A Greater Increase of My Spirit – Ps Garth Bendixen

For 2012 through Garth Bendixen, 5 October, 2011
We are heading into a time now when I am going to increase the pouring out of My
Spirit upon all flesh
What does this mean?
It means, church, that things that are hidden will be revealed because My Spirit is Light
and Life and Love
All things that are not of Me will be brought to light and My Life, Church, will be there
to bring (Enforce), Separation, Restoration and Compensation to all who will believe
and allow (permit) Me to do the work in them and for them.
For those who will not believe and I say ‘will not’ for good purpose as they will be given
every opportunity to believe and walk in My power-but it will be an act of rebellion, and
exercising of their own will against My will and they will, as a result, experience
Separation, Degeneration and Destruction.
Church, this is all for a single purpose—Something that I have desired since the
foundation of time and that is For My Spirit to Fill the earth—Has it not been foretold
that My Glory shall Fill the earth?
Yes, Church, it is time for My Glory to fill the earth.
Everything that is happening on the earth right now is all in preparation for My Glory.
Just as it was in the time before Jesus came, so it is the same now for My Spirit to
How will You do this?
The same way I have always done it, Church. I will use man.
I will use men and women in My Church who will give themselves to Me completely, to
speak My Words and be a demonstration of My Spirit.
I will perform great and mighty things in and through them.
This move of My Spirit is being preceded right now by My Word.
A move of My Spirit is always preceded by My Word.
The Word prepares the way for My Spirit.
( I see the Word always as forerunner to herald what the Lord is about to do.)
“Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.”
The outpouring of My Spirit will bring liberty and freedom for those who will welcome
My Spirit into every area of their lives.
For those who reject My Spirit — further bondage and oppression awaits them
But Oh! The good things I have prepared for those who love Me — I delight in giving
good gifts to those who love Me, Church!
I take no joy in seeing bondage and oppression come on those who reject Me!
No, I have good things prepared for them as well, but they refuse to believe the love
that I have for them!
They refuse to believe My Word and My Promises.( What more can be said for those
who refuse to believe in Me)…