Year of the Greater – Jerry Savelle

Never stop celebrating what I have already done-
Now expect Me to do the greater and it will come

I am ready says the Lord to do a new thing
The likes of which you have never seen
My glory shall come in such a way and
You’ll stand in awe and begin to say:
My God, my God, I never knew
That I would get to see this side of you

Such splendour, such power and magnificence too-
No wonder the earth will bow down to You!

The prophets said these things would come to pass
And now they’re here at last, at last!
That greater glory they spoke about
We’re in it now! Let’s shout! Let’s shout!
A new wave of His glory is what shall be seen
For this is His plan for 2014
Our God is taking us to a brand new place
And soon we will see Him face to face
Breakthroughs and Turnarounds are coming to you
Because that’s what I promised and My promises are true
No problem too big, no task too great
Because I am the God Whose got what it takes
Don’t worry about failing, you can pass the test
So go ahead and praise Me and expect the best
I’m already working and soon you will see t
His is indeed your time for the greater glory!