Walking Together (Part 7) – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture Reference: John 8:12, 29-32, 1 John 1:5-7

Goodness is not what God does for us. 

Goodness and kindness and mercy is who He is.

When we receive Him, we receive His Word, His presence, His anointing and His goodness.

His goodness leads us to repentance (His goodness brings life to us wherever we need life to be and light can shine into the dark places of our lives).

What draws you to the light? There is goodness there.

If you want to receive what goodness God has for you, you’ve got to walk in the light.

Without light there can’t be truth.

You can walk in a measure of light and you can walk in a measure of darkness. To the measure that you’re walking in the light, you can say, I’m walking in that truth. To the measure you’re not walking in the light (or in darkness), you can say, I’m living a lie.  

If you want to do something that’s in the dark, you turn your back on the light.

What must you do when others come to you with facts that are not the truth (bad economy, sickness etc)? They are then walking in darkness, because what’s coming out of them is fact, but it’s not light that they’re bringing to you.

You have to stop them. Why?

Because you don’t want to let their facts (that are in the darkness) come into your heart. You don’t want to permit darkness into your light, because then you have to contend with the darkness that the enemy wants to make you walk in.   

If you choose to have fellowship with God, you will not speak about the facts, you’re going to speak what God’s will say about the facts and every fact is subject to change if you walk in the light. If you get into agreement with these facts, darkness begins to come to you. People that you’re associating with, words that you’re hearing, then begin to fade you.

Darkness doesn’t happen to the Christian in one big foul swoop, it’s not how the lie works. The lie works little by little. You get into agreement with facts and you talk facts then the facts become your truth and your truth causes you to walk in darkness not light.

What should you say?

Speak in line with the Word, put yourself in alignment with the truth. When you’re in the truth you can serve others based on the love of God, instead of trying to help others with their facts or doing something about their problem (out of your empathy and sympathy for them).

If others keep talking the same darkness to you, you have to start stepping away. Not because you don’t love them, but you cannot let their darkness penetrate you.

Others choosing to stay in darkness might get tired of your faith talk, because they are not looking for faith words, they’re looking for sympathy and because you’re not giving them sympathy they might not want to hear from you. Nevertheless, you must walk in the light, you must deliver the truth, because the power of your life, is to bring light that overcomes darkness.

The truth to believe: I know what the facts say, but the facts don’t stop me from speaking what God says about it.

Why is it important for me to talk the truth even though the facts don’t change yet and yet and yet and yet? It’s important for me to speak the truth because I don’t let the darkness of facts penetrate me. I don’t have to walk in all of the negative words and the darkness that is in the world; I just got to walk in the light of His Son.

Part of this component of walking in the light is having fellowship with one another. My facts might not show it, but facts are subject to change. My fellowship with fellow believers is based on the light that exists between us. Together we walk in the Light. Facts versus truth (different things).

If I speak facts, I walk in darkness. If I speak truth, I walk in Light.

I can’t ignore the facts, but I don’t want to walk in facts, I want to walk in truth.

Darkness has no answers for me – only the light and the truth has answers for me.

Christians have got treasures in them and their treasures that are there are designed to bring me to my wealthy place, if I don’t touch their lives and I don’t let their lives touch my life, then I cannot get what God placed in them to get to me.

This revelation that God has given Pastor John of walking in the light and not walking in the darkness is based on the following thread found in prophecies received over a period of time:

God wants to bless you, God wants to make you prosperous, God wants you to walk in all of His goodness, all of His greatness, all of His abundance, all of His increase, all of His wealth. He wants to make Himself glorious to you, He wants His glory to be shown to you. Sometimes it will happen through breakthroughs and through surprises. Sometimes it’s going to happen through just daily walking strategically day by day with my skill, with my ability and I’ve got to go and take that stuff because God has given it in my hands to go after it.

If you want to walk in the Light of God, what are you prepared to do to walk in the light?

Pastor John has grace and strength upon him to do this in 2019.

Do you want it? What are you prepared to sacrifice to get it?

God’s grace is here for us to walk in light (that changes everything in the future). We’ve got to do whatever we can now. If you believe all of it and you do everything you can to get it then you’ll get all of what it says. The Bible says believe his prophets and you will prosper.  

Once you receive this revelation it will elevate you to a level of Christian living. It will just blow out all of those doubts that you may have, ever had. 

You can’t walk light in your head, you can only walk in light in your heart.

I Say, “I love to learn and I live to learn. My heart is ready to learn and I’m learning not just with the head, but I’m learning with the heart”.