Prophecy – Kenneth E. Hagin

• In a 1980 prayer seminar by Kenneth Hagin, he led the congregation in the
following confession. What followed was a call by the spirit of God urging
people to pray.
• When the Spirit of God speaks it still applies today. God is still looking for
people to pray.
Confession: Prayer is my foremost business. Prayer is my main business. I give
myself to pray. My Father hears me when I pray. He said in his word, “The
fervent effectual prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” I am that righteous
man for Him who was made to be sin, was made sin for me that I might be made
the righteousness of God in Him. I am the righteousness of God in Him. I am
that righteous man. I must see to it that my prayers are fervent. I’ll be fervent, for
the effectual prayer of a righteous man avails much. My prayers work! Hallelujah!
Prophesy: I can hear the Spirit of God within my Spirit saying, “You ought to give
the most earnest heed to the things you’ve heard today for there are those who
stand here who will shortly need the very things that are spoken here. They’ll
stand in desperate conditions and if they know how to intercede they will be left

almost seemingly forsaken and forlorn because they did not assume their re-
sponsibility and enter in to the prayer fight.”

“There are those who stand here today who will need it badly, they’ll need it
badly. You’ll need it badly. There are those who stand here today that will not
stand in this place again nor will you be the same again. You need,
desperately; to get into your spirit what’s being taught about prayer for you
will stand in need of it. Do not treat it lightly… Yes there are lives here, families
here that even though you do not know it –it’s creeping up on you. Darkness is
creeping in on you. The enemy would endeavor to steal from you the blessing
of God. The enemy would endeavor and would and will invade your home, your
lives and marriages but to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Intercede against
powers of darkness. Do not stop in your prayers because things seem to change
a little bit.”
I can hear the Spirit of God saying within my spirit, “The End of the Age. The
End Of The Age is coming upon this generation. The powers of darkness – the
forces of evil are rampant as never before. They will be increased in intensity
and in velocity and even many Christians will see and look upon these things
and throw up their hands in futility and say, “Well, I guess it’s all over and we’ll
just have to hold on and pray that Jesus will come shortly for the devil is about
to take over everything.” But thus saith the Lord, “In this day I am searching
throughout the body of Christ to enlist soldiers in the army of prayer.
I’ll raise up a new band and a new army that will know how to pray against
powers of darkness and the light will dispel the darkness and the truth will set
men free and prayer will break the bands that bind men’s minds and spirits and
bodies. There are those that will learn to take their place and hurriedly it must be
hurriedly, it must be quickly.
It must be that they learn to enter in quickly to stand against the forces of
darkness and evil that will try and disrupt and destroy all that God has endorsed
but the hand of God is upon those who will listen and the urge of God is in
the spirit of those who are attentive and the Spirit of God will help you to pray.
Do not try to do it yourself. Though there must be labour on your part, yet at

Proph ecy Kenneth E. Hagin

Prophecy & Prayer

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the same time rest in Him and let the Spirit flow through you like a river, like a mighty
wave. Let it flow through you. Give vent unto those innermost groaning’s and let them
escape your lips.
Take time to get alone and to wait sometimes not even saying anything but on the
inside of you there is an agonizing and a flowing out of your spirit by the Holy Spirit to
the Great Spirit the Father of Spirits and thou shalt be sustained. Thou shalt be kept
and they family and thy home shall be sure and steadfast and thy children shall grow
up strong and stalwalt in the Lord and they shall have no fear.
But thou shalt intercede for thy neighbor, thou shalt intercede for they friend and for
others even in the church that have not come in to knowledge of the truth, making
sincere prayer on their behalf so the light will shine. The work of God will go forth and
the work that is to be accomplished in these next few days and years that are just out
ahead of you shall surely come because you were faithful.
Won’t you enlist in the army of prayer warriors – faithful in prayer – one who the Holy
Spirit can depend on? Yielding to His leading and prompting?
Just ahead… some great glorious marvelous things in fact if it were told to some of
you it would be very difficult for you to accept it. Your mind at this stage would not
allow you to accept it. But just ahead in the realm of the Spirit there are some great
and glorious and marvelous things. In fact all of those adjectives do not really
describe – do not even begin – that is just the tip of what is really to take place but
that cannot take place without you as an individual taking your place in the realm. In
the area of prayer and without a good part of the body of believers. All will necessarily
do it but there will be many that will be faithful. Some will not be faithful but without
a good part of the body of believers taking this part and place in prayer – for you see
at this time God has great things – marvelous things – wonderful things – things that
will happen in the Spirit realm and be manifest in the seen realm. Things beyond the
comprehension beyond most that stand here. At the same time the enemy is making
his move and darkness will loom up like a mountain in front of you. The devil will throw
every kind of roadblock in front of you. That’s the reason you need to be alerted. And
you need in these next months, weeks and days – I should say months ahead…
Yea, walk softly before the Lord. Walk softly before the Lord. Carefully… I mean see
to it that you keep yourself uncontaminated from the world and worldly things – that
you keep yourself clean and pure in every way and every evil and unclean thought that
would come your way. How do you do that? By staying in communion with God.
See that you walk carefully before the Lord not to be in bondage, but yet to be free,
knowing that the Lord has set you free and I’ll not let satan entangle…
[Now encouraging the congregation to pray:] I’ll not let him lay hold of my mind to
cause me to think differently to what the Word of God teaches. I’ll not let him lay hold
of any part of my being but I will see to it. I am vessel, a house, a temple – my body
which is my temple is kept clean and I’ll walk carefully before the Lord giving heed to
the urges of the Spirit; giving heed to what He’s saying here on the inside of me. So
the Lord will be able to fit me. He’ll be able to shake me. He’ll be able to mold you
into the vessel that He wanted you to be all the time… So being molded and fitted
and being framed in to the way the very vessel that He wanted you to be! Then you

can be a more perfect vessel and through you rivers unhindered unimpeded by any-
thing of the carnal fleshly nature and that Spirit flowing out from thee unto others will

bring life and health and healing to them and blessing will come!