Prayer for Pastor John in 2020 – Ps Sharon Bendixen


On July 25, 2018, I woke that morning with a triumphant spirit;

A shout of victory in my heart and I said this,

“It is time now to declare everything in victory. It’s a shift; it’s a turning point that has happened; it’s a spiritual knowing.” And I began to say that the victory is ours and then the Lord gave me a revelation that we have to strike the ground.

He gave me a strategy to strike the ground because we already have victory.

So I told you about the story in the Old Testament where the king went to the prophet of God and said, “I’ve got a problem with my enemies.” And so he, the Prophet said, “Bring your bow and arrow.” And the Prophet put his hand on with the Kings hand on the arrow and he shot the arrow and he said, “This is the victory that God gives you over your enemy.” So then he tells the King, “Take the arrows and strike the ground.” So when he strikes the ground, so that’s all he instructed him. And he struck the ground three times and he said, “Why did you stop, if you had kept going, you would have had complete victory over your enemy always?” So he only struck the ground three times. 2 Kings 13

So I went off to Brother Jerry to go and strike the ground with my seed because Brother Jerry had had a revelation from God which was called Sowing in Famine – where he sowed $1000 for every one of the divisions in his ministry. And he gave them to Brother Copeland who is his spiritual man.

I went to go; and the Lord; I didn’t have the same revelation that Brother Jerry had in terms of, “I must do what he did, I got my own revelation from God and it was striking the ground for victory because that is what the Lord said,

“You have the victory – how big a victory do you want?” So how big a victory do you want is going to depend on how many times you strike the ground.

So I read in that Bible, in my Bible, in that story that the king struck the ground 3 times and then the prophet was mad with him and said, “If you had struck the ground 6 times wouldn’t God have given you complete victory over your enemy forever?” So I said, “I’m going to go strike the ground 6 times.” And then I did a seventh time for good measure.

So here are the 6 areas that I sowed my seed into.

I went to Brother Jerry and as it turned out, that I had all of the money in envelopes and I wrote on the first envelope, CHURCHES. And so as it turned out; I think I told you this, we were in his personal home kitchen and we were standing there at his kitchen table and I put the envelopes; he called me over to his house and I put the envelopes on the table. I said, “Brother Jerry, this seed of victory is for churches, for church buildings, church properties, for churches that have got to come into my hands that are not yet in my hands – all over the world – churches that want to be part of what we are doing. Churches – that’s how big my victory is.

I declare that churches all over the world will be part of what we are doing. So everything that I need is going to happen. I fully expect people to literally hand buildings to me and say, “We want this building to be part of what God is doing in your ministry and your life. I’ve been making this declaration.

Then the next envelope had EDUCATION on it.

I said, “Brother Jerry, God has called us to educate the Body of Christ, through Bible Schools, through Business Schools, through Leadership Academy, through School of Ministry, through many different channels and now we are going to go into digital schooling,” and I said, “I want complete victory that whatever we want, whatever we need, however we need it, God makes it available, every space, every table, every curriculum, everything that we ever have need for education. Whether we need cameras, digital material, any kind of way that we need that, what we need for education, I’ve got the victory for it.” He said, “I’ve got it, John.”

The next envelope had MISSIONS on it.

I said, “Brother Jerry, this missions’ envelope, is that I have victory in the Missions Area: That wherever God wants us to do missions, particularly in Africa because that’s where God called us with you, that we will have pastors that are raised up to do the missions with us. We will have buildings, we will have land, we will have property and we will have everything that we need to do missions properly and completely”.One of the things I said was ‘particularly, human resources’. Hallelujah. And God has already started answering that.

The next envelope had TRANSPORTATION and AVIATION on it. I said, “Brother Jerry, this envelop is for any kind of transportation I might ever need in my ministry. Whether it is motorbikes, motor cars, busses, trucks, aeroplanes, whatever it means; Air tickets for our missionaries. Whatever kind of transportation or aviation we are going to need, this seed gives me complete victory in this area.” I am striking the ground.

Then I said, “MEDIA MINISTRY– Whatever we are going to need to actually get the gospel to the world. So whether it is television cameras, whether it is internet services, whether it is computers, whatever it is, and human resources that must go with it; facilities, rooms, things to make things happen”. I said, “This seed is for that”.The sixth seed that I gave was for our dream, for

EVANGELISM/ CHARIOTS OF LIGHT / OUTREACHES. So missions is one thing, outreaches is wherever we go, we preach the gospel. “Whatever we may need for our outreaches, whether it be”, …like Brother Jerry is got Chariots of Light trucks and part of his truck, one of his trucks takes all of the products, all of the goods, all of the stuff that ever need.

One of the other trucks opens up and becomes a, like a hub, where they can come, and you know, eat and they can have, so they can go out and go and preach and they can come back but it makes a big statement to have this big truck and this big awning and this big place where the guys can eat and they park all their bikes around it So, maybe, we need one for Chariots but maybe we need one for something else and we have outreaches that is in prisons in Malawi, for example. You got me? Praise the Lord.


All of your seed you’ve been sowing.

All of your faithfulness for years, it’s coming your way. It’s coming your way.

It’s coming your way. Hallelujah. That’s why the Lord said I must put my hands on you today.

I’m believing God that the Faith that you need, your faith is stimulated and all of the harvest that you’ve sown; the Word of God, that your Faith goes to the next level.

 I’m believing that the financial seeds that you have sown, God brings harvest into your hands and unlocks all of that creativity. Unlocks all of that genius, all of those contacts; all of those incomes starting, all of those things that you walk into places that you should have been walking in.

You walk into spaces that you should have been going in and occupying long time ago.

And illegal occupants that have been occupying your space, they’re going to leave so that you can occupy what God has called you to occupy, in Jesus’ Name. Hallelujah.

The time for it has arrived – all of those harvests are waiting for us, we’ve got to just not be passive anymore, we’ve got to send out our ministering spirits to get it for us. Hallelujah.

We are not going to be passive in our Faith, we are going to be aggressive every day, We’re going to call in that harvest, we’re going to claim our seed, we’re going to claim our harvest, we’re going to claim our victories in Jesus name, hallelujah.

It comes to you now in the name of Jesus, it comes to you now in the name of Jesus, it comes to you now in the name of Jesus

You’ve got to put yourself out there to make it happen.

Be a distribution centre so that God can make it multiply, hallelujah.

As you break it, it will multiply, glory to Jesus.

Don’t let the devil lie to your mind now, if your mind comes to you to lie to you, tell it to shut up and it’s not in Faith, amen.

You can’t faith with your mind, you’ve got to faith with your spirit and it comes out of your mouth, glory to Jesus,

Let me tell you something church, the devil can’t stop what’s coming into my hands.

 He can’t stop it.

I am walking in victory.

I am walking in authority.

I am walking in the glory of God. I have sown my seed.

I have made my declaration.

I am striking the ground.

I get up every morning and I just enforce my victory. Every day, until it comes.