2020 Prayer Activation – Ps Sharon Bendixen (JHB)

Scripture Reference: Jeremiah 29:7 (ERV); Jeremiah 29:7 (NLT)

Hallelujah, hallelujah. Praise You, Lord. Hallelujah. Yes, Lord. Glory, glory, glory, glory, glory, glory, glory to You, Lord. Hallelujah, Lord. We love You, we love You, we love You, Lord. We love You, Lord. We love You, we love You. We are Your people, devoted to You, Lord. You are our first; You are our first love, Lord. We love You first above all else, Lord. We love You Lord. We love You, we love You with all of our hearts, with all of our strength, with all of our might, with all of our soul, Lord. We love You. Hallelujah.

Thank You, Father for this wonderful time we are going to have today, Lord, of being activated; fresh and new focus for Prayer Connect in 2020, Lord. Thank You, Father that You always help us keep our true north, Father. You always help us keep it, Father. You always bring things into sharp focus for us again, Father, when things just get a little bit out, we’re thankful to You, Father. You always cause us to have a sharp focus again, Lord and we thank You, Holy Spirit that You minister to every single one of us today and we thank You for that in the precious name of Jesus and we all say; Amen. Glory to God. You may be seated. You may be seated.

Alright so, I need some reading glasses, I need reading glasses. Anybody got some for me? Di? Thank you. Let me see if they work for me. Thank you, Di. Thank you very much. From time to time I do it, but I have never done it in Jo’burg. In Witbank I get Hazel’s. Hers are like the right strength for me, you know. And this is, I can see quite clearly. Thank you. Thank you so much, Di. It’s like I was rummaging through my bag and it’s like, okay, right.

Well, what a wonderful, what a wonderful, wonderful life. It’s a wonderful life. Hallelujah. What a wonderful life we have in Jesus. So, Pastor John sends his love. He said I must please send his love and ask you to please just listen to this morning’s message during the week. Just listen to this morning’s message in Witbank and it’s necessary for you to listen to it. It was not as intense as yesterday was. Yesterday was the intensity and it was the shift. This morning was just; he just completed it in a very beautiful way. So he asked me to ask you because he sent me to give you the 2020, the focus, the fresh focus for the Prayer Connect Groups. Glory to God. So, all of the documents here are on the website, I believe, all of the documents – right? So, there is a document here called 2020 PCG Fresh Focus and I was so grateful to the Lord when He gave it to me because of its importance. I was able to do it in Witbank on the Tuesday night last week. But that’s because we have one Prayer Connect Group in Witbank but Pastor John said this is so important that I must come and give it this afternoon because we have a few Prayer Connect Groups and everybody needs to hear this and receive, to put it in Pastor John’s words, ‘the activation’, from me today; to be activated into it. So it’s easy for us to have just given you the documents, you know. But this is way too important for that. I’m going to impart it to you because it’s preparation, impartation and then of course, the activation that is part of what God has called me to do; is to activate as well. Glory to God.

So, what the Lord started to show me was that we have to keep at the forefront; This is Our Day of Deliverance document. That’s got to be our first document for PCG, is the Day of Deliverance document, when Pastor John woke up triumphant, on Wednesday the 25th July 2018 and began to speak the victory and I had to write down very quickly because mostly when the Spirit of God comes on Pastor John, it can be recorded and we can get it off the message afterwards, but this was right in our house. So I just started to write down as quickly as I could. He began to declare; It is time now to declare everything in victory. And the Lord laid a very big emphasis in me, for this. So, this is the document that’s at the front. So as a PCG facilitator and even as a Prayer Connect, part of the Prayer Connect Group, this would be a good idea for you to have this, if you have your prayer and prophecy file or if you just have a little folder, to start fresh and new for 2020.

It’s time now to declare everything in victory. Actually, I only realised afterwards when people came to share with me, “Well, Pastor John, Pastor Sharon, we see now how to strike the ground for ourselves personally too. Not only have you brought this focus for the Prayer Connect Groups, but now we also see how it runs parallel with Project Strike, Project Conditioning and Project Celebration. It’s just wonderful.” And so; It’s time now to declare everything in victory. It is a shift. A turning point happened. A spiritual knowing. And he said this, It’s like someone just arrived at a city full of wealth and productivity and it all belongs to them by inheritance. It is like, because it is our inheritance, it is our legacy transfer that is happening. Then he said, It’s like in the upper room – they burst into the streets with Holy Ghost Energy, invigorated, infused completely by the Holy Spirit – such was their exuberance.

