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Psalm – Closing the Gap with the Father

Closing the Gap with the Father

Eternity dwells in me, heaven dwells inside of me
I am blessed with the inner joy of security
I trust His mighty Word of Life in me
Agony of self-doubt never tormenting me
Completely at peace within myself
Aware of one overwhelming truth: The Word of The Living God
No bitter conflict and endless struggle
I trust His Living Word
No longer do I hesitate and fluctuate
I see what I hear and I hear what I see
The universal song in me, alive in symphony
In Jesus I have regained the dependable vision which the first Adam forfeited My sovereignty over the world reinstated
I bear the image of the heavenly man
I see the sounds, I know the joyful sound
I see what I hear and I hear what I see
My spiritual sense is so heightened, that I am aware of only one overwhelming Truth: The Word of the Living God
To my ears more real, more tangible, than the sight of my eyes

What I see with my eyes, essentially, meaningless stimulus to me – it has lost all significance I see the Truth of the eternity of Your Word
That which I see with my natural eyes vague and making no impression on me
No more can I look at me to compare myself with me, and then with others Self-consciousness replaced by the Word of the Living God Not focusing on my condition or my needs
I partake of the Life of the ever Living Word of God
Living only by the Truth I hear, from the endless stream that flows from within.11

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