Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs:

Psalm – 2023 This Time of Year

- Pastor Sharon Bendixen

This month of December going into January is sacred to me I’m going to be so awake 

There’s so much at stake 

I’m at my post. I’m in Your army 

You’ve not given me leave 

You’ve got some things up your sleeve 

For me to see, for me to know. So I’ll show 

I’m at attention. I’m not slack 

Not gonna lose my footing. Not going back 

I’m showing up in the spirit. I’m in position 

Not going to lose ground, going to go higher 

Not going AWOL. Not giving my body to other things 

I’m progressing and advancing in this way into 2024 

I give myself holy to You 

You’ll not find me asleep at this critical time 

I’m Yours, and You are mine 

You’ll find my mind stayed on You 

You’ll find me faithful. You’ll find me true 

Not gonna do like the darkness of this world 

Their fun is not my fun 

This time of year, not going my own way 

This is my Sabbath 

This is my opportunity for a Crossover 

I cross over from the old to the new 

The old, old, old thinking about this time of year 

Dead, dead, dead in me, I’m so clear 

You’ll find me so changed about December going into January In the future, this time is Yours. Forever to do what You will Sacred to You, these months will be. I’m in Your army 

I see, I see this opportunity for this to die 

You first, always You first. To this extent, this big 

May all the pleasures and activities of this world 

be like gravel in my mouth and set my teeth on edge 

I’m climbing up this mountain. I’m not falling from this ledge I’m making progress in my climb, not stopping now 

My eyes set on You 

Not doing Christmas like the world when there’s a current war raging Raging for souls of men and women and boys and girls I’m not a partying Christian anymore 

My face is set like flint 

There is a resolve in me that’s not been there before 

You can count on me at this time to be at my post watching and praying Not partying and playing. Not being at ease 

Oh, yes. Rest and refreshing will be my portion 

Praying in the Holy Ghost, and praising while at my post But partying and playing and being at ease 

For me? How I’ve been at this time of year, now it does cease Hmm? Hmm? Hmm? Hmm? This is how it went in me 

Give my money I’m spending on myself? 

Allocated already in my envelope to some young one dedicated to You

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