I Hasten to Prepare; About Money – Ps Sharon Bendixen

I hasten to prepare, not a moment to spare,
All my movements swift, not going to drift
Not going to miss a thing,
what this legacy transfer will bring
Every day I pray now, every day I say now,
I’m at every meeting, hearing every word.
Heavily invested in the Spirit, I will it.

About Money

My relation to money and wealth and positions,

you are positioning me in regard to Mammon in right relation with thee.
None of the world’s ways – Jesus you’re setting me free.
All of my movements financially will now be in Thee.

When You show, I see.
When You show me to sow, I agree.
I am quick to obey and let go.

I’m releasing it into heaven and transferring my treasure there.

I keep the windows of heaven open on me,
I want my treasure to be where my heart is.
My heart is in the Kingdom of heaven with thee.
No moth destroys, no thief comes near
You have my heart, no earthly thing do I hold dear.

This is how I do it all the time,
all of my twisted ways are done,
all of Your righteous ways now come.
There is nothing that You ask, that I will not give.
It’s for You now this life that I live.
A spirit of generosity breaks loose in me,
very rich in relation to You I be.
No serving mammon at all I say,
my God is the one who knows the way.
No serving Mammon at all, I say.
My God is the one who knows the way.
No need for greed, when I have seed.
No need to covet, I do not love it.
I love my God, He has all I need.