Christians: This is our Time of Victory and Opportunity Part 1 – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture reference: Proverbs 18:21 AMPC; 2 Timothy 1:7 (AMPC); Matthew 6:33 (KJV); Psalm 91 (AMPC)

Welcome, welcome everybody to this digital time together. So pleased to have you with us at this moment. Well, nothing catches God by surprise. Nothing. There is nothing that happens on this planet that surprises God. He is the author of life. He’s the author of health. He’s the author of blessings and good things that happen in our lives. He is not the author of sickness. He’s not the author of anything that bad, that happens in the world. Those are all, really things that happened because of sin that is entered into the life of the human.

Just recently, I was reminded of something that, quite frankly, came out of my spirit at the end of 2019 and because it came out of my spirit, I hadn’t remembered it, naturally, sort of in my head, but I was having a staff meeting at the end of last year in December, on the 4th of December, and I began to speak things out of my spirit and I’m just going to read to you what came out of my spirit at that time.

I said, I just have a sense that there is something that is about to be discovered. There is something that is about to happen. Something that’s about to change things quite dramatically. I can’t exactly say what it is. I can’t say exactly what it is, but I know that there is something coming and it’s going to rock the foundations of everything. That, the way normal things have developed and grown and impacted society. It’s going to alter it dramatically.

Well, of course at the end of last year when I said those things, I wouldn’t have guessed that it would have such a global impact, as it has. I’m sharing that with you today because nothing catches God by surprise. For those people, who have an ear to hear and those that will listen to what the Spirit of God is saying, He, the Spirit of Truth, is going to guide us and lead us into all Truth. He will guide us in times of trouble and He will guide us and lead us in times that we feel that we, maybe are not in control or things are not as normal.

Certainly that word, that I had indicated that things were going to change dramatically and it was going to rock the foundations of everything. Well, who would have predicted in December last year, on the 4th of December, that the Chinese government was going to begin days later, literally begin to hide something that was of such dramatic impact to the whole world.

Now, I’m not necessarily alone in being able to say this. I believe every Christian should be listening to the Spirit of God on a daily basis and hearing what the Lord has to say, to guide and direct your life.

Now, how do you know about the dramatic events that have happened in our world, right now? How do you know? Is it not given to you through the media of words or the medium of words? Yes, the platform might be some digital platform. It might be through the airwaves, by radio, by television, by any kind of social media, but essentially everything that you know, that is happening in the world today, is being transmitted to you by words.

I guess you could say, that’s the real power of words. Words give you something to think about, words issued by governments alter the course of people’s lives. Certainly, right at this moment in time, laws that have been implemented by governments around the world have impacted travel, have impacted many things, many industries, commerce, social lives, the social fabric of everything that’s going on right now. Words have been what has created this current state of events. Yes, we have an unseen enemy together, which is sickness, disease and many of those things, but words are the way that it’s been communicated to you.

So, I’m going to read to you, Proverbs chapter 18 verse 21 out of the Amplified Bible, a scripture you know well. 21Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and they who indulge in it shall eat the fruit of it [for death or life]. (Proverbs 18:21 AMPC) This indicates how powerful words are that are spoken. For many, many years, people have really not considered how powerful words are and certainly if you go about your daily social life, you want to be communicating with people and words come out of your mouth almost without thinking. Words that sort of integrate you in society.

Well, this is an opportunity for us to really begin to think about how powerful words are. Because even though you use words that are just integrating you into society or communicating responsibility or just creating the normal everyday momentum of talking on the telephone or doing things with people. Words are powerful.

Sometimes, you could say the same words, with a different attitude and you can have more power. If I say to you, “I’m not sick, I’m not sick. I’m healthy.” Well, that might not sound too convincing, even though they’re good words. But if you say, “I’m not sick! I’m really just blessed and healthy. Praise God!” Well, I mean, that’s a whole different way that your body, your whole system will respond to your words. Words are powerful.

Right in this season, in this moment of time, people are speaking lots of words and they’re talking facts, they’re talking the human reality of what’s happening around us, right now. It is a fact that there are plagues and viruses out there, that are impacting society. It is a fact that governments have instituted new laws and new ways of going about life. It is a fact that people have been restricted to the numbers of where and how and what they can do and where they can gather. Those are facts. Those are facts that have been communicated by governments. Those facts, because they come from government, that have become laws, need to be listened to, they need to be adhered to, they need to be obeyed because if you submit to authority then you can exercise authority.