Now we have had this document for quite some time, so I’m sure by now, some of you that have been in this document and using it, I know that I’ve been saying, “I burst into my day today with Holy Ghost energy, I am invigorated and infused completely by You Holy Spirit – such is my exuberance for my day today.” And so, then he said this, This precedes the wealth, the miracles, the multitudes. But actually, what he is saying, in a nutshell, there is; this precedes the manifestation.

So you are in this condition of declaring your victory, you declare your victory, whatever it is that you are striking the ground for victory, you declare it. It is now time for you to declare it in victory. I declare my health, I declare my healing, I declare the super natural increase, I declare, whatever it is. You know when you, this is what you are going to approach the Holy Spirit with and speak to the Holy Spirit about; about working with Him to strike the ground for your personal life this year. Hallelujah. And so he said, There is a combination here; there is a voice for victory – a shout. There is a rejoice in the release. What? The release of the victory that God says it’s here now, the victory. But there is still prayer to be made for the increase; there is still prayer to be made for the supernatural increase. There is still prayer to be made for the evidence of the victory; the evidence of the supernatural increase, even though we know we already have it before we see it. That’s like Abraham again, he knew he had his son before he had him. Its faith again, people. And we are not having any familiarity with it’s just another; you are going to hear what Pastor John said yesterday, those of you that could not be there. It was a shift, it was a turning-point day yesterday; for all of us. And so, there is a rejoice in the release but there is still prayer to be made for the increase, the evidence. Then he said here, for the strengthening of hands of the people and the increase of the people. The perfect scripture for this is strike the ground in 2 Kings 13. The knowing of this victory is so strong, it’s a certainty. Now we are praying for the increase, he said it a second time. So the knowing of this victory is so strong, so I’m declaring it. I’m declaring what I’m knowing. But I’m praying for the evidence and the increase of it. So he said it again. Now we are praying for the increase, the evidence, the size of it, the scale of it, the increase. There’s the word increase again. The increase of the manifestation and what that has to do with this victory.

God has declared victory to you. He has declared victory to Pastor John and I and He has declared victory to this people. He declares victory to you. When Pastor John woke up that morning, triumphant, and said, It’s time now to declare everything in victory, it was for all of us. It was for all of us. And so then he said, We’ve had to push to get to this point but it has shifted now. It has been accomplished in the Spirit. Now the note of victory in our prayers. This is the day of deliverance. Say this with me; this is my day of deliverance. Say it again; this is my day of deliverance. Again; this is my day of deliverance. You see, declaring everything in victory. Whatever you are desiring victory in. Whether it’s the sale of a house or property or whether it’s; this is your day of victory. And the Holy Spirit will help you to highlight what you need to strike the ground in declaring victory. I mean there are some things that are glaring for you already. And you know, you know. I was just speaking to somebody who said, “Well, one thing we do know is that we do need new premises for our business.” So, that’s something we are going to strike the ground. “We do need, we know that we need new premises for our business.” So, that’s one thing I’m already certain of. I don’t know about the other things yet. So there is something that you are already certain of. Glory to God. And so, it’s a certainty. The striking of the ground…that you pushed to get to this point. It has shifted now; it has been accomplished in the Spirit. Now, the note of victory in our prayers. This is the day of deliverance. It has come. It is here.

Let’s say, this is my day of deliverance. It has come. It is here. It has arrived. It is certain in me. It is certain in me. And Pastor John was ministering yesterday about how we get so familiar with the prophetic word that we almost get into a sleep about it. “Ah, there is the next word for the year.” We get so familiar with it that we don’t get intense about it and we don’t get serious about it and we don’t get focused about it with our faith. We just use it as a nice little thing that we say to each other sometimes, “Yes, 2020, new door, supernatural increase.” But that’s as far as we go. It’s to strike the ground. That’s why God is giving us Project Strike, so that it can be much easier for us because we are doing it together. Because I know you’ve got your things that you’re striking. You know I’ve got my things, we are striking. We are striking together. Hallelujah. It helps us all tremendously to know that we’re all doing it together to make the progress that we are supposed to make.

This is the rejoicing when Paul and Silas and Peter were out of prison. There is still praying to be done because there is still increase to come. There’s the word again. There is still praying – that’s the third time. It came out of his spirit. There is still praying to be done because there is still increase to come. Even though this is the rejoicing when Paul and Peter were out of prison. They were out of prison so their victory, their deliverance was already there. But we have to pray; continue to pray. Then he said this, We are in a season of continuous praise and rejoicing. It doesn’t always have to be loud because it’s faith that’s praising. Praise in faith continually. Every day is going to be like this now for me and so for us. All of us. We continue to occupy spaces. We continue to evict illegal occupants in the striking of the ground. The joy. We are walking into spaces with Great Joy.

