Prophetic Prayer – Ps John Bendixen

I want to tell you to be aware this week that lies ahead of you, be aware, be
aware. You know sometimes we get into this groove where everything that’s
happening around us is just natural. Be aware that there is a spiritual way of fixing
things and going about things that can be highly productive. Be aware that there
is a way that can change things in 2016 because God said it’s the year of the
Great Breaking Loose. Be aware, Amen.
I declare that prophetic words flow out of your spirit and come out of your mouth,
both those that have already been spoken and those that are personal to you.
I declare that those prophetic words will flow from you. I declare that the Word
of God that lives richly and well and abides in you will begin to have maximum
fruitfulness in Jesus Name. And as you sow the seeds of your words into a dry
environment, let’s call it a famine environment, an environment of famine around
you in your work space, in relationships wherever it is, as you speak words out,
that famine environment does not matter because God says, This is your land
and you will have productivity of 100 fold begin to happen in every area that you
speak His Word. The Word of God says, That His Word will not return unto Him
void but it will accomplish that which He has sent it out to accomplish.
And I declare this week you will send out Words in Jesus name that will go into
what looks like, dry places and famine lands but God is going to do supernatural
works of productivity and Breaking Loose is going to happen for you where it
doesn’t happen for others, opportunities will open for you where it is not opening
for others. This economy is not the source of your income, the words of your
mouth and your faith are the source of your income. I declare this week that you
will begin to see things in the spirit that you haven’t seen before, you will react by
the Holy Spirit, not by your natural man. You will begin to respond in the ways of
God, not in the ways of your reason and your logic and the reality that you find
yourself in, you will respond by the Spirit in Jesus name. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.
Did you record that? Hallelujah. I need that Word cause that was a prophetic
prayer that came out of my spirit right there and you all need to be speaking that
prayer in Jesus name.
It will be so, this is the year of the Great Breaking Loose. I’m Breaking Loose, I’m
Breaking Loose of every habit, I’m Breaking Loose of every single poverty, I’m
Breaking Loose of every single bondage that has been on my life, I’m Breaking
Loose from and I’m going into. I’m Breaking Loose from things that have stopped
me from bringing Jesus, all these years the way I want to be with Him. Hallelujah.
And if that means you couldn’t dance before, I declare that you are Breaking
Loose from your own self inhibitions and you will dance. And if you don’t know
how to shout a praise to the Lord, I pray that you will break free and you will
begin to shout because the shout and the laugh is what’s going to get you
through in this season in Jesus name.
And if you don’t feel like it, just try it for yourself go, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Haaaa.
Hey man drive around in your car, nobody is listening to you, go Ha, Ha, Ha.
What are you laughing at John? You are a bit “doff” in your head…
No!!! I’m spiritual.
What are you laughing at?

Proph etic Prayer

Prophecy & Prayer

Heritage of Faith Ministries International

All that stuff I thought I couldn’t do, I can.
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.
Ja, praise you Jesus, praise you Jesus, praise you Jesus, praise you Jesus.
Let me tell you this is too important to stay rooted to where you were before. This is
too important, right now the season is too important.
Praise you Jesus, praise you Jesus, praise you Jesus, come on let’s praise Him…
I command you to be free of everything that has held you back. I command you to
be free of it in Jesus name. That is the Great Breaking Loose. Be free in Jesus name.
Be free in Jesus name. Hallelujah, hallelujah, praise the Lord, praise the Lord, praise
the Lord.
I pray that His Word and the blood of Jesus surrounds you, protects you and no
weapon formed against you will prosper and you are blessed in everything you do
this week and the week ahead in Jesus name.