We Want, We Prepare and He Comes – Ps Sharon Bendixen (WTB)

What is the point of being a Christian? To be spiritual. 

What is the point of being spiritual? To bring what Heaven has for us to earth.

To let Christ be manifest in you, to be intimate with Him (abide, live, breathe), to want Him, to want to be like Him, because you can be like Him. 

Pastor John and Sharon’s mandate is to make ready for the Lord a people (perfectly prepared in Spirit) so that God can come and manifest Himself to us (as a family) together (Luke 1:17 AMPC). 

Pastor John and Sharon are lifers – called to walk with you for life. 

God’s pattern is seen in Ephesians 2:21-22 (KJV). 

He places a people together to walk together for life (comfortable or not). 

When Jesus left this earth He gave gifts to gifts, so the body can grow to maturity (to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ) (Ephesians 4:11-13 KJV & AMPC). There is a measure of growth you can experience with God all by yourself, but He won’t bypass His Word and His ways. You are supposed to be with a people; walking together and developing together to mature manhood. God has predestined you to be moulded and created into the image of Christ Jesus. The highest calling is the mature son of God. It doesn’t matter how carnal you may be living, if you are truly born again, your spirit cries out to be mature in Him. 

1 Thessalonians 2:4-8, 11-13 (TLB & AMPC) and Acts 22:14-15 (AMPC) stipulates the messengers’ part as well as the people’s part. (What Pastor John and Sharon have to do and what you have to let them do).  Don’t think of the words they speak as being just their own, but accept what they say as the very Word of God for it to change your life and effectually be at work in you (who believe).  Don’t stand aloof from them, come into God’s pattern. If your heart is true and real to God, you will find the real thing. God is honour bound to lead you to the true shepherds that He set up after His own heart and to take you to the place (Deuteronomy 12).

 Heritage of Faith is a strict House, because Pastor John and Sharon know that as a born again believer, you can change and you have the capability of becoming like Christ. 

If you know and you don’t, it is not because you can’t, it is because you won’t.   

The two most significant messages, that put us on true North this year, came from Pastor Christi (put your foot in the message) and Pastor Garth (bury yourself in the messages). 

It is the pattern (Acts 2:42-43 KJV, AMPC, TLB).

 True Christianity hangs suspended from generation to generation by the gossamer strand of memory.  If only one cohort of spiritual fathers and mothers fails to convey to their children what they learned from their spiritual parents, then the great chain of learning and wisdom snaps. If the guardians of spiritual knowledge stumble only one time, in their fall collapses a whole edifice of knowledge and understanding.

For twenty years in the ministry, obeying the Lord, bringing all the messages, laying strong foundations and building, Pastor John and Sharon brought you gossamer, delicate strands of learnings that they’ve learned from their fathers’ learning.  After much teaching it is now a thick strong cord in many lives, because what they’ve said was heard and believed and is now exercising a superhuman power in those who believe.  What God is busy with here is not just for us, it is for the generations to come.

There are certain elements that must be in place for God to manifest Himself. Twenty years ago in Witbank God said to Pastor Sharon, “If you build me a place according to My specifications, I will come. The gold is here, it’s in the people of Witbank. You’re going to mine it with My Word here and you’re going to bring out the gold”. 

Revelational surges of 20 years of walking together: identity change, unity, irrational honour, fear of God, not loving money, it is the time of God (2010), our deliverance has come (2018), a season of continuous praise and rejoicing, a call to television.

Concerning the High praises of God, the Lord told Pastor Sharon, “I’m holding you Sharon, responsible for the spirituality of the ministry of music and song (all the words that are sung). You are responsible for the joy, for the high praise. No thin gossamer strand here, Sharon. High praise is available; occupy this spiritual space. It’s essential for victory. There are degrees and levels of ascent into it and every opportunity is to be given for My people to experience it with Me and in Me.” (Psalm 22:22 AMPC). 

The three very thick strands we will have: 

House of Prayer, House of Faith, House of Praise and Rejoicing.

The pattern is found in 2 Chronicles 20:1-6, 8, 21-22 (AMPC) – hearing the Word of the Lord, deliverance, singing praises, enemy defeated. 

Joy is a fruit/force of your recreated spirit (not an emotion of happiness). If you don’t use it, it can lie latent.  Don’t fight it with your intellect, don’t stonewall God. Reach for it in your heart.  It is contagious. There are some in the church that are so alive with God, so full of the Word, so filled with the Spirit, because they are abiding Christians. Just hang around them enough and you will just get it. Change, turn and become a praising, rejoicing person. Just be together in the presence of the Lord (partake & tap it). This is not just for a singer. Your voice attracts Him. When you sing from your spirit, He comes on the scene.

The high praises of God come from our heart. We are going to all participate and partake. Be activated. Your rejoicing in faith and your high praise makes all of your abundant harvest come to you.  You don’t win with praise; you win with the Word using praise. You win with the promise God has given you and then you use praise to go with it. That is how Abraham did it. He did not grow weak in faith, but he grew strong in faith as he gave praise to God. This is a pattern and will no longer be a thin gossamer strand in this church. We are going to go to a new level of praise in this church, in Jesus Name. Get your spirit involved – He is worthy. This is not for each other, it is with each other for Him. The shout (unto God with a voice of triumph) comes from your spirit, you should just let it out. Sing a song of praise to the mighty, living God (any time).

Agree with this prayer, Father, in us and among us, a river of praise will flow through everyone. It will increase and intensify. You are worthy to be praised every day.  Thank you Lord, for encouraging every precious one, by Your Holy Spirit, to praise regardless of the circumstance, to praise and to stay strong in faith with praise, in Jesus Name.