So the Lord wanted to be very clear with me, “Sharon, you tell the people and I’m telling you, and I’m telling you to tell the people.” So He was giving me instruction. “This year you declare everything in victory.” You declare everything in victory. You declare it, you declare it, you declare it, you declare it. And so I had a deeper look at the word declare. Declare means make known by words, state explicitly, announce. It means to communicate plainly by words, to make a declaration, to make known explicitly some determination. Well, it’s to announce officially that something is true or happening as when war is declared. It’s happening.

So I declare, in the Name of Jesus, I declare. And you have to have your declarations. I declare in the Name of Jesus that my body is free from sickness and disease. I declare in the Name of Jesus that every part of my body functions to the perfection to which God has created it to function. I declare that my memory is blessed. I declare that all of my cognitive faculties are functioning according to the perfection; my long term memory, my short term memory. My senses, all my abilities, all my cognitive abilities function properly. I mean there’s nothing that you won’t find in God’s Word that you can’t declare. Just strike the ground for it. Glory to God. I declare that this year my faith will grow exceedingly. I declare that this year I will not be light, loose or lazy spiritually. I declare that I am drawn more to prayer. I declare that I’m drawn more to Your Word. I declare my financial increase and victories and breakthroughs; I declare them. I declare this habit; I declare this habit in my life to be over right now, in Jesus Name. I declare the zeal of the Lord to be. I declare that You are my first love. What, just declarations. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you and He will help you. But the Lord said, “Declare.”

So if you declare victory, this was one of the dictionaries, if you declare victory, you are ending a war by saying you have won. You declare something to be and then you strike the ground with prayer until the evidence is there. You see? I declare, I pray and I praise. If you go to that document, you’ll see they are very, three very distinctive points there. I declare everything in victory, I pray for the evidence and I praise continuously. That’s it, that’s it. Glory to God. That’s how you strike the ground. That’s how I’m going to strike the ground. I’m going to declare those things and then I’m going to pray (Praying in the Spirit.) And then I’m praising and then I’m going to praise and then I’m going to praise and then I’m going to believe that this document came out of Pastor John’s spirit by the Holy Spirit for me and that’s it. That’s it. I’m not going to allow my mind to think anything else. It would have been as if Jesus Himself had spoken to me and told me to take it. Glory to God.

And so, that’s the document. Let me just see what the next thing is. And then, so we declare everything in victory, we declare marvels and wonders and the extraordinary manifestations of the greatness of our God, such as have never been seen before. I declare that Lord. I declare the on-going and beyond, Father, going into 2020 with me. Marvels and wonders and extraordinary manifestations of Your greatness, Lord. I’m not going to be familiar with that. I’m going to allow it to be alive every time again it comes out of my mouth. That’s how Pastor John and I live. We’ve lived like that by the prophetic word. You have to pull yourself towards yourself to be fervent with the word that God gives you. You can’t just let it go and if you go and read in Kings 2 what the king did; he striked three times and then he stopped, so he didn’t get the full victory. So it’s like, Lord, I tried it and it didn’t work. Well, you rock of Gibraltar, you. I tried it three times and it didn’t work and so now I’m not doing it anymore. So, if you go and read 2 Kings 13 and you see and I will be ministering to you on that again.

Anyway, so let’s go here. I am activating for PCG. So 2020, marvels, wonders and extraordinary manifestations of the greatness of our God as have never been seen before. That’s my next document. Glory. That’s our next document. It’s the word from Brother Jerry, “I heard words from the Holy Spirit.” I’m taking those words, Pastor John and I are taking those words, and then he added to this regarding 2020; “In 2020 I will open a new door”. I wish I brought that message of Pastor John’s. He gave something to declare at the end of one of his messages. I wake up every morning and I say, “It’s not my life as usual. Where is my new door? Where is the new door? Where is my supernatural increase? I’m looking for it, Lord. I’m looking for it. My eyes are seeing it, Lord. Hallelujah. I’m praising and I’m rejoicing. Hallelujah.” Do you have it there, Stefnie? Glory, glory, glory. I think it was the 5th of January he brought that one. Glory. And I’m, I’ve got that in my declaration file, I wake up every morning saying, “Where is my new door? Show me, Lord. I’m seeing it, Lord. Hallelujah. Glory. This is not my life as usual. It is not my life as usual.” It’s quite much longer than that and I’m still getting it in my mouth and in my heart.

So, I will open a new door. I will cause my people to experience supernatural increase like never before. Pastor John ministered on moments of supernatural increase. Where is my moment of supernatural increase today, Lord? Where is my moment? I want to seize the moment. I want to, where is my moment of supernatural increase today? Glory to God. I’m looking for it. I’m speaking it. Hallelujah.

