The Nation – Ps John Bendixen

I believe this is the moment – this is the divine timing where God will heal the land.
This may seem like a crisis, but actually Father – it’s your healing power released in this nation,
in this time, in this moment – right now!
Father, I see in the Spirit, that this land we’ve been living in, there has been this festering boil
that has just been festering and festering…
Father your lance has come right now, at this moment and it is cleaning out everything that
needs to be cleaned out, so that healing can flow into this nation!
So that healing can flow into this nation in divine order, divine trust, divine wisdom, divine
progress – in the Name of Jesus!
We declare that this is the moment where new jobs are created in the spirit.
New governance is created in the spirit.
Fresh new order is created in the spirit in the Name of Jesus and healing begins to happen for
the people of this land!
We say: Cleanse and purge and bring all the dirt out, so that all healing can happen
Your anointing power, Your power that belongs to You – that doesn’t belong to man – It flows in
this nation to bring complete healing now!
This is not our moment of humiliation
This is our moment of Victory, Father!
Not humiliation but victory for this nation!
We say and we declare that the government of earth does not have the power to take the life
out of this nation.
That is what they think they have, but they do not have it!
Because we do not permit them to take the life out of this nation!
We declare the life of God and the Power of God and the Order of God of this nation will
I declare that the spirit of unity will come into this nation and not division – in the Name of
Everything that God has spoken out and declared and desired for this nation will come to pass
The government of earth does not have the final say.
The government of Heaven has the final say! Hallelujah!
I am further reminded by the Holy Spirit, that Jesus said to the government of earth, that it was
within His power to call legions of angels to release Him, if He so chose!
He chose not to call on those angels because He chose to lay down His life!
The Bible says in the book of Hebrews that the angels are ministering spirits that are here to
serve us.
So if Jesus chose not to call on the ministering spirits – so that He could lay down His life for a

The reason was so that through His obedience the Government of Heaven could be
Because He prayed: Thy Kingdom come! Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!
So I am reminded that we have the right to call on the legions of angels because He did not –
we can!
I command that they must go into this nation now and they must restore the Order of Heaven!
They must restore the Government of Heaven!
They must restore the economic order of this nation!
They must restore what God planned for this nation right now in the Name of Jesus!
We declare it to be so.
We are the lawful of God.
We are submitted to His Word.
And we declare that because Jesus did not call on angels – we can!
We call on the ministering spirits to break loose in this nation and bring healing to this land!
We declare they are sent now in the Name of Jesus, because Your Word says Father: As we
humble ourselves and pray you will heal our land.
Your Word says we must pray for those in leadership and authority of the day so that we may
live a life of prosperity and peace.
Father, we have fully done that in this Church and we have prayerfully done that in this ministry.
Because we have been faithful, we flourish now!
We command the angels to bring healing to this land in Jesus Name! Praise You Jesus!
We speak healing to this land.
We speak prosperity to this land.
We speak unity to this land.
We speak the Government of Heaven into this land.
We speak the order of God onto this land.
We speak revival of the Word of God into this nation in the Name of Jesus!
And the Christians will live a life of peace and prosperity.
We will not be ashamed because we are called Christians in South Africa!
But we will say that we are those who have prayed for our nation and God brought healing to
our nation and God brought liberty to our nation, Father! Hallelujah!
Your Word says that when we pray and have no doubt in our hearts, we can speak to
mountains and command them to be cast into the sea and it will be done.
We pray and we ask and we believe and we receive it now!
Father, we have declared that this mountain, which is the government of earth, that wants to
overwhelm and dominate the scene – that it is removed and it is cast into the sea.
And it is the Government of Heaven that rules in this nation!
And now we give thanks well Father – We give you praise in the spirit for this healing