Time to Accelerate to Victory, Breakthrough and the Blessing Zone

There are things that you really desire to have as an outcome in your life and I believe that God is in the process of, in the climate of this church and what God has been ministering for some time now, He is creating the environment for you to step up, step up, step into.

To some of you I have to say; It will require a financial seed.
To some I have to say; It will require you to give time of yourself to press into God, to hear what God wants to say for you and that you can’t keep running on a treadmill like a mouse on a wheel and think you’re going to get anywhere just keeping the wheel running. You’ve got to take some time out and say I’m just going to press into God rather than read a novel over Christmas and rest and go and play sport or go to movies and have popcorn and do all that kind of stuff.

I feel to some of you that this is a time when you set aside time to press into God. I mean, I’m not saying don’t have time also where you enjoy family time and stuff like that. I’m just saying; take time to specially put aside time and press into God and hear what God’s got to say about your life. He will talk to you. If you go and press into Him, He will talk to you. He will.

There are some of you that God has got gifts and callings that He’s placed in you and your life is just like you’re treading water. God wants you to stop treading water and He wants you to zoom across to the other side. It needs you to press in, in prayer and recognise your gifting and calling and bring it to the Church. Perhaps, first in prayer and in your heart and then come and speak to one of us and say, “I’m bringing my gift.” You might not know, we might not know how to receive it, but the mere bringing of it will be enough for God to activate what’s next. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

Thus says the Lord.