Many people have this idea that you can have authority and the greatest authority you can have is just by having a stronger personality. Overwhelming somebody else or overwhelming a circumstance by your force of will or your personality. Stronger words and just stronger emotions and a stronger will, will get you through.

The Bible is clear in the Book of Romans, chapter 13, that if you will submit yourself to authority – that is a God-thing, to submit yourself to authority. There is a very good story of what happened in the New Testament, where a Centurion Roman soldier wanted to have someone healed. It was very clear that he said, “I have authority and by the words of my authority, people do things. Jesus, because You are not here with Your own authority, but a higher authority has sent You, You may just speak and that authority will take care of the sickness.” Jesus turns around and says, “Well, I’ve not seen such great faith in the whole of Israel.”

Authority and submission go hand-in-hand. The more you are able to submit to the Word of God, the greater your authority that you can have in life. Words then have authority. If I choose to speak whatever words, I want to speak, that I feel like speaking, even though I might be speaking words that are fact and words that are current reality, that doesn’t mean to say that, that’s healthy for me. What I prefer to do is speak the Word of God and let the Word of God change my world even though the world around me is changing. I would prefer to have the Word of God change my world.

So, you have a preference. Whatever your preference is, is what you may want to live. I, rather, would have a conviction with my preference. If you have a conviction that; I’m going to speak the Word of God, then that’s what’s going to guide your life. Don’t just listen to news. Don’t just listen to what people are saying. Don’t just accept everything that is coming your way. I want to suggest that you create an invisible curtain. An invisible curtain, that is the difference between facts in your world, and faith in your world. Create an invisible curtain, today. You can’t deny the facts, you can’t deny government orders, but you can filter what’s happening by faith and with faith.

I want to read you another scripture that’s in second Timothy, chapter one verse seven. 7For God, this is out of the Amplified Bible, 7For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, or a spirit of cowardice or craven, or cringing, I really like this word, or fawning fear (2 Timothy 1:7 AMPC). A fawning fear is a fear that is kind of, you know, you just all fall down, it’s like a fainting fear, you become almost paralyzed with the fear.

So the Bible says, that 7God has not given us a spirit of timidity, of cowardice, of fainting fear, at whatever is happening, but, He has given us a spirit of power and of love, and of a calm and well balanced mind, and discipline and self-control (2 Timothy 1:7 AMPC).

Here is your curtain, your curtain is a well-balanced mind, your curtain is a calm sense of wellbeing, of a disciplined lifestyle, and a disciplined mind. What is this invisible curtain? Well, there may be circumstances around me that are not in my control, but I have an invisible curtain that even though things are happening on the outside of my curtain, whatever is happening on the inside of my curtain; it’s the Word of God, it’s the life of God, it’s the health and healing power of God, it’s the well-being, prosperity, goodness of God that is in my curtain.

I really like this invisible curtain, and there is a reason I used it because Jesus has shed His Blood for us so that we can be sons of God. The Blood of Jesus is like an invisible curtain, it’s a boundary line, it’s a marker, it’s a point where you can say, “You can’t come past this point, you shall not pass this point, you shall not come into my personal space.”

In the Old Testament, when Jesus was about to take all the children of Israel out of the control of the Egyptians, there was about to happen a significant impact because of a continuous resistance against God, by the Egyptians, and the leaders and the Pharaohs. There was a continuous resistance against God, and so a significant thing was going to happen, there was going to be, the firstborn of every household was about to die. Well, what was the instruction that God gave the children?

He said, “Create a curtain, create a boundary, create a separation between the chaos that is about to happen around you and what is going to happen in your household.” That invisible curtain too many, or that boundary line, was the painting of the blood on the doorpost. The blood of the lamb on the doorpost, and when this spirit of death came into that environment, when that spirit of death, that angel of death came into that environment, they saw an invincible curtain on this household and that household, on that household. It was invisible perhaps to others, but definitely visible to the spirit realm. When they saw the blood against the doorpost, it was a boundary line. You may not pass beyond that. You may not touch anyone that is in that safe space. 

