Prophecy/Prayer for the Nation – Joe McCroskey & Ps John Bendixen

‘The Lord mighty in battle is the Lord Who is the Victor for the destiny of this nation!
The Lord of the Harvest will reap the fruit of His declared will for the nation of South Africa and

this continent!
His Name is Jehovah!
His Name is Counselor

His Name is mighty God, Prince of Peace!”
The Lord gave pastor John Isaiah 9: 6,7 and 1 Timothy 2: 1-5

Prophecy given by brother Joe Mc Croskey in July 2015

“There is a change coming in this nation

A good change
It is up to us
We are to usher in the glory
With prayer and faith

Believing that He will work to change everything
He has already planned our change here in South Africa

Our forefathers began it
We are to continue it now
The glory of God
The presence of God
The power of God
The goodness of God
Usher it in!”