Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs:

Run & Do Not Hide And Come Out

- A psalm received by a HOFMI church member

– HOFMI family member, 03 December 2020
During this moment in time
some will run while others will hide
Those that run will come to know
Marvels and Wonders in overflow
How I long for all to see
Everything I have for them, that is within Me
Come to Me, My Word, My Light
Get washed clean, shiny & bright
I urge you to run and not to hide
for I would like all to enter in, right by My side
Come Out
– HOFMI family member, 09 December 2020
It’s time to walk out; it’s time to be free
Learn to rely only on Me
It’s fallen, it’s fallen, it’s fallen they’ll cry
You rejoice, celebrate, praise the Only One on high
More and more pour Me into you and the world will depart
I’ll squeeze it all out of you – An only loving Me heart
It may look messy but the promised result is marvellous – marvels and wonders and
extraordinary manifestations of the greatness of Me – you’ll see
Close yourself in with Me
Don’t touch what is out there
Lock in with only Me – for encounters and moments are waiting to move you –
Move you to victory
There’s no need to worry
I’m setting everything right
Keep your foot in the message
You’ll see everything in the light
I’m pulling you through with every message more and more
You’ll suddenly realise you’ve stepped through a New Door
You’ve come so far but still further to go
I’ll keep rubbing it in until only My ways show
It’s time to give Me all of your heart
No longer luke-warm, from the world’s ways you now part
Not a trace, not a trickle will be found in you
Trophies of My glory, now made brand new

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