Well, you may notice I’m not wearing a face mask. Well, sure I’m doing this digitally, but I have said with my words and with my mouth, “I have a boundary line around me. I have a space around me, that no weapon that is formed against humanity, may cross my boundary line. It may not cross into my space, it may not come and consume my health, it may also not consume my finances, it may not take away from what God’s blessing and prosperity has for my life.”

He has not given us a spirit of fear, but He has given us a spirit of love, and of power, and of a sound mind. This is a biblical factor, this is a biblical force, this is a biblical solution that we have in our lives. We speak the Word, we adopt the Word, we live in the Word. It becomes an invisible curtain. If there is something that is happening in your heart, in your mind, something that’s happening that you might feel like a panic and anxiety, some form of, I’m not sure about what is happening in my world. If you feel that uncertainty beginning to come upon you, you need to immediately identify it – this is not from God. This is me, given my own mind over to the spirit of fear that is in the world. I refuse to do that. I refuse to give myself over, to what is happening in the world.

This is the moment when we get to choose, and if we’ve had any kind of opportunity in our lives before, to observe the difference of what is happening in the world and the difference that is happening and can happen in the life of a Christian and a believer, this is the moment. This is where it gets to show. You are not supposed to behave like everybody else in the world. You are not supposed to speak the words of fear like everybody else in the world, you are not supposed to say, “Well, you know I hope I don’t get CoronaVirus.” No. You need to stand in a place of authority and say That virus will not come near me; it will not come near my dwelling place.”

Now, the governments have said that there is a precautionary measure to take, we should take them, but that does not dictate the life that you have. The life that God has in you. Now, to me, as I meditated on ministering this Scripture to you, one of the greatest obvious differences that were visible in the life of Jesus, was when Jesus was standing in front of Pontius Pilate and Pontius Pilate said to Him: “Don’t you know, that I have the power to take your life?” Jesus said, I paraphrase for me, “No, you’re the one who doesn’t understand, Pontius Pilate. No one can take My life from Me unless I choose to lay it down.”

This is the attitude and this is the stark difference between light and dark, between life and death, between God’s life and power and the enemy’s intimidation. Jesus is our example. When something comes at you, to try and take what is precious to you, you just have that invisible curtain, that bloodline. I stand behind the life of Christ. I stand behind the Blood of Jesus. I stand strong. I stand free. I stand in the Blood and I stand in His Word, there is nothing that any man can do to me because if God is for me then who or what can be against me. It is even my faith that overcomes the world, and anything that is in the world.

This is the moment, Christian, this is the moment, disciple, this is the moment, this is our opportunity, this is a time when we can begin to speak a message of hope. We begin to speak a message of good news. We begin to speak and become a life-giving force to those around us. When people begin to speak, “Huo, have you seen what is happening to this business, have you seen what is happening to that, do you see what is happening to our economy” This is the moment where you say, My God is the One who meets my needs, My God has said in Mathew chapter six” and you read it, We should not be anxious, we should not be worried we should not fear what we are going to eat or drink or what we are going to wear because our heavenly Father knows we have need of these things.”

Verse 33 says, 33But seek ye first the kingdom of God…and all these things shall be, not might be, shall be, added unto you (Matthew 6:33 KJV). Yes, things might be dramatically impacted from the way that they were, but what great things lie before us through a new door that can open. New things that can be developed. New opportunities that may arise because of the current state that is happening in the world.

This is your moment to hear from God. This is your moment to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. This is not business as usual, even the world will tell you that. This is our moment as Christians, to shine. So, do not be controlled, do not be overcome by a spirit of fear. When you feel it trying to come on you, you’ve got to speak the Word. You have got to, even if you go to a Bible or your Ipad, the Word of God on your Ipad or on your phone or whatever it is that you, just get a Scripture and read it. I’m going to read a Scripture to you like that, right now, from the Amplified Bible and it’s a Scripture you know very well.

It’s Psalm 91 and so the Lord gave me this for us to stand on as a Church, as a ministry. Immediately when this thing began to impact us, I began to realise that Psalm 91, is something we’ve always stood on, but this is the time to stand on it, to believe it, to trust it. This is not a time to wonder whether it’s true or not. This is the time of truth.

