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Psalm – I Pray for Those

- A psalm received by a HOFMI church member

I Pray for Those…

Given to Pastor Sharon on 14 March 2013

I pray for those that have gone astray… They have lost their way
I put one hand on them and one on You I stand in the gap

And I say…

Oh if it were me
If I had lost my way
If I had gone astray
That someone would ask for me That someone would call for me Call my name and say
O look you have lost your way Here it is …come on over here! The narrow road
Your abode!

And oh, if it were me
And I was unsure and insecure and immature Unsettled and restless too
Would someone pray for me
Would someone speak and say
Oh Lord
Show them the way
Oh make them whole
Open their eyes and speak to their heart
So they can find peace and rest for their soul

And Oh if it were me
And I had been stubborn and rebellious for years and years Would someone plead for me and shed their tears
That He may move for me in His mercy
And still all my fears

And oh if it were me… So I pray
And I say
Oh Lord…

I pray for those that have never had prayer No mother, no father, no friend
No one has prayed and so
It would be the end

Unless someone would give themselves to pray for them The darkest deepest desperate cases
Where the devil is doing things in all places
These are for the unsaved, appointed to die like this…

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You see
You know
You will send a messenger with a message
You will release Your power to deliver them
You will shine Your light into their deepest darkness
You will send Your angels too
Because I pray—Because I say—Because I sigh—because I ache You will hear on high and not forsake
They will see and start a brand new day

I will travail
I will prevail
It will not be to no avail Their souls will be saved The way I have paved Heaven will rejoice Jesus their choice!

My praying , my sounds, my sighs, my aches, my groans
You will multiply—You will amplify—You will magnify! Oh yes You will!!

Heritage of Faith Ministries International

Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs

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