Walking Together: The Christ Life – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

I pray that we will get a greater revelation of all the things that Jesus paid the price for 

  • that we should be living in and living with.

What do you think the standard of the best kind of Christian life that you could live would look like today? (a proper disciple of the Lord Jesus, fully functioning, fully operational, fully powerful). Just imagine Jesus on the earth. Such a Christian would:

–   have no sickness and disease.

–   have open communication with the Heavenly Father (Father speaks, I do; Father says, I 

say; Father’s thoughts and desires, I do).

–   have full confidence in the Father that everywhere he goes the Father is there with him.

–  have complete control and authority over whatever circumstance confronts him. 

–   never worry about provision, because the Father will fully meet his provision.

–   be a powerful person that makes demons want to run.

What would happen when such a Christian came into contact with circumstances that were not in line with the will of the Father?  Like Jesus, if touched by anything that is out of the order of God, God-life will come and change it.

Such a Christian would therefore:

–   live in a pattern untouched by:  sickness, poverty, influences (unhealthy lusts and desires,   

– seductive dark forces that stimulate desires for and the lust for other things,  possessions, behaviour patterns) and illegal government authorities.

The Father desires for us the highest level of Christian walk (to live like Jesus Christ on the earth). 

The Heavenly Father delegated authority to Jesus and He has given Jesus to every one of us, and when Jesus left, He sent the Holy Spirit to help us. So the whole point of it is so that we all together can have Jesus and together we can look like Jesus. The whole purpose is that Jesus fills the whole earth with Himself through you; through all of us together.

Jesus said (Matthew 16/Mark 8), On this earth, when a revelation of who I am is revealed to man, nothing can stop it. Because when you know who I am and you present me where you go – then nothing can stand against you.  Jesus refused to entertain any words, thoughts, desires that were anti-God’s will and resisted it (“Get behind me Satan”). He was making it known (to the spirit forces and to Peter) that it doesn’t matter how great your revelation is, if your life is not submitted to God in thought and deed and in every way, you can be influenced to do what the devil wants you to do, rather than what God wants you to do. 

Hebrews 12:5-9 (MSG)

If you’re a son of God, He’s not going to leave you the way you are, because He sees the highest form of Christ in you. If you are having influential thoughts, words and desires and things that are happening through you, that are not in God’s will for your life (in other words wherever your life is not lining up with God and the way He wants you to live),  God is going to correct that and bring change to you, because He needs you to be the powerful person that you’re supposed to be. How is He going to correct you? Through the Word. 

Ps John & Sharon are called to raise up a standard of Christian living – living a life of God in their marriage/raising children/business and money. Ps John is committed to preach the Word of God and to say it like it is. Ps John’s job is to raise up generals (people that walk, talk and look like Jesus), to put on a military uniform (the Armour of God). 

Wherever you go you are the authority and the power of God that comes upon this world. Jesus cannot come into this world unless He comes through you.   You carry the solutions to the problems of humanity. You are the answer to people. It doesn’t matter what happens in this world, we are the light carriers, we are the warriors, we are the solution providers.   Government is not going to solve the poverty problem. The poverty problem is going to get solved through Christians who dedicate their skills to God. Spirit-filled, faith-filled Christians attract God ideas,  God concepts, God’s ways of doing things – they can change the world.

You’re not a normal human being. 

You are not just an average person going about life that says, “Leave me alone”. 

You have the life of Christ in you. 

Don’t ever take your military uniform (your Christian life) off. 

Don’t live neutral.

Don’t leave all your protection and the power that comes with the authority behind. 

Be that kind of Christian!

Take the Word of God and speak the Word of God out to go before you. 


As my day comes, so shall the Word of God go into my day – filled with the Word, with His Spirit, His joy, His peace, the right people, the right ideas, the right circumstances. He will lead me; He will feed me. I shall not want nor lack anything. He blesses me; I’m blessed with everything that I touch. The great life of God that is inside of me, goes ahead of me and prepares my wealth for me. 

Wherever I go; I thank You Lord that Your life and Your authority and Your light is with me. Wherever I go my authority overwhelms darkness, my authority of life that’s Christ in me, overwhelms poverty, it overwhelms sickness and disease, it overwhelms demonic and dark forces and I speak out the Word of God, the light of God, the love of God in every situation I come into, because when I speak it out it’s what must happen there when I get there.

[If you walk into a place and you’ve said nothing before you got there, then it becomes a neutral environment, then other people can drive the agenda.]

Ps John: I pray that this revelation will find a root in your heart. It will be strong inside of you. It will confront darkness wherever you find it. It will bring light and you will bring Jesus into every area of your life that others will see, here is a life, here is a light, here is a love of God that can touch my world.