It goes like this, 1He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable, … Shall remain stable, not become unstable, not become, “I wonder if this or if that going to,” shall remain stable. What’s the secret? You must remain in the place, that secret place, that personal place with God. You must stay there, don’t go away from that, you got to stay there. That’s the secret of being stable. And fixed under the shadow of the Almighty [Whose power no foe can withstand].

So, there’s no enemy that can stand against the power of God and you are the one that can be stable, steady, fixed under His power. 2I will say of the Lord, here’s the Word, I will say, not I will just think it. I will just read it. No, I will say of the Lord, He is my Refuge and my Fortress, my God; on Him I lean and rely, and in Him I [confidently] trust! I will say, you’re hearing me say it now and you can say it with me. I will say, “I trust in Him. I trust in God. I lean on Him. I put all of my future and trust in His hands.” 3For [then] He will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence.

The deadly sickness, the deadly disease. He will deliver us, when we say that we trust Him, when we remain stable, steady in His, in that secret place with Him. Then verse 4, 4[Then] He will cover you with His pinions, and under His wings shall you trust and find refuge; I’ve been fortunate enough to watch over the summer season. I’ve been fortunate to watch some geese raise little ducklings. Goslings, I should say and it’s a very interesting thing that in a time when there is a threat, when they are very, very little, when there’s a threat, how quickly the mother will go in and just cover the chicks. The father will come and hiss and flap his wings and come towards the threat and actually, really confront the threat that would come against the chicks.

Well, that’s the same image that we can have, that when you are under His wings, there is a, that’s the place of safety, it’s a place of strength. His truth and His faithfulness are a shield and a buckler. 5You shall not be afraid of the terror of the night, nor of the arrow (the evil plots and slanders of the wicked) that flies by day, This particularly in the Amplified refers to the slanders that fly by day; words, that create fear, terrors of words of plagues, of things that create fear. I have an invisible curtain; I have an absolute powerful force that is working for me. It’s the very life of God 6Nor of the pestilence that stalks in darkness, nor of the destruction and sudden death that surprise and lay waste at noonday.

So, just by the way, you can please join us, if you want your faith to be stimulated and just upheld and strengthened. You can join us in the days ahead, in the morning on social media, noonday, evening and by way of television during the week. You can get something from the Word of God from us every single day, many times a day. The Lord has instructed me to assist you and help you to keep your faith strong.

We continue, 7A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand, but it shall not come near you. So, let’s just think about this for a moment, that in this particular instance there are thousands of people that are impacted by a pestilence, a plague, a terror, some kind of force – thousands are impacted, but not you. At the very least, this is a thousands-to-one ratio. Why would you want to be on the side of the thousands, when they are the ones that are going to be impacted, when you can be the one that is not. This is not for us to have a mentality that says, “Because it is affecting everybody, it is going to affect me.” I reject those words. Certainly, in some counties and in our country, people are saying 50%, 70% of the population will contract this disease. I reject that. I am not one of those. I’ll be the ones; I’ll be part of those that don’t get it. I’ll be one of those that are not impacted by it.

8Only a spectator shall you be, yourself inaccessible in the secret place of the Most High, as you witness the reward of the wicked. Well, you know, I don’t want to say too much about that, other than: “I will be a spectator, I will not be a participant, I will be a spectator.”

What about you? Don’t you want to just be a spectator of everything that is going around, but nothing is going to touch me, it is not going to hurt me, it’s not going to hurt my finances, and my well-being.

9Because you have made the Lord your refuge, and the Most High your dwelling place. Ok, so here you begin to see, this is not about I think for a few moments, I’ll just confess that Jesus is my Lord – and that’s enough. No, I need to be dwelling in His Word. 10There shall be no evil befall you, nor any plague or calamity come near you, near your tent. In other words, there is the invisible curtain, your household, the place where you live, where you abide, your circumstances, the things around you – it shall not penetrate my world.

11For He will give His angels special charge over you, to accompany and to defend and preserve you in all your ways. The Amplified Bible says, “In all your ways of obedience and service.” So, this is the moment where we must obey what God says. This is the foundation of truth – the Word of God. Now, they, 12the angels shall bear you up on their hands lest you dash your foot against a stone. Even hidden dangers shall not hurt you, 13and you shall tread upon the lion and the adder, the young lion and the serpent, you shall trample underfoot.

