Fruitfulness & Identity Change – Ps John Bendixen

The Lord began to speak to me some months ago…He told me 3 years.
In 2014, going through to 2015, 2016 to the beginning of 2017 … The Lord is going
to cause us as a people to become so fruitful as a people in different areas of our
lives, that His jealousy and His love is going to be evident upon those who are going
to put Him first place!
That when our money goes to God first because we see His great love that He has
given us, then His jealousy is going to demonstrate itself in exceptional fruitfulness!
2014 is going to be the beginning of fruitfulness and your very identity as a person is
going to change!
He doesn’t want you going back to the person you were even 5 years ago even if you
were spiritual.
God is wanting to take you to a whole new level of identity in Him.
You are no longer going to see yourself as the person that you have been: struggling
with this fear, struggling with that failure, struggling with this thing…
If you will believe the Word of the Lord, you will become a completely different
You will have victory over every death in your life.
You will be an example of the manifestation of the love of God, because you are not
going to get there through yourself.
You are going to get there through His Word and the power of Who He is!!
“A new people
A new heart
A new tribe
To go across into the Promised Land
The old has died
Just a handful remain like Joshua and Caleb
It is time now says the Lord
Come across
Come across
It’s time now
I am ready says the Lord
Are you?”