When the Pattern is Right, the Glory will Fall -Garth Bendixen

On Monday evening whilst putting Keira-Leigh to sleep, the Holy Spirit came all over me and said this to my spirit, “When the pattern is right the glory will fall.”
This is something I have heard countless times and yet when He said it to me this time, I knew that I
knew that I knew that truly the pattern is right and now the glory of God will fall!
In an age where the Church and its leaders are following their own plans and following what seems right in their eyes, truly we have a man and a woman of God who have sought after and followed the perfect will of God.
They have been preordained to walk in the footsteps of their Fathers.
This seed has NOW unblocked deep wells dug by our forefathers and now, in an unprecedented manner, the glory of God will flow.
The Holy Spirit then began talking to me about the Apostle John Bendixen and this is what He said: “It is time now for you John, My apostle, to walk in higher and FAR greater levels of authority! Where you were once cautious, you will speak boldly in My Name! You will declare a thing and it shall be established!
You will command and people will move or be removed. You will call and men will come.
You will ask and it shall be done.
There is now nothing that will be withheld from you. ONLY believe!
This is a time like NO other and I will walk with you as I did with your forefathers.
As you stretch forth your hand so too will I stretch forth My hand in even greater demonstration than has ever been witnessed in generations past. ONLY believe!
You are called and now commanded to establish spiritual order wherever you go. It is the time for the governance of the Almighty to be established in the Church.”
The Holy Spirit has subsequently said this to me about Pastor John and Pastor Sharon:
“There is great heritage in Pastors John and Sharon’s bloodline and even though others have also shared in their bloodline and heritage alike, there are few across this globe that have positioned themselves in the manner with which they have done.
Did I not say, “My house SHALL be called a house of prayer?”
Did I not also say, “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain who build it?”
There are many, MANY who labour in vain because they do not heed My command to pray and therefore do not give My precious Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Supreme Head of the church and Captain of the Heavenly armies any place to Govern and to Build His Church – The Ekklesia! This MUST change!
The condition of the Church MUST change!
Gross darkness covers the Earth and the Church has been called to rule over the darkness and not to be subject to it! This is not to be!!
It is time for the Church to rise up in Light and Authority to take back what is rightfully theirs – The
With Great Responsibility I have given Pastors John and Sharon Great Grace to accomplish everything that is part of their assignment.
Be on guard and be alert.
With increased authority and spiritual rank comes increased spiritual activity and the enemy will attempt to Distract you, Delay you, hinder you, impede your progress and bring thoughts to your mind to disturb you. Be vigilant with what and whom you give your time and attention to.
potential of your seed.
Your seed is precious on the Earth, John and Sharon, and the enemy would attempt to thwart the
As long as prayers are being made, he will not succeed and he will not be able to hinder the great breaking loose of My Love, My Power, My Life and My Plan!
The subtle strategy of the enemy – TO DISTRACT in your mind!