Year for Supernatural Increase – Jerry Savelle

“God Will Open a New Door and Bring Supernatural Increase as Never Before.” I heard words from the Holy Spirit…

2019 a Year for Marvels and Wonders and extraordinary manifestations of
the greatness of our God such as has never been seen before in the earth !!
Don’t stop believing this just because 2019 comes to an end
The Lord impressed upon me to tell the people add AND BEYOND…
Marvels are things that cause one to be amazed or filled with overwhelming surprise

Wonders are unusual and often even strange things that arrest the attention through their grandeur and magnificence Extraordinary manifestations— Rare, uncommon, things beyond the common order or method

He added to this regarding 2020…..
‘In 2020 I will open a New Door And I will cause My people to experience supernatural increase like never before’ The Lord also said to me that 2020 will be a year of 20/20 vision