Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs:


- A psalm received by a HOFMI church member

HOFMI family member, November 2020
Much, much more supernatural increase to come for 2021,
I’m listening to what you’re ministering now, Pastor John.
Much, much more victory,
Praising and giving God all the glory.
In God’s Word I abide,
Therefore You will never leave my side.
God will give me direction,
My heart is open for correction.
Words of light,
It’s my delight.
My future is fizzling,
I am listening.
I am sensitive to Your voice,
Through it all, it’s my choice to rejoice.
Burning in me, is Your holy fire,
This is my only desire.
Holy conversations,
And godly confirmations,
Is the answer to maturity,
And more victory.
Your Hand of protection is over me,
The Blood of Jesus is covering me and my family.
The angels are at their station,
Fighting for our protection.
I only lean on You,
For Your plans and Your purposes to take me through.
Twenty – twenty – one,
I am ready for you to come!

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