2023 New Season of Greater Blessing – Dr Jerry Savelle

This is a new season that you’ve entered into
A season of greater blessings that I’ve arranged for you Blessings that you’ve never experienced before
So, get ready to receive them – they’re yours for sure
I’m taking you higher, yes, that’s My plan
So, stay in faith and take your stand
Refuse to be moved by what others say
I’m in charge and I’ll have My way
Yes, this is a new season which many thought would never come But I’ve made it happen, yes, it’s what I’ve done
I’m still the God Who makes the impossible possible
It’s what I do
And it’s all because of My love for you
So, rejoice and be glad with outbursts of joy and laughter, too You’re entering into the realm of the maximum
Just like I said you would do