Word by Dr Jerry Savelle – Jerry Savelle

September 8, 2018 In Toronto For Sudbury

The Lord said He wants to show His Power and wants people to believe for signs of His power in a consistent basis in their lives.   If you dare to believe then you will see My power is coming to set you free, free

from all bondage pain and care free from all worry and free from fear.
It’s time to arise and take your place and experience new dimensions of My favor and grace.

Higher and higher is My plan for you that’s where you’re headed.  Just wait and see that it is true.

So don’t give up and don’t give in victory after victory is about to begin.
Keep on declaring Lord show me Your glory and that’s what I’ll do and it’s all because of My great love for you.

September 11, 2018
In the secret place of The Most High,

There is not only protection, divine intervention, divine insight and revelation but
also supernatural power and so much of it has been rarely tapped but nonetheless,
it’s still available to those who hunger for it and will pursue it with all their heart
and will lay aside all the things that are non-essential and will seek it as a very special treasure.

Yes I will honour their sincerity and their hunger and will see to it that they will receive it and walk in it beyond their highest expectations.