So then also He said to me, 2020 will be a year of 20/20 vision. I thank you, Father, that I see clearly with You. I see clearly. Glory to God. Thank you, Father. Then Kenneth Copeland, Pastor John brought that, Great changes will come to me because of insights and ideas and concepts that come directly from Jesus to me by Your mighty Holy Spirit. Glorious concepts, Father. Hallelujah. It’s here, it’s now.

So, so where does that take us in prayer in Prayer Connect Group? Well, we are going to pray for the nation as we always do in PCG but we are going to take the declarations of Pastor John this year like we’ve never taken them before. That’s the instruction that the Lord gave me.

When you are in PCG, you take the declarations of Pastor John. What are they? Declarations; Father, we are praying the right man into power. Father, that we can be a nation that will continue to prosper that we will have a nation. So the PCG facilitators and all the members of PCG will be taking, because here is one, I mean, it says here; we are the voice from Heaven to earth. We make our prayers to the Heavens. The bowls of Heaven are filled with our prayers. These are not just prayers. These are not just words being spoken out but when the time is right, You are going to pour them out; there is a declaration from there.

We will not be silent; that is a declaration that God gave me so you will take that one, I will not be silent, we will not be silent concerning South Africa. Jesus and his hosts with Him are busy for the fixed plan of the Father unfolding for South Africa at this time. You are working, Lord, with our speaking and our faith. There is a declaration. Here is another declaration. So you are not using all the declarations every Tuesday night or whenever you have your PCG. But you get declarations before you go into prayer and intercession. You speak the declarations.

We must continue to strike the ground with these declarations until we see the evidence and the scope and the scale and the size of this victory that God has got for South Africa. We haven’t got the full victory. We have got some. We are occupying some but God is saying, “Strike the ground for this nation, strike it for this nation. Declare what Pastor John and Pastor Sharon have declared over this nation. Declare it in victory. Keep declaring it in victory.” Glory to God.

And then there is this one. The Lord mighty in battle. Father, we declare, so a facilitator or one of the members, even the, can bring that. Father, we declare the Lord mighty in battle is the Lord who is the Victor for the destiny of this nation. The Lord of the harvest will reap the fruit of His declared will for the nation of South Africa and this continent. His name is Jehovah. His name is Counsellor, Wonderful, Mighty God, Prince of Peace, Everlasting Father. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Praying in the Holy Ghost, striking the ground praying. There is my declaration, now my prayer, now my praise. We praise You, Lord. We praise You, Lord. So those are the three things.

It’s the declaration, it’s the pray, it’s the praise. From, you can see that. Right? And then there is another one. I declare this morning before Heaven and earth, even though I am only of one voice; I declare that we will contest in the spirit. We will contest the abuse of power in this nation.

So as prayer facilitators you will bring the declarations or maybe one of the faithful members of the PCG group will perhaps have some declaration or part of it that they’ve got in their prophecy file and bring it and say, “I have this on my heart, can we declare this? Can we declare this tonight, please?” Okay?

And so, and then there is this one. I’m telling you, I’ve been in these declarations since Pastor John gave them and they never, I don’t get familiar with them. I’m striking the ground with them because they were declared through Pastor John under inspiration of the Holy Spirit. They are still in trajectory. They are still, we are still continuing to strike the ground with it. We keep it active and activate it with our faith, with our prayers and our praise until we see the full manifestation, right. And then he said, We declare the government of South Africa does not have the power to take the life out of this nation. They do not have it. We do not permit them to take the life out of this nation, Lord. We declare the power of God, the order of God in this nation will stand. (Praying in the Spirit.) Let’s pray in the Spirit everybody. (Praying in the Spirit.) We do not permit them to take the life of God out of this nation, Father. (Praying in the Spirit.)

Okay, then you can go on to another part of the declaration. I command that the angels must go into this nation now; they must restore the order of Heaven. Here is Pastor John declaring, I’m declaring because God had him declare it by His Spirit. They must restore the government of Heaven, they must restore the economic order of this nation, they must restore what God planned for this nation right now in the Name of Jesus. We declare, if you go through that documents, he’s probably used the word declare about twelve times. I’ve just underlined, declare, declare, declare, declare. He said; we declare, we declare, I declare, I command, I declare, we declare, we declare. We declare, Father that they must restore what God planned for this nation right now in the Name of Jesus and we pray. Now we pray. (Praying in the Spirit.) What Heaven has planned for South Africa. (Praying in the Spirit.) Now we praise and now we praise. (Praying in the Spirit.) And now we praise. Hallelujah. Praise You, Lord. Glory, glory, glory, glory. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Praise You, Lord. We rejoice, Father. We praise You, Father, for Your spectacular response to our prayers right now in Jesus Name. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

You see declare, pray, praise. So, we go in Prayer Connect Groups, we declare, pray, praise. That’s the strategy, that’s the strategy coming into sharper focus in 2020, right. So you don’t declare everything that everybody wants, you don’t declare the whole document and everybody wants to fall asleep. You keep it short and you keep it sharp, and you keep it punchy and then you go and then you praise and then you declare and then you pray and then you praise, right? Hallelujah. Glory to God.

