Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs:

Correct to Protect

- A psalm received by a HOFMI church member

– HOFMI family member, 21 January 2021
YOU only need a faithful few,
YOU do not need a pretending crew.
Judgement begins in YOUR house oh Lord,
Judge us all in one accord!
What’s that whip doing on the wall?
Correct Your people grown and small!
Righteousness is awesome but Judgment too,
They’re the foundations of His throne,
Cannot separate the two!
YOU correct to protect.
YOU say gather, don’t neglect,
The coming together,
No matter our will and weather.
Sadly so, it’s the habit of some,
Denying the power of
What it is to become, like
a little child, with an agreeing tongue,
Humble and meek,
Entering the kingdom.
Achan women,
Achan men,
Spoils of satan in their possession.
Not entering,
For to self they cling.
Instead of seeds, they nourish weeds.
Their dwelling place a sepulchre,
Communing with its false grandeur:
Doctrines of demons
Films and songs
Books and magazines
With words of death
words of satan
been infiltrating
sung and spoken, destructively creating
They listen, read and meditate, on
What is approved
By the babylonian gods,
Wilfully entering their gate!
Swiftly the guilty defends,
Saying this is over analysing,
for the Word offends…

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