Forest of Light Vision – Ps John Bendixen

I was caught up to the third heaven fourteen years ago. Whether I was in my body
or out of my body, I do not know – only God knows.  Yes, only God knows whether

I was in my body or outside my body. But I do know that I was caught up to paradise and heard things so astounding that they cannot be expressed in words, things no human is allowed to tell. 5

That experience is worth boasting about, but I’m not going to do it. I will boast only about my weaknesses. 6 If I wanted to boast,

I would be no fool in doing so, because I would be telling the truth. But I won’t do
it, because I don’t want anyone to give me credit beyond what they can see in my
life or hear in my message.
(2 Corinthians 12:2-6 NLT).
The Lord told me to alter my language and begin to speak what has been
happening to me in private. And what has been happening to me in private is that
I have begun to see visions. And I have begun to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit
with the Word of Wisdom and the Word of Knowledge; I began to see things in
the Spirit. Something has been happening to me much more frequently and that
is; I have been experiencing, I want to say, like the Apostle Paul, open visions if you
like – dreams, but I can say like him, I’m not sure whether I’m asleep or whether I’m
awake. Some cases I know that I’m definitely awake because of the environment
that it happened to me, but it’s almost as though I stepped into a 3D environment
and I can see everything that is going on there. And it’s like I’m in a real-life
movie happening and I can see things. That happened to me on Tuesday night or
Wednesday night, early hours of the morning. I found myself in a dream-cum-vision
– I don’t know if it was a dream or if I was actually awake. I certainly was aware of my
surroundings, that it was a very, very moving experience for me.
I found myself, living in my life. I found myself standing in my life where my whole
life was happening around me and I was standing still. And as I was standing, words
started to come out of my mouth. And the words that came out of my mouth were
words of light, they were the words of God and they were the words of light and
these words came out of my mouth and as they came out of my mouth, they were
projected away from me. And I cannot tell you what it was that the Word of God was
specifically going for, but the Word of God, Jesus’ words came out of my mouth.
And as the words of Jesus came out of my mouth, I saw the Word of God come out
of my life.
The best way that I can describe to you what happened to me, the way I saw it
was, if you had to stand behind somebody that swings a golf club and hits a golf
ball, a professional golfer, and they hit the golf ball. And if you could be lying down
and you could see the golf ball, sometimes they have it on TV and they have an
animated line of where the trajectory of the golf ball has gone in the air. Like a white
line of where the golf ball has gone and so you see it flying through the air and
then it lands on the ground. I saw my words, that were the Words of God, coming
out of my mouth, and being projected out of my mouth like that, and they went
into the air, and eventually, some distance from me, the words would land and they
were Words of Light. And this projectile of ‘light’ words, as that was coming out
of my mouth and it was going through the air, the air itself didn’t close behind the
words. The light stayed in the air until the words landed on the ground, and when
the words landed on the ground, immediately those words started to take root and
grow in the same form of light and became like a trunk of a tree and they became

trees of light. And this tree of light grew up quite quickly. I can’t say how fast, I mean this
is all happening in a dream and so details like that are not really relevant to me.
On reflection as I share it with you, I might want to think how did that happen? But this
is all something you’ll be seeing that God is giving you. And this tree grew. And then I
would speak another word, and every time I would speak the Word of God, these arrows,
tranjectories, paths of light, light projectiles would come out of my mouth and they would
go and land and every time the stream would not close behind it. The stream would
stay in the air of light. And so, out of my mouth and out of where I was being, all these
streams of light – that the light didn’t prevent me from seeing what was around me but I
was aware that these streams of light remained in the air and as they landed, these trees
would start to grow until there was a forest. And as this forest got thicker and thicker, all
these trees began to bear fruit of light until this whole forest surrounded me.
And so I realised that there was this kind of, this area around me, where there was
nothing, but there was this forest of trees around me, and so in my spirit I guess, I was
communicating with the Lord, and I asked Him, I said, “So what is this forest about?”
Because I knew it was a forest of words that was created by God. And He said, “That’s
the forest of My Words that surround you and protect you and make all things in your life
come to pass. All of those light trees continuously bear fruit to have you live the abundant
life.” So in my spirit I said, “What’s the empty space for?” He says, “Well, this is the space
that you are in My intimate presence in your walk with Me. This is the space where you
function and operate and are free to move and to walk into your future. This is the space,
and as you walk in your space, so you speak words and trees immediately start to grow.”
In my spirit, in my heart, I knew what was happening and then I was awake. And I knew
that what had happened was that the Lord had shown me, and He confirmed this to me
as I began to meditate on it and I began to work on it. Spiritually I began to understand
some things. And I understood that the Bible says that the Words that God speaks, not
one of them will return unto Him void. But they will accomplish and perform those things
which He has sent them out to perform. I saw that literally play out in this dream or vision
that I had, was that when God sends His Word out, they are streams of light and there’s
no void in the stream. The stream of light remains eternally there because it cannot go
away. Because even that stream that carries that light cannot go away, it must perform
its part of carrying the light to its source, to its end being. And when it goes there, it
performs and it creates a harvest. Praise the Lord.
I became aware that there are harvests that God is having me walk into. And this is what
the Lord said to me, He said, “John, for years and years since you were a little boy, you
have been in My house,” and I have served Him all the days of my life. I can say that with
open face and no shame; I can say that I have served Him with all the days of my life.
And He said, “All these years you have been sending words of light and now the forest
is thick in front of you and all those trees are bearing fruit of light in your life right now.”
It certainly became clear to me that if I was silent, there’s no forest, there’s no light paths
for me to follow. Therefore as a Christian, if you only knew that your silence was creating
nothing, then your personality of how you approach your walk with God becomes
irrelevant. Because if you’re a quiet type that doesn’t speak very much or you’re in your
head more than you’re in your mouth, then I tell you, you need to be in your mouth not
in your head. Because in your head you can’t create paths of light, but with the Word of
God in your mouth you can. If you’re going to be in your head, you can meditate on the
Words of God, then when you speak out your mouth, you speak paths of light.