More and More Prayer – Ps Sharon Bendixen

More and more am I in Your presence.
More and more do I live in its very essence.
More and more I stay every day.
More and more I pray and say.
More and more I open Your Word and feed.
More and more I give You the more earnest heed.
More and more I hear Your voice, and more and more I make this choice.
More and more I obey.
More and more walk in all Your way.
More and more I honour the Blood.
More and more stay beneath its cleansing flood.
More and more I love.
More and more take my place with You above.
More and more I tap Your great grace.
More and more give You all the thanks and praise.
More and more I celebrate what You have already done.
More and more I expect the greater to come.
More and more I sanctify.
More and more, consecrate.
More and more, purify.
More and more dedicate, for You are my God and You are worthy of all,
And as I give You my more I fulfil Your call.
For my greatest desire Is to hear You say to me – “My son, well done.”
You are my greatest treasure.
I give You the greatest measure.
In the morning, at noon, and in the evening, I open my mouth in thanksgiving.
The words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight for
more and more, I meditate on Your Word day and night.
More and more filled with Your spirit, speaking to myself in psalms and hymns and
spiritual songs.
I must obey my Lord.
My life of obedience is my life of consecration.
I desire to obey Him in all things, to do what I see Him doing.
To say what I hear Him saying
To follow where He leads, go where He says.