Days of Glory, Flourishing & Abounding – Jerry Savelle

Continue to preach, teach and emphasize the importance of faithfulness. It’s

still My plan for the faithful to flourish. If you will do this then they will eventu-
ally get it. It’s never been more important than right now for them to flourish

in every area of their lives.

These are indeed the days of My Greater Glory, saith the Lord. I will cause it
to manifest for all who have remained faithful to Me and faithful to My Word
and I will cause them to flourish and to abound, even as I have promised in

My Word.

I will honor their loyalty to Me by enabling them to overcome every attack of
the evil one. And I will bring them into the greatest breakthroughs they have

experienced thus far.

Rest assured that I am working in their behalf even now and they shall tri-
umph and they shall be victorious and all shall see that I am still the God of

the breakthrough and I’m still the God that keeps covenant.
So lift up your hands and lift up your voices and praise your God, the God
who is unlike any other god. The God who blesses all who have been loyal

and faithful to Him, saith the Lord.