Money Coming Back – Ps John Bendixen

I remind you of a confession the Lord gave me and I tell that the wealth is coming
back to Witbank.
Obey you must.
Words of God you must speak.
Feel alive to the Holy Spirit you must be.
Alert to His Words you must always be.
Sleep on your watch you must not.
Psalms of the Spirit I have just spoken.
Coming out of my heart,
they must be coming into your heart,
so that they will grow, they do.
No longer shall Witbank withhold its blessing from you.
The curse that was here because of immoral practices,
will no longer stand in your way, it won’t.
A new government shall come into play,
and a blessing it shall be.
The money is released,
in the way that God said it would be.
It’s just a matter of time and you will see the fruit of it.
And so it is, in Jesus name.
Speak the way you have spoken about Witbank you must not.
Speak death and destruction over your life is a no-no,
because if you do that then you will go-go.
And you must not go,
because God is coming here to show.
His glory will be seen upon us.
It has already been spoken by the prophet sent (Dr. Jerry Savelle).
New fruit and new glory we will see.
It’s just a matter of time and it will be.
So do not be impatient – because His glory you will see.
Stand steadfast and be patient!
Do not let the enemy come and steal it from you, you see.
Unexpected this was for me,
but a blessing to you it is, you see.