From the Desk of – Ps John

Some thoughts about the days and months ahead….

Living is a human thing, but walking with God is a choice! It is a choice that demands we continue to make our living about HIM….about HIM, but at the same time doing the ‘human’ thing too!

This tension seems to constantly remind us of or humanity. Just when we make progress in our choice for the Divine and Supernatural in our lives! “Oh woe is me”….the apostle Paul puts it this way…

15 I’m a mystery to myself, for I want to do what is right, but end up doing what my moral instincts condemn.
16 And if my behaviour is not in line with my desire, my conscience still confirms the excellence of the law.
17 And now I realise that it is no longer my true self doing it, but the unwelcome intruder of sin in my humanity.
18 For I know that nothing good lives within the flesh of my fallen humanity. The longings to do what is right are within me, but will-power is not enough to accomplish it.
19 My lofty desires to do what is good are dashed when I do the things I want to avoid.
20 So if my behaviour contradicts my desires to do good, I must conclude that it’s not my true identity doing it, but the unwelcome intruder of sin hindering me from being who I really am.
21 Through my experience of this principle, I discover that even when I want to do good, evil is ready to sabotage me.
22 Truly, deep within my true identity, I love to do what pleases God.

Sounds very much like us…doesn’t it?  Read on just a little more…

24 What an agonising situation I am in! So who has the power to rescue this miserable man from the unwelcome intruder of sin and death?
25 I give all my thanks to God, for his mighty power has finally provided a way out through our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One! So if left to myself, the flesh is aligned with the law of sin, but now my renewed mind is fixed on and submitted to God’s righteous principles.

Oh yes, there is a new power at work in me, saving me from me, saving me from my past and all the unwanted behaviour of the past me!

Just a little more reading now in chapter 8….

So now the case is closed. There remains no accusing voice of condemnation against those who are joined in life-union with Jesus, the Anointed One.

The main point I am making here and want you to receive new life and new energy from, is this: “if we beat the old person inside through ”life-union” with Jesus, we can live as people who release the power person into the outside.”

“Life-union” with Jesus gives us every advantage and every good thing that the new liberated person can see, hear and desire. After all, “life-union” with the fullness of Jesus is the best kind of life we can achieve….period….full-stop….!!!!!

As we walk with God, the Word and the precious Holy Spirit he guides us and leads in paths of rightness and wellbeing for all of our life…EVERY PART!

Our heavenly Father has chosen this time, this moment to decree the desire of HIS HEART for us…it is…”A new door He opens….supernatural increase FOR YOU!!!!

His messenger and anointed servant has released a powerful wisdom for the activation of this desire our Father in heaven declares over us….”a contact seed”.

I have been led by the Holy Spirit to write to you most precious and loved people of God and also much loved by the other believing ones we live life with: and of course Pastor Sharon and I.

We have experienced some truly powerful, life directing, ministry changing moments in the last number of years…some stronger and more meaningful than others…but certainly we have witnessed the goodness and Glory of God in demonstration and manifestation in us and around us as He visits us! 

A new moment is here….go all in…build your faith….prepare your heart…bring your contact seed!

Banish doubt and unbelief from your mind, your heart and your emotions. Strengthen yourself with the fellowship of “life-union of the body of Christ.”

“Life-union” is not something you earn, it is something you have become! Believe it…declare it….walk into this new moment with boldness…I am certain this is our time….this a it!!


I have my seven areas of victory declaration I make everyday and we “in life-union” together have literally observed how God has delivered marvels and wonders and extraordinary greatness for us…we have flourished and observed His GLORY!

We have updated our “Glory Board” with new “faith projects” as others have been completed. DO THE SAME….BUT…put something there called “NEW DOOR” AS A VISUAL FOR THE NEW DOOR THAT GOD HAS PREPARED AND THAT OUR CONTACT SEED ACTIVATES AND ENERGISES!!

With much expectation, anticipation and Joy…”happy feet joy.”

We look to LIFE AND LOVE together.

Into the Glory then…

Ps John