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How To Have a Bad Day

- A psalm received by a HOFMI church member

To have a bad day,
Just stay away…
Stay away from the messages,
Neglect the assembling,
Don’t put your foot in the sound of our songs.
Stay away from His words,
Ignore His instructions,
Ignore the:
The Prophets
The Pastors
The Teachers
The Evangelists!

To have a bad day,
Ignore your Bible,
Ignore, Ignore, Ignore!

To have a bad day,
Say what satan would say,
Not what God would, nay…

Speak death, reap death,
Speak destruction, reap destruction.

Gossip and slander as much as you can if you want a bad day…

To have a bad day,
Worship yourself,
Plan with mammon,
Cling to your money,
Don’t tithe,
Don’t sow,
You don’t wanna see things grow!

So if you want a bad day,
Steal the tithe,
Steal the offerings,
By witholding what’s Gods!
Kill the seeds of the Word sown,
Destroy them by speaking death with your God given daily breath!

Don’t let go of selfish ways & follow satan in your own ways,
Which are actually his ways, just so by the way.

To have a bad day,
To have a bad day!

Be scared of what people might say when you speak life.
Let ungodly fear grip you…

Speak sickness and while you’re at it, worship with an arsenal of words that are anti-Jesus!

To have a bad day, deny yourself as molding clay in His hands…

To have a bad day, murmur and moan.
Don’t speak in tongues when you want a bad day,
Just have a pity party, because your guests will be the unseen enemy…

No, have your satanic self willed way if you want a bad day.

Plan your own life you say?
No, there’s no gray,
It’s actually the planning of your own death, hey?
The wages of sin is death, so choose to miss the mark purposefully if you seek to have a bad day…

No you say, I don’t want a bad day!
I just want to sit around and play tick list…

Done this,
Done that,
Planned this,
Came here,
Been there…



Running out of time!

So worry if you want a bad day,
Soon you’ll have it all day…

If you just disobey what the Lord has to say…

Walk in the night, yes the dark, not the Light, if you want a bad day.


Wake up!

Unless you want a bad day?

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