Your Money Has A Voice Part 3 – Ps Sharon Bendixen & Christi Grobler (WTB)

Brother Jerry said in 2016: There is a breaking loose of revelation knowledge that will take the church to levels of victorious living like never before. Revelation knowledge takes you to higher levels and causes you to rule and reign like never before. 18On this rock of revelation knowledge, I will build My church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it (Matthew 16:18 AMPC). When you build your life on revelation, it will cause you to be impervious to all hell and superior to your adversary. Revelation is the foundation for reigning in your life. It takes you higher into another realm.

1 Corinthians 2:4-10 (AMPC), 7But rather what we are setting forth, is a wisdom of God once hidden [from the human understanding] and now revealed to us by God which God devised and decreed before the ages for our glorification. Revelation is for our glorification. It’s so that we can have more of the power of God, more of His presence and more of His goodness – 7[to lift us into the glory of His presence]. Revelation knowledge lifts us into the glory of His presence. Here’s revelation knowledge again – 9 What our eye has not seen and our ear has not heard and has not entered into our hearts [all that] God has prepared (made and keeps ready) for those who love Him [who hold Him in affectionate reverence, promptly obeying Him] … 10Yet to us, God has unveiled and revealed them by and through His Spirit.

God looks at the motive for giving.

Genesis 4:3-7 (NKJV): Cain and Abel brought their offerings to the Lord. The Lord accepted Abel’s offering but rejected Cain’s offering. God warned Cain against sin’s desire to master him and gaves him an opportunity to repent.

Cain and Abel were taught by Adam and Eve that God must be first. There’s a law in the nature of God that He must to be first in everything – in creation, in your life, your children’s lives, your finances.

God does not accept all offerings. He is very clear, 4The Lord respected Abel and his offering 5but God did not respect Cain and his offering (Genesis 4:4-5 NKJV). God looks at the motive. God had one Son – He gave His first and His best. Abraham gave his only son, his first and his best. Abel also gave his first lamb, and this offering was accepted by the Lord because it’s the first and the best. But Cain gave from his leftovers, not his first fruits, and it was not accepted.

Cain killed Abel because of the first lamb, because Abel honoured God with his offering. Today we don’t kill one another physically. But that murder, that killing happens with the tongue and what is in our hearts when it comes to other people’s giving. Murder starts in the heart.

When we want to set things right in our lives, we come to repent. God loves us. He will not leave us up to our own devices. He will not stop watching over us to secure for Himself our lives and our assignment. If we want to repent and change, we say: Lord, I want to master this thing. I choose to come out of Babylon. I choose to hear your Word. I receive the message from the messenger.

The sharp two-edged sword exposes the aims and motives and intents and purposes of the heart, so that you can purify your heart and do right. You can go from wrong or unrighteous to righteous with the help of the Holy Spirit, just like that.

I say: According to Hebrews 4, the Word that God speaks, the current present truth is alive, active, operative, energizing, able to divide in my heart between soul and spirit. It exposes and sifts the very thoughts, purposes and intents of my heart, so that I can get the unrighteous out and be righteous and bring righteous offerings so that God can take a city, a family, a church, a nation. And I thank You, Lord, that Scripture speaks to my heart and that I choose to repent. I choose to change and to come like a little child. I choose to put my foot in the message and the Holy Spirit now helps me to correct.

God said in Ex 35:5 (NKJV), 5Take from among you an offering to the Lord. Whoever is of a willing heart. God is looking for a willing heart, not a forced heart. It is better not to bring anything rather than to bring an offensive, loathsome offering.

God initiates and motivates us to give. It is always by the leading of the Holy Spirit because God will never be a point of frustration and contention in our lives. He wants us to desire Him and to come to Him with the right motives. 9He loves … a cheerful (joyous, prompt to do it) giver. He is unwilling to abandon or to do without a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:9 AMPC). Why is this such a big issue to God? Because everything touching Him must be internally motivated by our love for Him, otherwise it’s law.

The Lord said three things concerning our offerings:

1. The Lord said we must stop saying we are “giving to the church.” From today on, we need to make a very big adjustment in the way we talk.we say: We are giving to the Lord.

Our substance and our wealth is only one part of giving first fruits. We are to give the first fruit of our children to God, so the rest can be blessed. The Scripture in Ezekiel 44:30 says to bring to the Lord the first fruits of all things. Therefore I give Him the choice, the best – I give Him the first of my day, of my week (by assembling together); of my morning. There are firsts of everything in our lives. Money is just a part of it.

God brings the surges to Pastor John and leads him. And we as a congregation say: Yes, Lord. Yes, Pastor John. We know you are hearing from God. We hear what you are saying to us and we say, Yes, Lord, we are giving to the Lord. And that’s how it works. He surges in Pastor John and then He surges in us. We must let Him surge in us too, initiate and activate everything in us.

2. The Lord said that if someone else is bringing an offering to the Lord, it’s not our business, it’s their business. The leading of the Holy Spirit – it’s between God and them. And we have to mind our own business, we have nothing to say about that.
I say: I’m confident in my own walk with God to speak to me, to initiate in me what He requires me to do. I don’t try and compare and compete. I do not judge someone else’s holy transaction because it’s Spirit-led.

3. There are people in Heritage of Faith that have been offended by someone else’s big giving. And why? Because, “Don’t tell me God might require that of me because I will only give God what I want to give.” Normally they are the ones not giving. So now, the light is shining and revealing the motives of their hearts. And they don’t like it. Even if you’re a disciple of Jesus and following Him, you may become furious or indignant over someone’s big giving.

God is showing that our giving, our buying, our selling, our bringing, how we do it, what we do, when we do it does not just impact us. It impacts the whole collective greatness.

I say: I allow this word to penetrate and to pierce my heart and to bring great changes to me, so that I may be one of those who bring offerings to God in righteousness.