Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs:

Praise is Your Way

- A psalm received by a HOFMI church member

– HOFMI family member, 04 November 2020
Cares, they need to be cast. They should never last.
Praise should arise, for the One in you is alive.
Praise your default, rejoicing your go to.
Worries and cares, they shouldn’t scare. Your Father has already taken care.
Enter deeper into praise, and so your strength you raise.
Worshipping the Father above, will strengthen you in His love.
Allow His piercing fiery eyes, to penetrate every lie.
His faithful promises let it, your life secure.
Shine your path with His glorious light.
No trap can hide from His penetrating eye.
He confounds the wise and cuts them back to size.
He confounds your enemy with a strategy oh so heavenly.
His sharp piercing eye nothing misses, in the face of the enemy’s blisses.
He is all wise, all powerful, all consuming, all knowing, all seeing,
So the devil, he is the one fleeing.
His love has got you covered. Oh you are His Beloved!
Open up you gates for the Son, for He, for no one waits.
He is the door you see. Before Him everything must flee.
With Him walk as a son. For with Him you are one.
He is the Greater One with Whom you are one.
So stand tall, with Him, I leap over every wall.
Praise is the way to break every chain.
Praise is My way and I am the Way.
Praise is Your way.
So get dressed for success as praise keeps you blessed.
When you praise you won’t get frayed.
That’s the way to be the head and not the tail.
You’re not to wonder, give great praise and thunder for everything the enemy did
Praise makes the enemy run, for hanging around it is not for him fun.
Make him run and pay, for praise is your way.
For the price I paid, rolled the dice for you oh so nice.
You win and that’s the way things spin.
Nothing he can do when praise is what you do.
Love made the way. Nothing can that sway.
For the Greater One has His way through your praise I say.

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