Word for 2012 – Kenneth Copeland

What about 2012? What does it hold? What’s in store? I have a Great Storehouse.
Much more has been stored up in the storehouse of riches beyond your wildest dream — that
I laid up for you before the foundation of the world…Much more is stored up there than what
the Church has ever called for.
I have never held back on the Church, says the Lord and God of Plenty!
I have made it available to you, put it in My Word.
I gave you the promise and then stood behind it with the blood, the precious blood of your
But there has been a backwardness in My people about laying hold of the things that I have
provided for you.
But I will say this: There is a people in the land…there is a people around the world…
There is a people strong and mighty, growing much stronger and much mightier and more
bold to lay hold and put their claim of faith on the things that I have laid up for you and it
thrills me, says the Lord, because it’s been yours all the time!
Ah! But what about 2012? 2012 is a year full of surprises.
Some surprises are going to shake people up. Some surprises are going to shake people
For those that are Listening to My Voice…those that have made themselves available to My
Spirit and to My Word, you’ll have surprises. Oh, not like the world and not like a lot of carnal –
minded Christians.
Your surprises will come as suddenlies!
Like in My Word when it said, “And suddenly there came upon them.”
And you’ll stand up with a big smile on your face and say; “I just got a suddenly, didn’t I?”
Oh! Yes! But it’ll not take you by surprise, because I said in My Word I’d show you things to
I said in My Word what I speak the Holy Ghost will hear and speak it to you.
And there are those of you that are seeking My Voice and seeking My Word and seeking My
Name and looking at Me in My Face while I am looking at you in your face. And together we’ll
walk in This And together we’ll walk through This And there will come a time when you’ll just
smile at Me and I’ll just smile at you And you’ll say, “Ha. Ha. Ha. I knew it all the time.” Praise
My Father showed me that was coming and I was Prepared and it didn’t come on me as a
But this other Surprise that came on me, Oh, what joy! Oh, what a thrill! Oh, what Goodness!
I wonder what else my Father has in store for me?
Hallelujah! Praise God!
2012? I’ll tell you about 2012.
It’s going to be a year of great joy for those who know joy. It will be a time of marvelous
This is a time of victory! It’s a time when people begin to realize that My Word is a living Word,

A greater Increase of My Spirit

Word for 2012

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that My Spirit is a living Spirit and that you are My voice on the earth!
And your voice is the voice of Victory!
So rejoice and Shout and understand that the breakthroughs that you’ve Sought and Watched
over, Prayed over, stood in Faith for;
Ah, don’t turn loose now don’t turn loose now because they’re at hand.
They are right at hand! They’re on top of you Right Now! Praise God! Hey! Have no worry.
Do not be in fear about South Africa. Don’t be in fear over the failure of this nation.This is not
the time for this nation to fail. I’m not done with it yet! And it may come as a surprise, this
nation is not done with Me yet says the Lord.
Hallelujah! We have a job to do. And this year will be like none other where this nation is
And many will say, “Oh, Woe is us!”, and you know what? Oh Woe will be them.
And there will be others that will say, “Oh, we can’t win! We can’t win!”, And to them they
can’t win.
Ah, but to those of them that say, “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. This is a time of greatness! South Africa
again! Oh, and it’s my nation and it’s God’s nation and we are right where we are supposed to
He has us right where He wants us and our future is bright because God is still Lord over South
So rejoice and give forth a glad sound because the Lord of Glory is still on the throne and
prayer changes things and together we’re going on to Greater Victory! Hallelujah, Hallelujah.
Praise the Lord.
Oh, Yes! 2012 is a time of miracles. Miracles that seemed as if they would not come but they
are here!
There is an atmosphere conducive to miracles that has been growing and growing and
And will manifest greatly in the first quarter of 2012 and continue throughout the year and on
into 2013.
I have been looking forward to 2012, says the Lord. I know how it’s going to turn out.
I’ve already dealt with it in My Word. Your future is looking better all the time!
But of course you’ll need to look at it through My Eyes, says the Spirit of Grace.
So as I have said before, Rejoice! Your time has come!