And you are just, you are just going to be led by the Holy Spirit, prayer connect facilitators and you are going to be led by the Holy Spirit. You are going to have supernatural increase in a way. You are going to have 20/20 vision and there’s going to be supernatural increase in the faith and in the expression and in the demonstration in the Prayer Connect Groups. God promised that He will increase and intensify prayer back here. He promised it, promised it. We expect it every time we meet for PCG, everytime we meet. It will be alive with the life of God and the breath of the Holy Spirit every time. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Hallelujah. Glory to God.

You know sometimes, you know I, I’m not feeling that alive in the Spirit, I will rather get somebody else, like I’ll rather get Christi to do something because there is nothing like someone doing a prayer meeting that’s half dead. You know what I mean? There is no sure way to kill a prayer meeting than someone saying, “Let’s pray. Hallelujah, glory. We say, we say.” (Without enthusiasm; dull.) No, our intensity, right? So, if you’ve not had a good day then maybe you just say, “I know you’re sharp, you’re up on everything.” You know what I mean? “Come, would you do this part this of prayer for me?” Someone that is trusted that you know. Smith Wigglesworth used to say that; wherever the anointing is, let that flow. Glory to God. Glory to God.

And so, then continue, there is also a document. So just take short bits, short bits, keep it alive, less is more. Less is more; unless there’s an evident, strong flow of the Holy Spirit in a direction. We had that just one night. Pastor Christ, what was that? Had to do with our government? And Pastor John and we were in a direction. Finances, the economy of South Africa. Oh, the Spirit grabbed hold of us at the PCG group, then everybody knows; here we go. Otherwise, we do the PCG and we do our job with faith. We declare, we pray, we praise. We declare, we pray, we praise.

The government and then you go into the prayer for the opposition party. Remember that Pastor John said the opposition party. I forgot to put that in. Please, just put that in prayer facilitators. You see it’s so easy to drift, it’s easy to drift. We have to keep it true North, right. Then you pray for the opposition party. You can keep that brief unless the Holy Spirit takes it, alright. Okay and then I put in there; prayers for the peace and the welfare of our city. That’s particularly strong for us in Witbank because we had that word from the Holy Spirit that we are to take the city of Witbank. God gave us a living word to take the city of Witbank. He gave us scripture, He gave us, He spoke supernaturally to us. I’ll tell you now it was 2016, I believe it was. And so, Pastor Christi and I have been striking the ground for that personally and privately until Pastor John said it can come out now to the PCG group in Witbank. Right? We did not have a word like that from the Holy Spirit to say to the Johannesburg PCG to take Jo’burg. We haven’t had that from the Lord. God has not given us that mandate, but He has given us a mandate in scripture, Jeremiah 29:7, 7Also do good things for the city I sent you to. Pray to the Lord for the city you are living in, because if there is peace in that city, you will have peace also (Jeremiah 29:7 ERV). The New Living Translation says, 7And work for the peace and the prosperity of the city where I sent you into. Pray to the Lord for it, for its welfare will determine your welfare (Jeremiah 29:7 NLT). So, you can just pray around that just for a minute or two even, just lift up Johannesburg, right? And say we pray for the welfare of it, Father. Let’s pray for the welfare of Johannesburg now. God knows how to answer our pure, powerful, living heavenly voice, perfect, powerful words. He knows what we’re saying immediately. So, let’s pray for the welfare of Johannesburg tonight, people. (Praying in the Spirit.) Now we praise, we praise, we praise. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Yes, Lord. Glory to You, Lord. Hallelujah to You Lord. Praise You, Father, Your spectacular response to our prayers. Hallelujah, hallelujah.

So when your prayer connect facilitator says, let’s praise, then you respond wholeheartedly with praise. You flip and switch right into the fourth-dimensional realm of the spirit of praise. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Hallelujah. So your prayer facilitator is not kept hanging going, “Let’s praise, praise You, praise You, praise You,” and you’re so – you know what I mean? You step right in and do it. Glory to God. And let God take that act of obedience to declare. You think when we’re praying in the Holy Ghost about Johannesburg, God’s not using our spirit to make declarations for Him? Of course, He is. I may not know what they are here but I’m going, “Father, I’m praying for my city.” (Praying in the Spirit.) I’m speaking to You. (Praying in the Spirit.) The Holy Spirit is helping me to speak to God about my city. (Praying in the Spirit.) God knows exactly what the Holy Spirit has helped me to say, and declare. You think I’m not declaring something perfectly? Absolutely perfectly. Absolutely perfectly, isn’t that great? Glory. So it’s; declare, prayer and praise. Hallelujah.

