Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs:

Psalm 2024 – Holy Holy Day

- A psalm received by a HOFMI church member

Holy holy day, you go come what may 

However, I told you to stay but you went anyway 

Leaving your family behind 

You willingly press rewind 

I did warn you, you chose to be blind 

This way of the world is so big in your heart 

The conflict you experience is because you think you are so smart This fire is evidence of My love for you 

It is what will empower you to do the things I want you to do 

So many things I want to show, but first I am helping you with this thing 

I know it has a sting 

But go there with Me, and it will set you free 

Holy holy day, I am setting this straight, this is My way 

From now on when I say, “Stay,” that is My final say 

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