Awake to Authority – Ps Garth & Sharon Bendixen

Word from Garth:
How are we ever going to wake up as Your church?
Do we (the body of Christ) need to experience more suffering in order to cry out to God?
Do we need to experience more suffering in order to take hold of the deliverance that
has already been provided?
(And then this was the Lords answer to me, after about 5 years of me asking this
question. He answered me on Friday the 30th at two o’clock in the afternoon. I took
special note of that).
In reality My people are suffering GREATLY all over the world but they are willingly
unconscious of the degree to which they suffer. Even great tragedy now no longer
causes many of My people to turn to Me! One of the greatest MASTER strategies of
the enemy has been to fill this environment with distractions! He has used the God
given creative abilities of man-kind to accomplish this. The distractions of THIS age are
unlike any other! SOO numerous are they that many who hear My Words (words of life
and hope) are not producing at all and the truth of their deliverance is being choked
out and destroyed long before the fruit bearing stages occur. This is happening at an
unprecedented rate! The distractions of this age have dulled and dimmed the souls of
men into spiritual unconsciousness. They have become spiritually starved! They have so
filled their appetites with the things of this world that they do not recognize their own
spiritual starvation!
Even those who give themselves to spiritual activity and nourish their spirits are affected
by the spiritual lethargy that emanates from the souls who do not! As a result of this, My
people and all of My created men and women are unaware of how far they have fallen
and the extent of their suffering and of the suffering of all who live in this age.
In times and ages gone by My people would cry out to me for deliverance when they
recognized the harshness of their living conditions. Now My people fill their lives with the
distractions of this age to escape the reality of their lives and their spiritual condition thus
perpetuating the cycle and allowing themselves to become increasingly unconscious and
The enemy is running RAMPANT in heavenly places because MY PEOPLE WHO
unresponsive (medical term implied). They are a breath away from death and having
their spiritual potential and effectiveness stolen from them completely! Of this they are
UNAWARE!!!!!!! I AM the only one still giving them breath and giving them life. I am able
to do SO much more than merely keep them alive and surviving.
I am busy right now digging around the roots of those whose lives are mine, desperate
to see My people yield and to have the enemies of My Son be made His footstool
through His body that is The Church!
Time is running out!
A GREAT responsibility rests on those who lead The Body of Christ at this time! I am

Awake To Auth ority

Prophecy & Prayer

Heritage of Faith Ministries International

requiring much of them in accordance with this current age! They WILL be held accountable
to the precious Holy Spirit for everything they do and DO NOT do! What they hold on to
and what they let go of! What they say and what they don’t say! Where they go and where
they don’t go! How they flow with the Holy Spirit and how they do not flow with Him. Now
is the dispensation of GREAT POWER manifested through LOVE, RIGHTEOUSNESS, PURITY
Separate ye unto ME all who hear My Voice CRYING in the wilderness asking you to make
straight the paths and prepare the way for The Son.
Word from Pastor Sharon:
This day of the 1st of April where God wants to make this declaration, and I read it to you,
Pastor John Bendixen and for your ears Brynn Bendixen, and for yours Garth Bendixen.
The Lord says this, “It is the blessing of the father on Joseph,” and so I am going to put the
name John by Joseph, that’s how the Lord gave it to me.
22 John is a fruitful bough, a fruitful bough by a well, whose branches run over the wall.
23 Skilled archers have bitterly attacked and sorely worried you; they have shot at you and
persecuted you. 24 But your bow remains strong and steady and rested in the Strength
(capital S) that does not fail him, for the arms of your hands were made strong and active by
the hands of the Mighty God of Jacob, by the name of the Shepherd. 25 By the God of your
father (small f), Who will help you, and by the Almighty, Who will bless you with blessings of
the heavens above, blessings lying in the deep beneath, blessings of the breasts and of the
womb. 26 The blessings of your father [on you] are greater (on you) than the blessings of
your forefathers and are as lasting as the bounties of the eternal hills; they shall be on your
head, on the crown of your head who is a consecrated one, the one separated from your
brethren and [the one who] is the prince among us (Genesis 49:22-26).