Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs:

Psalm 2024 – Crossing over

- A psalm received by a HOFMI church member

I give my all to the call 

For this, I do not hesitate 

I know at this time what’s at stake 

Cut, cut, cut in my heart 

Circumcision, bloody and sore 

But beautifully marking me as I’m giving God my all I have holy recognition of the time we’re in 

Not going to let a slip in 

All out for God 

Radical, full-tilt 

I say, “Yes, yes, yes” to this press 

I won’t miss a beat with God 

He now occupies my whole heart 

Comfort me, He will 

Heal my heart, He will 

This is now His time 

Now and forever I’m marked a son of God, a disciple Going for gold 

None of the old 

Crossing over and taking full hold 

I’m choosing Jesus, that’s my stand 

So radically do I pursue His plan 

It is the time of God 

I recognize and obey 

Going into the promised land 

Crossing over day by day 

Always changing, drawing closer to Him 

Circumcising my heart 

This battle I win 

I won’t let reason, reality, and relevance dominate me I choose to live in revelation and redemption for revolution My faith set as flint 

It’s a time of war 

Into God do I now entrust myself

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