Rest Assured; Days of Acceleration – Jerry Savelle

February 28, 2016 Brother Jerry
Rest assured that I am working on your behalf

Things are turning
And you are headed for a big laugh!
Your enemy thought he would surely win
But I spoiled his plans and you win again!

So lift your voice
And praise me now with a victory shout!

Brother Jerry 2016
These are days of acceleration

Days in which I will cause those who demonstrate an uncompromising

stand on My Word

And an unwavering faith in my promises
To experience in 1 year what used to take 10 years
And in 2 years what used to take 20 years!
I am in a hurry to get things done
And to fulfill all that I have declared

And you are the generation that will see it come to pass
Settle it in your heart once and for all
That giving up, giving in and turning back
Is no longer a part of your life

And I assure you that your future will be filled with good things

And your victories will be many!