Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs:

For Pastor John

- A psalm received by a HOFMI church member

– HOFMI family member, 12 November 2020
Solutions that bring revolutions with accurate executions
Revelations for redemptions and light projections
Interjections of institutions held captive generations (world’s system)
But now, foundations quake, generations awake, decisions await
No longer called to their fate but faith
Predestined to be, to see, to be free
Integrated in His plan alongside this man (Pastor John)
He’s taking the children and building
Generations aligned, constellations and holy configurations designed
For such a time as this
The time of God and not of man
The time of God in alignment for assignment, no longer juvenile confinement,
An upright generation, a faith-full generation, a God-fearing generation, a God-hearing
generation, a God-heeding generation, a God-leading generation, a God-sowing
generation, a God-knowing generation, a self-dying generation, a Christ-looking
generaton, a God-dependent generation, a God-disciplined generation, a God-zealous
generation, no limitation generation in the earth, not only in our nation, but in the
nations, the devil’s utter frustration.
Whatever will these children be?
It’s for God to see and to say and have His way and His full sway,
no delay, it’s His day, He is come,
time to run, time to run, time to run..

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