Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs:

New Door, Essence of My Presence, Our Creator.

- A psalm received by a HOFMI church member

New Door
– HOFMI family member, 06 December 2020
Oh Father how precious You are to me
You bless me abundantly
I believe You
We’re going through
Out of Babylon we come
Only You I seek now
I heed Your voice
I shut out all the noise
It’s time to move forward
No more going back
Oh where we’re going there’s no lack
I rejoice in You
You’ll see me through
And bring to pass all that You said You would do
I glorify Your name
Nothing remains the same
Change is why You came
We become like little children in Jesus’ name
Essence of My Presence

– HOFMI family member, 25 June 2021
My presence is a living reality
Just come sit with Me
Just you and Me
Just into Me you see
So into you, I am
Just tap My spiritual energy
I give it to you liberally
It gets rid of all spiritual lethargy
Our Creator

– HOFMI family member, 19 July 2021
You are our creator
And we belong to You
We love to sing Your praises
All the glory belongs to You
Thank You for taking us higher
than we’ve ever been before
Into the glory of Your presence
We implore You for the more

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