Special Announcement:

Special HOFMI Announcement – Ps John & Sharon Bendixen

Dear Heritage of Faith family,


Some of our staff members have been diagnosed with COVID and some have simply been attacked with the “FLU.”

Either way, we stand against the devil and all sickness and disease!

According to protocol and wisdom, we have closed the ministry offices and fully sanitized the work spaces and auditorium, including “fogging” overnight. Our offices will remain closed next week, but we will continue to serve you via our digital platforms.

We will also be conducting a digital Sunday service for the next two Sundays, and revert to online prayer connect!

We will also resume online bible school when it is safe for our staff to serve us in the recording!

If you have any flu like symptoms we encourage you to seek medical clarity as soon as possible.

Ps Sharon and I are well but isolating because of our contact with some of our staff and service delivery people who tested positive for COVID-19!

Here is our prayer and declaration we are speaking over all HOF family and encourage you to join us in this stand of faith!

Sickness and disease has been arrested in this church. Sickness and disease and any form of virus and death may not have a part of this Body of Christ in the Name of Jesus.

We command sickness and disease and death to leave. We declare in this church, we live and not die, we walk in Divine life and Divine health in the Name of Jesus.

Our hedges are up. Our hedge for the spirit is up, our hedge for healing is up, our hedge for protection is up. Angels are taking care of us in Jesus’ Name.

We declare the word of God, the blood of Jesus and the name of the Lord to be the power of God against any sickness and disease in our bodies and in this church.

Thank You, Lord, for deliverance against any and all manner of disease in Jesus’ name.

- Pastors John & Sharon Bendixen