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About Pastor John

- A psalm received by a HOFMI church member

– HOFMI family member, November 2020
Pastor John, he is a My special son.
Every obstacle removed, I make his path so smooth.
The treasures in him so deep, I’m releasing now to feed my sheep.
The mysteries oh so deeply hidden, to him will be given.
Now I will lift the seal and to him reveal, for it to heal.
Because of his honour for Me and his spiritual father, I’ve seen he can be trusted.
For he dwells securely in the Beloved.
Now I will activate, as he will talk so straight.
For He will open his mouth for Me to fill it.
For his own desires, he will not follow it; Because he will say, I can have My way.
For he will not sway away from what I say.
He lives not on the surface, but his heart is for Me.
Through him I will activate, facilitate, initiate and legislate.
His roots go oh so deep, so for Me he can speak,
as he stood every test, and every time chose My best.
Not his own way no, but by My way he goes.
I found a son, who with Me will be one.
A disciple that has taught his eyes to through My eyes to see;
he has ears to hear what My Spirit has to say.
He is trained in every way, to every plan I say.
It takes a trained one, to go with the Holy One.
He goes not with his own way, but follow what I say.
He has his head on My chest to hear from Me what is My best.
His ear hears My heart for he has made it his heart.
For this one will do, whatever I’ve called him to do.
John, My son, oh how he loves the Holy One;
John, My son, he with Me will stay one.
John is a delight to My Father, for with him we can go so much farther.
Because John is humble in heart, and has Me and the Father’s heart, we, call him smart.
He goes for the higher way which is Our way, not his way.
For he understands authority, and operates like We.
A Shepherd that truly feeds his sheep, and you can follow his lead.
His calibre is few, as most will follow their own new.
A man after our own heart, yes, we call him smart.

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