Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs:

Arise and Shine

- A psalm received by a HOFMI church member

– HOFMI family member, November 2020
Arise and shine,
Separate, stabilize and sanctify.
Be watchful and awake, occupy,
This is a defining moment in time.
I am pressing in,
And I am maturing.
There is no going back,
No place here for any lack.
No fear here,
I am drawing near.
I set my mind on the things above,
Even when my days are tough.
My New Door is open now,
I am entering right now.
Speaking words of life,
I’m walking in God’s light.
Rich encounters with God,
This is what I sought.
Marvelous moments with my King,
That’s what I am craving.
My foot is in the messages and sound,
That’s why I’m grounded.
Make time to meditate,
Draw near to Him and consecrate.
From Your fountain I’m drinking daily,
From Your holy water, I’m maturing.
In the Spirit I pray,
There is no other way.
Meditate on the deep things of God,
That it can enter my heart.
Glory, glory, glory,
This is time for victory.

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