Your Exodus has Begun – Jerry Savelle

The Lord said: ‘ Tell them, Your Exodus from the norm has just begun!’
Now I’m challenging you to take it! Receive it! Thank God for it! Hallelujah! I challenge you
to keep it before you!
Say this with me: My Exodus from the norm began January 17th 2011 and my entrance
into the supernatural began the same day!
Exodus means leaving a hostile environment and very unfavourable living conditions.
You have started leaving a hostile environment.
Whatever has been trying to hold you back, keep you down, rob you of your finances—
your Exodus began on January 17, 2011 and you are now leaving a hostile environment!
Your Exodus from a hostile condition where the conditions are not favourable have ended.
You are headed out NOW—not in the middle of this year !
From Exodus chapter 12 we see that once your Exodus begins—favour starts being
poured out upon you, restoration starts in your life, barriers in the natural that could never
be penetrated begin to fall before you.
Favor came when their Exodus began.
Restoration came when their Exodus began.
Red seas couldn’t even stand before them when their exodus began.
When their Exodus began, the judgment of God came against God’s people’s adversaries.
I sense in my spirit, that along with this prophetic word of ‘Your Exodus begins Now’, that
God is saying:
‘I will execute judgment against your adversary’.
The definition of judgment is to set things right and the moment I read that I pulled out
brother Copeland’s ‘2011 Straight from Heaven’ and he said: ‘Everything is going to be All
Right’. God is setting some things right. Why? Because your Exodus has begun and God is
setting some things right! When God administers justice, He does not let the devil go scot
free. He makes him pay back everything he stole. That’s Bible recompense—you catch a
thief, make him pay back seven fold.
Some of you, well all of you that will receive it—you are headed for favor like you’ve never
seen before.
You’re headed for restoration like you’ve never seen before. Hallelujah!
Judgment is the process where divine order is restored.
What is divine order for covenant people?
They shall be the head and not the tail, above and not beneath. Your exodus has begun.
You are leaving the norm and the usual.
Whatever is going to happen to them is not going to happen to you!
You are not of this world. You’ve been chosen! You’ve been taken out. You’ve been set
And God is going to hold you up like a trophy and show the world—This is what will
happen if you trust Me!
This is what will happen if you trust Me!
This is what will happen if you believe Me!
This is what happens when covenant people know their covenant!

Give the Lord your best shout!!!