Working With God Will Always Get It Done – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

God is the Spirit that creates, the devil is the spirit that deflates.
Two languages exist in the universe: light, love, life vs darkness, death, distraction.
Right in this moment in time, the devil is filling the space of the world with fear, distraction, disaster, deflation and economic hopelessness. Words of life and words of hope need to be heard by God’s people whose hope lies in Jesus becoming life to them and creating for them.

If you fill your mind and life with the negative voices and words in the world out there, your trust in God gets undermined. You begin to process the reality of what might happen if, and start to think about what you must do to protect yourself. Your actions will follow your thoughts (even if you haven’t yet said it) and you’ll start trying to solve problems for yourself. You’re then no longer trusting in God, you’re trusting in yourself, and that puts you in a most dangerous place. Don’t let the reality of your problem become bigger than the God that’s in your heart.

Scripture Reference: 1 John 4:14-19 (TPT)
God has sent His Son to be the Saviour of the world before we asked. God gave the best of what He had before we could give anything.

Performance-based love is based on reward and punishment. We’re living in a very performance measured world, where we get judged on what we do and say (what we produce) then we’re either rewarded or punished. The devil will always bring, “You’re not good enough”. The biggest lie of the devil when reality comes to your life, is that you got to fix it because you made the mess. The devil wants you to keep earning (do things to earn) your relationship with God.

The Father never took that stance with us. Jesus died because we could never do it right enough (it’s like filthy rags to Him). Performing or earning our salvation was removed out of the equation. Love’s perfection drives the fear of punishment far from our hearts. God says, “You made your mess, I came to fix it and it didn’t cost you anything. All you have to do is believe Me and then keep believing Me and I’ll keep fixing your mess. All I want you to do is to believe Me through your words”.

If we have any fear about anything, then it just means that God’s love has not been perfected in us. That means that we are constantly listening and responding to other voices. This is a time for us to trust in the love that God has for us, so that we may fearlessly face the day of judgement. If we’re living in God and the God of love is living in us, we can fearlessly face any day (and every day of accusation and judgement against us). If you have learned on this earth to stand behind the Blood of Jesus then you approach that judgement day fearlessly knowing it was never ever about your works, it was always about Jesus Who paid the price for you. It’s not the amount of works that you do that earns God’s blessing. It’s what you do with Jesus in you, that creates the blessing. The enemy is the deflator that distorts and through deception reminds you of all your faults, failures and sins, so that he can keep you from having conversations that are based on a love relationship with God, because it is the love relationship that brings goodness to your life.
If you understand that God is not trying to punish you, bring revenge or retribution or try to teach you something painful for anything, then you get confidence before Him that the love of God is always going to be there for you. Your creative power doesn’t come from what this world system says you can have, but from what God says you can have. God doesn’t want us to live in fear, He wants us to live fearlessly, because in any given time if you live in the creative power of God, then He can create things for you that no one else knows about.

Covid-19 only applies to you if you let it. Speak what God speaks for your recovery. When we walk in the love of God, then all that Jesus is, we are in this world now. When Jesus found himself without money to pay taxes He did not look to a natural way of solving a problem (like borrowing). He met His need through His Father by speaking the words that the Father told Him to speak. God the Father brought money to Him (He multiplied the bread and placed the coin in the fish’s belly). The answer was in obeying. Pastor John and Sharon personally experienced deflation, destruction, division (no money, empty cupboards). They did what Jesus did and spoke the language of God to the circumstances that were in front of them. They commanded empty cupboards and an empty fridge to be full with groceries. Miracles happened and as they gave half of the groceries away, more groceries kept appearing; money was found in the cubby hole to get petrol to work and back.

Pastor John demonstrated the love of God by loving on his two sons.
I have absolutely no barrier between me and my sons, I just love them. I’ve got no problem showing them affection. My embrace is an expression of what’s in my heart: real love, real affection, real trust, a covenant bond. I’ve never allowed their mistakes to damage our relationship. They’ve always known my love for them has stood as a solid rock, immovable.

Remember this analogy. Every time you speak God’s words He wraps Himself around you like an embrace with His words. The more you speak the Word, the more God puts His arms around you, and the more He is creating for you. Just keep speaking what He would say about your future. As you keep speaking His will and words for your life, He can get into agreement with you and you start to get to His creativity as God the Father. He creates for you and His angels go and make blessings, prosperity and joy happen for you. He is the creative force for you and wants you to be with Him. Each of us has a very unique relationship with Father God. In a unique love language, all of the creative power to bless our lives, is in God.

Standing together, Father and sons, is like a formidable force. If you want God’s power to be working for you, you’ve got to speak His language. Keep speaking the words that He speaks, with the faith that He gave you, and let the power of His creativity be the thing that makes a difference in your life. Then He gets the glory and you just enjoy the blessing. If you speak God’s Words in your life, then you worship God and you will begin to find that the God that lives through you begins to create answers and solutions in your life. If you’re silent for too long, He’s going to start nudging you, ”Speak Me into the situation, so I can work/create for you”.
The minute you start speaking deflation and darkness, you separate yourself from God and get further and further away from Him and more and more on your own. God doesn’t separate Himself, you separate yourself further away from Him and the strength of your unity with God gets diminished. What you need right now is more strength, not less strength. When you’re listening to words that are out there, that are coming from sources and different people and different things, and you start speaking those words, and stop getting in agreement with God, then His creative power stops. You’re then worshipping the circumstances through your words of fear. The minute you come close and say let’s get in agreement again, things start moving again.

You also have to learn that this is not a quick fix thing (a get-rich-quick-scheme or fix-your-problem-overnight). God doesn’t answer your prayers out of desperation, need, a one-time-seed or even a heartfelt prayer. God only responds to faith. He answers you because you have chosen to live your life in Christ with truthful, heartfelt conversations. You have to speak the language of faith and not listen to what the world is saying. Your faith-filled words need to continue regardless of the circumstances, because faith-filled words create.

Covid is not just sickness, disease, death, poverty and destruction by the devil, it is a contest for the souls of men, a power grab, spiritually speaking, in the universe, a spiritual war. During this time God is saying to His kids, “Come, stand with Me, speak with Me, agree with Me. Don’t quit with Me, because we can get the job done against all of these things.”

This is not a time to be afraid. It’s a time to be fierce and to be fearless. God needs people that will believe Him to get the job done, an army of warriors, that is going to defeat the enemy once and for all and who can set the whole nation free.

The warrior that’s in me is on full charge at the moment. It has been for some time now, but in the last two or three weeks, I went up a level. Every single one of my arrows is working overtime.

Say, I am a son of God. I commit to hear from You, and to speak to You, every day. Today and the Blood of Jesus protects me from all the accusations, all of my weaknesses, all of my fears, all of the things that want to come to me. I receive the love of God in my heart. I live fearlessly. I live in the love of God. I don’t earn anything, I just receive everything. And from this day, I receive every blessing that You have for my life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”