Prayer for the Nation – Ps John Bendixen

A confession taken from Pastor John’s first message on Preparation and Readiness
We continue to strike the ground with this declaration in prayer!
Ps John:” I am moved by the Holy Spirit this morning and I want you to understand why I’m
doing this, it is part of what God has moved me to do.
So I declare this morning before heaven and before earth, that even though I am only one
I declare that we will contest in the spirit
In the spirit we will contest abuse of power in this nation.
We will contest in the spirit, the rights and the wrongs to all of the peoples of this nation.
We will contest in the spirit for the will of God to be done in this nation and not for the will of
We will contest in the spirit in this church and in this community, we will contest in the spirit
for what God wants for his people, that represents the will of Jesus not the will of the political
I declare that in Jesus Name this morning.
I declare in Jesus name that every single prayer that we have prayed in this church will be a
prayer that is stored up in the bowls of heaven that will be poured out at the right moment, in
the right way to the right person, to the right place, to the right geographical situation where
there is the necessary involvement, that political climates and peoples will be changed and
new so that the will of God will be done in this nation. In Jesus Name.

I declare that our prayers will change the economical future for those that are connected to us
and I declare that as our change is happening, it will represent the change for all peoples in
this nation, because if our prayers can change one person, it can change all peoples! He only
requires one person to stand for Jesus and our whole future can be revealed.
I declare that in all of you, your spiritual inward belief will dominate your life. Not a political
system, not a demand for you to say “I will only do what the politics are good for me to do”
but you will say “I will do what God wants me to do”, In Jesus Name!
I declare that we will not become lethargic church, not Heritage of Faith church, not
Johannesburg nor Witbank or anybody that’s connected to us.

We will not become lethargic about our prayers–Sunday after Sunday and week after week
about this nation.
We could be the only people that are standing between total revolution and Gods will. Amen.
I don’t believe that we are the only people–I believe that there are many more churches that
are praying. I want you to ask God from this day onwards as we begin to pray (Hannah, I want
you to make sure you get this to all the prayer connect groups) that we will pray that God will
raise up many laborers into the harvest field of praying for this nation.
I am unwilling to just stand by and watch this nation go down into some kind of abyss. I
refuse to say that “this nation is in the hands of the politicians”, this nation IS in the hands of
the church!!

Finally I want to make this declaration:
On behalf of the church, I say Heavenly Father, I apologize on behalf of the church and I ask
you to forgive us for not taking our place to pray for the nation and for praying for all peoples

for generations that have gone by when the church, which could have been the denomination-
al church or the other kind of church just existed with ease and comfort because it was “nice”,

forgive us
Father. Forgive us Father that we just allowed so many things to go unchecked in this nation,
so many things that happened to other people’s in this nation that damaged and hurt and
destroyed families and lives, forgive us Father. As the church, we ask for forgiveness. It is our
prayers that are what are required to make the change, not just our gifts of financial
compassion, it’s not just giving R5 to the petrol attendant that makes the difference. It’s not
just giving people money because they don’t have money. Let me tell you, that can maybe buy
them a meal but it cannot buy them a future.
Only Jesus and the church of the Lord Jesus Christ that intercedes for a nation can bring
people a future, church!
It’s time for us to stand up and begin to pray with earnestness.”