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Psalm 2024 – My Choice to Crossover

- A psalm received by a HOFMI church member

This crossover moment 

Oh, this cuts so deep 

Yes, Lord, I take the leap 

With You I go all in. No turning back 

No halfway, this way, or that way 

With You in every moment I now stay 

Right here, right now, I make this choice 

I’m choosing my level, not allowing the devil 

A choice to go all in 

I choose life that my descendants and I might live and be blessed I give my all to the call 

Radical I am 

Standing tall I can 

Your spirit is giving me wings to fly 

I now soar to the highest high 

You are right here with me in my moment of choice I say, “Yes, Lord” 

I do it with a big smile and I choose to rejoice 

No matter the pressure 

No matter the persecution 

You remain my first choice 

Oh, I cut out all the noise 

I lift my voice 

To You, God, will I sing and shout 

We’re going all in. I’m completely sold out 

There is no stopping to what you have planned 

In Your will, I choose to stand 

You are at my right hand taking me over 

A moment to remember and to speak of to my children I make my stand 

With You, I’m going into the promised land

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