke to us through Hanna and through Pastor John, bringing love letters to us. Love letters to us, last week. And Pastor John said this message of last week is going to stand forever and now, now we have this where God says let the Church speak. Thank you. We acknowledge that this was You today, Lord. We acknowledge and we thank You that You are helping us with everything, in Jesus’ name and we all say amen. Bye-bye, everybody, you are greatly loved and so blessed.