So then we pray for Pastor John, we pray for Pastor John, prayer for Pastor John. Glory, glory, glory, glory, glory.

I’m actually just reminded now that somebody that is very well known to me, a couple of years ago, gave me, and I mean they are very much with us in the ministry, they are known to me and Pastor John and I’ve never taken that, which is a prophecy about what God is going to do in Johannesburg. I’m going to take that, I’m going to find it and take it to Pastor John, and see what part he witnesses with and would say, “Take that out and give it to the PCG people to declare.” Praise the Lord. Will you remind me about that please, Hannah? Thank you. Glory to God.

Now we pray for Pastor John. Okay so now I’ve given you a document for Pastor John and Brother Jerry, let me see here. Prayer for Pastor John. This is how the Lord would want you to pray for Pastor John this year when you get to that part of PCG group. And then he says here, prayer for Pastor John in 2020. Shooting my arrows and striking the ground and even in that, the Lord said, “Just give them that as a document, the PCG’s” and many people said, “Oh, I’m getting clarity at how to strike my arrows, shoot my arrows and strike the ground for what I’m declaring in victory.” So he said this on July 25th, 2018, “I awoke that morning with a triumphant spirit, a shout of victory in my heart and I said this,” then he reads what I’ve already read to you. So I went off to Brother Jerry to strike the ground. For me, I see it like shoot the arrows, then strike the ground, because if you read that story, okay.

Then the Lord said, “You have the victory, how big a victory do you want? How big a victory do you want is going to depend on how many times you strike the ground.” Now that’s going to help you and me in our personal strike, right? Strike the ground. So I read in the Bible, in my Bible, in that story that the king struck the ground three times and then the prophet was mad with him and said, “If you had struck the ground several times or six times wouldn’t have God-given you the complete victory over your enemy forever?” So I said, “I’m going to strike the ground,” I think it was seven times. And then I did six times and then a seventh time for good measure.

So here are the six areas that I sowed my seed into. So you’ll see on your document, prayer facilitators, prayer connect people; churches, education, missions, transportation, aviation, media ministry, evangelism, outreach, Chariots of Light. So now we’re not expecting you to pray for all of these every time you meet, right? So what you could do is you could start off, if you’re going to start this week you could start off with, let’s start off with the churches, we pray for Pastor John. Pray for the supernatural increase with it, so you use the prophetic word for this. We pray for Pastor John, supernatural increase for this in the churches, we strike with him in what he’s – so you can read what he said there. And then say okay, now we declare, Father, Pastor John’s supernatural increase in the churches for the arrow that he struck. Let’s pray PCG for that. For the churches, because that means the helps ministry, that means the people that are present, the people that are still coming, that means the music ministry, that means the house of prayer that means the Sunday morning revelations that must come to us, that means so much when we say we’re praying for the churches. It means everything that happens in the churches. The prayer that must increase and intensify. Everything that Pastor John now, he’s got to step up, he’s got to step out, Father. There’s no familiarity now anymore. We’re expecting him; we are not going to be stonewalling the anointing in this house, Lord. He can do here mighty works, Lord. We’ll not be found a people where he cannot do any mighty works, Lord. We pray for everything that must be in the churches, Father, both spiritual and temporal. You know, God will just bring it out of you.

So now let’s pray for the churches that which Pastor John is striking the ground for, let’s pray PCG because when you pray you’re praying for that, you’re praying for that, you’re praying for that. God, Holy Spirit is going to use everybody’s voices for something specific that needs to be addressed every Tuesday night. (Praying in the Spirit.) Thank you, Lord, supernatural increase, Father, in the temporal things and the spiritual things. (Praying in the Spirit.) Everything is increasing supernaturally. (Praying in the Spirit.) In the churches, Your order, Your plan, Your purpose for Pastor John and the churches. (Praying in the Spirit.) Let’s praise. Yes, thank You, Lord. Praise You, Lord. Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.

Now we pray for the education. Can you see how you can just go? Right, because you know how to break up your time so we can get through most of the things every time. Right, so there are missions, you know, transport, media ministry that’s TBN, that’s such a big thing for Pastor John to be praying for now, for the concept. You see you can use the prophetic word to bring into what you pray. Thank You that You give Pastor John concepts and strategies and insights. Thank You, Father, for everything he’s got to see here in churches, missions, education, digital media, everything, Lord. See how full; see that that makes a good focus for us for 2020. Right, you’re probably not going to be able to get through everything, but now we’re going to pray for, now we’re going to pray for Brother Jerry, now it’s time to pray for Brother Jerry.

