Your Money Has A Voice Part 2 – Ps Sharon and Ps Christi (WTB)

Your money has a voice, but your motive for giving also speaks and is absolutely crucial to what God is able to do through an Ecclesia (the Government of God).

Matthew 5:23-26 (NKJV)
Reasons and motives in your heart (what and why you are giving) testify to God. If you have something in your heart against another or if you have a wrong motive God is saying, “Don’t give” because it has to be judged when not in order. Your adversary will deliver you to the Judge, Who is God.

Job 1:1-5 (NKJV)
Job was a blameless, upright and God-fearing man, but with fear his heart, he was trying to bring God an offering, to buy God off, to manipulate Him. Immediately, the accuser arrived on the scene. God had to allow judgment to come to Job, because of his motives of giving. Job was a righteous man before God, he knew how to come to God, and he knew what to do with fear. He should not have given those offerings. He should have sorted it out with God first before giving. Job was supposed to face what his children were doing and judged it to be wrong.

When praying for your own children, don’t pray in fear out of your soul and emotions, don’t side with your child, rather go to God in prayer on the basis of the Word and call it what it is, “Lord, my children are rebelling against You. I’m asking You, to bring judgment to them”. You cannot sugarcoat wrong motives for prayer and giving with God. God does not receive it, because it’s not judicial, it is not according to the law.

The Ecclesia is God’s government on the earth (where we exercise our governmental, judicial and legal rights). Everything you do in your personal life (your activities, your hoarding, your giving, your buying and selling, your speaking) – it all testifies and impacts the local church/Ecclesia directly. It gives God access or no access in your place of jurisdiction.
As the church goes, so goes the city/nation.

Malachi 3:1-5 (NKJV)
The correct Hebrew for The Lord whom you seek is: the God of Justice.
We are seeking the God of Justice.
The Hebrew meaning of launderers soap is: to rub hard, and even tramp on to get everything out.
God, through these block of messages, sends His Word to us like fire, to purify our hearts and to deal with the motives in our hearts (to see it, to get it out and to repent).

The pattern of how to go into the Promised Land is powerfully illustrated in the Book of Joshua. At a time of possessing and occupation, where God was giving, nobody could just take what they wanted for themselves. Achan took for himself and it affected the whole nation and caused them defeat. Cain, Achan, Ananias and Sapphira’s offerings were highly offensive to God and thereby scorned God’s Name; and He removed them. God wants to remove those who wickedly present loathsome, highly offensive offerings.

God wants us, His people, to occupy the Promised Land, but Jericho is part of the pattern.
Jericho is part of the Law of Firsts; giving first fruits, with a pure heart, at the beginning of a time period so that the rest can be blessed. (If the root is holy, the whole lump is holy). There is a Jericho for every single child of God. God is dealing with everyone on a very personal level. He will touch things in your life that He requires of you to offer. It will be different things for us all. This is our rich young ruler opportunity. God wanted to take him into another realm, a spirit realm of occupation in the Kingdom of God and show him what the true wealth was that God could bring him.
God loves a cheerful, joyous, prompt to do it giver whose heart (pure motive) is in his giving.
Say, “Lord, please help me give with the right heart. With the righteous motive help me be cheerful, joyful because that’s the only kind of offering that You can receive. Help me give with Your Money Has A Voice

God says, “Return to me and I will return to you”.
The correct Hebrew for Return to Me is: Return from the sins of unworthy offerings.
The correct Hebrew for Will a man rob God? is: Will you anger a judge?
The Hebrew makes it very clear: you stole the Terumah (the First Fruits) from the Levite (your spiritual leader). This correlates with Matthew 10 where God sent out His spiritual leaders without money belts.

Genesis 18:23-26, 28-30, 32-33 (NKJV).
Looking at the city of Sodom and Gomorrah and referring to judicial matters in the Ecclesia, a conversation between God and Abraham is recorded. Abraham had great faith, but could not intercede because he was not planted in that city, he was not part of that Ecclesia. God was looking for 10 righteous people coming to Him to save the city.

The crux of what God is after now, is Him saying to us, “Allow Me to bring judgement on the works of darkness in your city. Your giving will determine whether I can take the city, or not.”
If God finds enough righteous that do come, at once with the right motives in their hearts, led by the Holy Spirit to bring righteous gifts, God will come onto the scene. He will come swiftly and remove those highly offensive offerings. He will come against the dark workings that are coming against the purposes of God in our community, in our city and around us. He will come near with judgement, rendering a verdict. He will clear the way so that we can go completely into the Promised Land and take cities and take nations.

This is a call from God giving us the opportunity to fix it with Him and to make it right. How and what we are offering, will release God to bring judgement, in our culture against things that have controlled our communities for too long. This is God’s letter to us, Heritage of Faith, South Africa. We all have an individual responsibility to ask ourselves, “What is my giving speaking for?”

God can only purify (with fire) our motives with every message that He brings to us, if we allow Him to write in our hearts and if we are willing to be yielded.
Say, “The eyes of my heart are flooded with light. I choose at this time, to allow Scripture to find entrance in my heart. I allow the fire of this Word to burn and purify me, that I would have such a desire in my heart to be one of the ten that will bring offerings in righteousness. I make You Lord, first in everything”.