Praise the Lord, even if there is a very specific threat against my well-being, I have the authority, not them. I have the strength in Jesus, in the Word of God, in the dwelling place. 14Because he has set his love upon Me, wow, because He loves me, because He just wants to preserve me, He wants to protect me, He wants to show His greatness, His goodness, His love towards us. This is how He can do it; if you dwell with Him, He dwells with you; all His goodness becomes yours. 14Because he has set his love upon Me therefore will I deliver him; I will set him on high, because he knows and understands My name, the Amplified says, he [has a personal knowledge of My mercy, love, and kindness – trusts and relies on Me, knowing I will never forsake him, no, never] (Psalm 91:1-14 AMPC).

If there is a time that we need to know that Jesus, the Heavenly Father, the Holy Spirit will not forsake us; this is the time, right now. This is our moment. This is the time, where we really have to show the difference between what we are as believers and those who have no other hope in the world.

15He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honour him. I will deliver him and honour him. This is not just a moment of as long as you just get through this then it will be okay. No, you are not just going to get through it; you are going to get through it with flying colours. You’re going to get through this and come out stronger with honour on the other side of this particular thing that is happening to us in the whole world.

16With long life will I satisfy him and show him My salvation (Psalm 91:15-16 AMPC). Many people think like the end of this scripture is after your long life He will show salvation. No, this is a continuous process; I will show you My salvation as long as you live. I will show you that I save you and I will be your God, I will keep you protected, I will deliver you, I will honour you, I will shelter you, I will give you a place of refuge as long as you live. When the end of your days come, you will be satisfied, you will still know that I have been there for you all of your life.

Well, this is not a moment to be timid. This is not a moment to be afraid. This is a moment to rise up. Speak words of life, speak words of health, speak words of economic well-being and remember, right at this time as this is a time where new doors can be opened to you. There are new opportunities waiting, waiting to be revealed, in this moment of global distress.

It has been said to me, and I conclude our time together today, it has been said to me, in oftentimes, when the world is going through recession that is when the wealthy become super-wealthy. Let’s just take an example when there is a recession in the world and people can’t pay their mortgages on their houses, they can’t keep up payments on cars, houses and things.

The banks, the financial institutions, the rich, the wealthy. They use those moments not to retreat with their wealth, but to go and buy up the assets that become available. They don’t see recession as a negative, they see recession more often than not, they see it as an opportunity to greatly increase their wealth, where they can buy things at much lower prices and then when everything comes back to normal and everything returns back to normal, they then have a much higher level of wealth and assets that they either want to sell or keep part of their financial portfolio.

I want to say to you, this is a moment when new doors are opening for supernatural increase, supernatural increase. I also wanted to declare to you that this is a time for God to give you insights, ideas, creative abilities, new concepts, things that you have not thought about God is going to give to you. If you dwell with Him in that secret place, you live with Him and you do not shrink back with fear and you do not shrink back and say, “I feel cowardly and I am intimidated by fear.” No, I stand strong because of His love and He has given me a spirit of power and of a sound mind. A well-balanced mind and everything I see in my future is positive, it is opportunity, it is goodness.

This is a time to accelerate, it is a time to do greater things, not kind of go back into a cave mentality and I must just retreat and just keep myself together until this passes. This is a time for the brave, this is the time for the courageous, this is a time for those that are in the Word of God to actually say, “Let’s get it done, let’s let God be great through us.”

Well, I trust you enjoyed this message. I, thank you for joining us today, online. We have had great fellowship around the Word and I want to just pray for you as I close our session today.

I pray that the Word of God and the Blood of Jesus surround you and protects you. I pray that no evil will come near you or your dwelling place. I pray that you will be strong and very courageous. I pray that you will walk in the spirit of power and love and of a sound mind. I pray that you will receive ideas and concepts and new things. I pray that in that spirit of power and of a sound mind that you will begin to expand into your future. You will begin to speak to mountains and command them to be moved. You will begin to speak to your circumstances and altar them by the power of life that comes out of your mouth and out of the Word of God. That you will not receive a spirit of death. You will not speak death and you will not just even speak the facts. You will speak truth. You will speak the Word of God. My prayer is that you are sheltered and shielded by an invisible curtain; the Blood of Jesus, the Word of God, and the love of the Father.

If you receive that prayer, say, “Amen.” And thank you for joining me, in Jesus Name.