I’ve checked with Pastor John, we also pray for Brother Jerry in the light of supernatural increase in marvels and wonders. Pastor John said in 2020 we continue to pray for Brother Jerry personally, his excellent health, his family life and the direction of his ministry, right. And his coming to us, his coming to us and all he is to do with Pastor John in 2020, right. So there are quite a few things there, right. So, you might not as a prayer facilitator and even as a PCG member, you might be coming to your prayer facilitator and saying, “I’ve had a burden for Pastor John, actually I’ve had a burden for Pastor John, actually for Brother Jerry, actually for his health. Could we just take a minute or two to please do that?” You know, or “Actually, this what Pastor John has said about Kenneth Copeland is going to lay his hands and Brother Jerry really wants it to happen at the Minister’s Conference. Can we just pray that?” Right? That would be a wonderful thing to pray for Brother Jerry on Tuesday night when you meet again, don’t you think so? It’s like hot off the press news we just got now before I did this Prayer Focus, right? And so that’s what we’re going to pray in Witbank and that’s what we’re going to pray here – and we’re all praying the same thing that that will happen because we want Brother Jerry to come to us with that already having happened. Hallelujah. Let’s pray for that right now. (Praying in the Spirit.) We ask You, Father, for the perfect timing for this laying on of hands, this official laying on of hands by Kenneth Copeland. (Praying in the Spirit.) Let’s praise, let’s praise. (Praying in the Spirit.) Yes, Lord, we praise, we praise, we praise, we praise, we praise, we praise. Hallelujah.

And now we pray for the Heritage people, we come to that part, right. We come to the part where we pray for the Heritage people and I put there the Heritage people that are presently here with us, and those still to come, because God is adding to the Church. Really God is adding to Heritage of Faith Church daily such as should be coming. He’s adding, He’s bringing people. Hallelujah, glory. And so we pray for them. We pray that the messages and the prophetic word for 2020 will take root and bear fruit in every life. Men and women, boys and girls, marvels and wonders, crossing the threshold to go through the new open door to experience supernatural increase in every way, that they will be strong to grasp the hope set before them. We pray for them to recognise the time that we are walking together in Project Strike, Project Conditioning, Project Celebration, throughout this year that we will all make all the progress we’re supposed to make. Let’s pray for that for one another, people. (Praying in the Spirit.) Yes, Lord. (Praying in the Spirit.) We hold each other’s hands up in the Spirit, Father. (Praying in the Spirit.) That You will strengthen the hands of the people. (Praying in the Spirit.) That their faith may not fail them, Father, that they’ll be strong to take hold of the prophetic word. (Praying in the Spirit.) Yes, Father, all of them; boys, girls, men and women, Father. (Praying in the Spirit.) That they will be strong to apprehend the prophetic word, Lord. (Praying in the Spirit.) That they will rise up because we’re praying for them, Lord, that there will be a rising up in them that they’ll find themselves able to take hold of the prophetic word like never before. (Praying in the Spirit.) That not one get left out or left behind. (Praying in the Spirit.)

So you can sense now, He wants us to go a little longer for one another. (Praying in the Spirit.) I’m praying for somebody, Lord. (Praying in the Spirit.) Somebody, Father, needs this prayer of mine. (Praying in the Spirit.) You’re praying for somebody that needs your prayer. (Praying in the Spirit.) Father, thank You, Lord. You will intervene, You will penetrate and permeate the Heritage of Faith people, give them great light, draw them. Lord, You will help them, Father. You will help us, Father. And now we praise You and it doesn’t have to be loud. Remember what Pastor John said. We praise You, Lord. We praise You now, Lord. Hallelujah, praise You Lord – for answering our prayers, Father, helping everyone, Lord. Praise You, Lord. Glory to You God. Hallelujah. Thank You, Lord. You are wonderful God. Praise You, praise You, praise You, praise You. Wow. Glory, glory, glory, glory. Right? Has this helped you?

Just put your compass like that, glory. You just say, there we go, there we go. Hallelujah. That we all make the progress we’re supposed to make. And then I do have that – you know, you may just find from time to time you want to access that document. Pastor John, I had it for quite a long time, and then Pastor John prayed with me one morning, and I was using it. You know, it’s that document; pray for those the Lord gave you. Pray for those that never had. You might find from time to time you don’t get there every PCG group but you might find that you just say, you know; tonight I just sense that we are going to pray for those who have never had prayer, no mother, no father, no friend, no-one has prayed and so it would be the end, unless someone would give themselves to pray for them. I will start with the darkest, deepest, desperate cases where the devil is doing things of dense darkness in those many places.

