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- A psalm received by a HOFMI church member

   I AM

Who says I AM?

I do says the LORD.
Who says I AM in a covenant with you?

I do says THE LORD.

Will I say I AM sick?
Will I say I AM scared?
Will I say I AM weak?
Will I say I AM poor?
Will I use satans vocabulary?

Then why do you?


Here comes The Healer
Give Him Tehillah!
Christ our Healer
A doing Believer
A speaker of Life
A giver of Bread
A cleansing Wine
In His Truths we dine

Here comes Messiah
Our deepest desire
Purging with fire
From Him we enquire
Our faith’s rising higher

One Mediator between God and man
Jesus The Son, The Redemptive Plan

Before the foundations of earth You were slain,
The First Fruit of many, You took our pain.

By Your stripes
We are healed
By Your stripes
We were healed
By Your blood
We are bought
By Your Words
We are taught

Healer forgave us
Took our place on a cross
Healer You came down
Healer You went down
Healer You rose
Oh Rose of Sharon
No more we’re barren
We’re planted in Truth
You renew our youth

Come & Recover
Come & Discover
The Will of The Healer
The covenant Keeper

Oh Healer of all
That are oppressed by the devil
Thank You for Your will
Your will of healing
Thank You for Your will
Your will of healing
We walk by faith
Not by a feeling

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