Anyway, I’m not going to read all of that, but you, we did let you have the document, you just might find it. You know. Can we pray for those that have never had prayers? And that was kind of activated in me after Pastor Christi and I were having a conversation, and we were talking about murders and serial killers, and people that really get into dark stuff, you know. And Pastor Christi shared with me that she asked the Lord about that one time and the Lord said, “They go that dark because nobody’s ever prayed for them.” That was a person, no mother, let me read that again how God gave it to me. I pray for those that have never had prayer, no mother, no father, no friend, no-one has prayed, and so it would be the end. Unless someone would give themselves to pray for them.

Right, and so it goes on-and-on. So, it’s beautiful, it is what God gave me. So, you could just read that and say “Can we pray? Can we just pray because we are 5 in this PCG group, or we’re 7 in this PCG group? You’re going to pray something, and you’re going to pray something. Let’s just pray together. Because these prayers, someone is, these are especially prayers for those people nobody’s ever prayed for.”

You see, you are all prayed for. All of you are prayed for because you’re at Heritage of Faith. You are being prayed for. But there are people, no father, no mother, no brother, no friend. Hallelujah. Let’s pray. Should we pray for those, for some of those tonight? You know what this helps you with? It helps you with not being selfish. Moving outside of yourself. It helps you in a selflessness. It helps you stir up some compassion for people you don’t even know. Hallelujah. You don’t even know their face, but God sees their face, and He takes your prayer, and He takes it, and He does something wonderful. Hallelujah.

So even if the PCG facilitators can maybe just do that once a month, maybe? Do you know what I mean? We could make that; you could get your own strategy of how regularly you want to do that. You know? Or you might fit it in once, you might fit it in every time. But what I’m saying to you tonight is I’m not laying down, I’m giving you a guideline and I’m giving you an example of this is how we’re going to go. Obviously, the Holy Spirit is going to lead you like I said. We’ll stay in education, it will be like, oh, the Bible Schools, and, you know, School of Prayer that’s got to come in. You know what I mean? But this is how God gave me the prayer focus.

Shall we pray for those, you’re going to pray for someone that’s never been prayed for before. Isn’t that amazing? We’re going to pray for some people that have never had prayer. And so, it would be the end. Father, tonight we release compassion for people we don’t even know. It might be a teenager somewhere, it might be some husband, they’ve come to the end of it, they have never had prayer, and they’re going to take their whole family’s life. People do that, people. They just take their whole family’s life and then they turn it on themselves, because it’s just, there’s been no prayer. Tonight, we pray for those. And do you know what our prayers do? Our prayers are preventative. Our prayers prevent things. Our prayers prepare things, our prayers restrain things and restrict things and then release things. And we ask the Lord to send labourers to them, messengers to them, someone that will be awake spiritually, that You will alert them to intervene, Father, that You would intervene, that You would intervene on their behalf because we pray tonight. We’re going to pray for 3 minutes for people that have never had prayer. (Praying in the Spirit.) People without hope, Lord. (Praying in the Spirit.) Father, thank You. Thank You, Father. Thank You. Glory to God.

Did you get something out of this tonight? Let’s thank Him that He’s going to move on behalf of people who’ve never had prayer. Thank You, Lord. Praise You, Lord. Thank You for moving. Thank You for moving, Lord, in someone’s life. Because we prayed tonight. Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Father. Hallelujah. Aw, merciful compassionate God. God of mercy. Thank You. Thank You, Lord. Thank You. We believe, Lord. We’re never going to become familiar with prayer, or praying in tongues, or the topics of a PCG group again. Again, again the same. We’re never going to become familiar, Lord. You can count on us to be fervent in prayer. Always Lord. Hallelujah. You can count on us, Father, because these are the topics that You gave us to pray for, week after week. And so, Father, they are new to us, all the time, Lord. Every time we come together, come, fresh and new, Lord. In Jesus’ Name.

And I pray for these precious people, Lord that have been so faithful in prayer connect groups, Father. So faithful to prayer. I thank You that they reap what they have sown, Lord. Hallelujah. They reap what they have sown. A bountiful harvest, Father. Glory, glory, glory, glory, glory to You, Lord. Hallelujah. We bless You. We bless every single prayer connect group. Every single faithful one in You, Lord. Glory, glory. And we thank You for the increase, a supernatural increase. An intensity, intensity. Glory. In Jesus Name. And we all say; Amen.

You are blessed going out. It’s raining now. I think it’s died down a little bit. Ja, you are blessed in the Word, and the blood of Jesus surrounds you and protects you, and you’ll have a week of supernatural increase in Jesus Name. Bye-bye everybody. Glory.